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Horror enthusiasts have a strong desire to have scary experiences. Some people watch classic horror movies on Netflix and some who are more adventurous go to the filming locations of these movies. Most of these neighborhoods are real locations that can be visited throughout the year. These neighborhoods usually do not have a scary history, although some of them have a terrifying history and only the bravest dare to go there.
Now cause of the pandemic we can have a virtual trip to this scary places .

6.The Ettington Park Hotel - Hill haunting (1963)

Location: Warwickshire, England

Shirley Jackson's novel The Hill haunting in 1959 has inspired numerous media projects, like The haunting of Hill house which struck a chord with viewers. In 1963, the novel became a film called haunted. In this film, the house is outside the Ettington Park Hotel in England, and apparently the filmmakers had a strange and unpleasant feeling in this property.

5. Amityville Scary House

Location: Long Island, New York
Based on the true story of the brutal massacre in 1974, it is the most famous conquered place. The Lutz family moved into the house shortly after Ronald Defoe Jr. killed six members of his family. The horror film in Amityville is a summary of an adventure that happened to the Lutz family. People can now see this deserted house, and many who have visited it have said that they were terrified before they even reached the green space in front of the house.

4. Black Stone Mill - Blair Witch Project

Location: Maryland

The Blair Witch Project is a documentary that deceived almost everyone in 1999 and created the illusion that it was a "lost" film taken by a number of teenagers out of curiosity at the Black Stone Mill. They want to know more about the famous Blair witch in Maryland, who suddenly finds themselves caught up in a supernatural adventure.
The Blair Witch is also a fictional film, but the Black Stone Mill is foreign and is located in Montgomery, Maryland. This is the structure that the surviving filmmaking students face at the end of the film. Everyone can climb this old mill and watch the view from above.

3. Buffalo Bell House - The Silence of the Lambs

Location: Pennsylvania

The story of "Buffalo Bell", the famous serial killer, nailed even the bravest. The Silence of the Lambs is another famous horror film produced in 1991. Jim Gamb lives in a house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he traps CBRS Starling, an AFBI trainee in a well.
This house is in Pennsylvania and because of the location of the horror movie, it had been selling for years. Finally, in 2016, someone bought the house for half the amount ($ 300,000). The filmmakers had turned the house into a cottage to make it look more terrifying.

2. The Evil Spirit House
Location: Simi Valley, California

The house where the Freeling family had trouble with ghosts is located in Simi Valley, California, and is a typical suburban home, with the only difference being that it often has guests.
There is nothing you can do to visit this house except take a selfie and stare at its dark windows. This neighborhood with similar houses is actually built on a Native American cemetery, and the story of the film is based on this theme, which gives this place a terribly realistic feel.

1. Staircase

Location: Washington DC

These steps are very prominent in the 1973 horror film The Exorcist , especially in the scene where father Damien Caras falls from the top and dies. At the time when the stuntman wanted to play the scene, students paid $ 5 to sit on top of the neighboring rooftops to watch the scene.
The location has now become a popular tourist attraction, and a sign at the bottom of the stairs explains the cinematic history of the place.
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