Lucky people who found treasures in their backyard!!

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We have all only seen in movies and TV series or read in novels that a person goes to his backyard garden with a shovel and accidentally finds a bag full of money. Perhaps in fact, when we walked in our backyard , we thought that there might be treasure beneath our feet.

In the meantime, many stories have been heard about the treasures and their hiding places. Sometimes some of the findings can not be called treasure and we should only consider them as strange and unbelievable means or objects, Finding such objects is not easy. They are usually located in strange places full of unforeseen dangers and not everyone can access them, but sometimes some objects are found in places that have never occurred to us.

Old coins in rusty boxes

In 2013, an American couple was playing with their dog in the backyard when their dog drew their attention to a part of the garden. Then they saw a rusty box, a small part of which protruded from the ground. Eight more boxes were later discovered around the first box.

The coffins contained coins minted between 1847 and 1894. Their face value was more than $ 27,000. The couple sold most of the coins at an auction. No one could understand how this happened and why the coins were hidden there.

The shell of a tooth the size of a Volkswagen

Argentinean José Antonio found the shell of a strange animal in his backyard near a river while changing soil there. What he actually discovered was the shell of a tooth groove with the size of a Volkswagen! The hole created on this shell, which can be seen on the right side of the image, was probably the work of another example of this animal during a fight.

Dinosaur remains

In 1997, John Lambert of Ipswich, England, decided to fence off his house. He came across a large bone while digging, but did not pay much attention to it and forgot about it for 16 years. He finally reported his discovery to experts in 2013 and found that the bones belonged to a piloseurus (a marine dinosaur that lived between 250 and 60 million years ago).

Ferrari car theft

In 1978, two children were digging in their backyard and playing when they suddenly came across a Ferrari GT-246! When police removed the car from the middle of their backyard, they discovered that the car had been stolen. It was later revealed that the robbery and burial were most likely committed for insurance fraud. The car was then insured and sold at auction at a price as high as 10 times its original price.

A mysterious tunnel to the Great Pyramid of Giza

A resident of the Egyptian village of Al-Haraniyah was digging in the yard of his house when he suddenly came across a mysterious tunnel. This has been a secret route to the Great Pyramid of Giza. The tunnel was later explored by the Greek archaeologist and historian Herodotus, and very interesting information was obtained. Apparently, this house belonged to one of the kings of that time, and this route was built to speed up his presence.

A magnificent Roman villa

An English carpet designer named Luke Irwin asks an electrician to work the power cables in the backyard basement of his house instead of overhead. After the implementation of this decision, he realizes that he is one of the happiest people! Following the excavation of the courtyard, they find a very magnificent and luxurious Roman villa.  Archaeologists were as excited and surprised by this discovery as Ervin. During the excavation, a hard layer is found under the ground and it is revealed that they are pieces of mosaics of an ancient palace. With a thorough excavation and careful study of this villa, new information about the history and antiquity of Britain can be obtained.

Inexhaustible meteorite fragments

The chances of a meteorite falling on anyone's home are slim, but Bosnian Logic Raudio has so far been able to find six of them with the least searches in its backyard, and it is still possible to add to the number of gemstones discovered. Scientists at the University of Belgrade have confirmed that these objects are the same meteorite fragments. Researchers have been searching the man's home for years to find the cause of the interference, but have not come up with a reliable result. Mr.Raudio decided to cover the roof of his house with rebar a few years ago so that he would not lose his life in the event of a recurrence of a meteorite.

Medieval treasure with 200 jewels

In 2007, a man named "Andreas" from Norway accidentally found a complete treasure in the backyard of his house, which made a lot of noise two years later. In this collection, more than 200 jewels, including rings, necklaces and similar items can be seen. This person put them in a box and hid them in his warehouse for two years. When he was about to move and buy a bigger house for himself, he remembered the jewels and decided to sell them, but he certainly did not know how staggering their value would be. At the time of his attempt to sell, and after examination by experts, it was discovered that they belong to 650 years ago. After the value of this medieval treasure was determined, Andreas is said to have donated all the jewelry to the local Norwegian museum.

Shelter for protection against bombs

When Chris and Colin Otsak bought their home in California, they decided to clean up their backyard and build a pool instead! Meanwhile, they discovered that there was a Cold War shelter under their garden. Apparently, several families who had previously lived in the house had no information about this. The two men thought that after all these years, there was no more useful means in the shelter, so they went there and realized that their thinking was wrong because there were so many things in this place, such as towels, sleeping pills, coffee, Books and magazines were found. All these items are kept in a famous museum in this city these days.

The thousand-year-old bones of a human being

Artouk, a 14-year-old boy from Lake Utah, hit the old bones of a native while digging in his backyard in 2014. Researchers have found that the bones date back at least a thousand years. When they searched the rest of the yard so that they might be able to find more artifacts, they could find information about the ancient world, and it was not clear whether the bones belonged to a specific person.

A bag full of marijuana worth $ 175,000

In December 2012, McRead of Los Angeles decided to install solar panels on the roof of his house. When he went to the barn of his house with several people to pick up the necessary items, one of them felt that one of the stones under his feet was different from the others. After removing the stone, they came across a bag full of marijuana.

Apparently, years ago, when his father was not in this house, someone entered their house and embedded the materials. It was later revealed that the shipment was worth more than $ 175,000. Mr Mack later wrote a letter to the perpetrators and posted it in front of his house: "We found the bag and reported it to the police. They confiscated the materials and also monitored the house; Ashamed."

Unique mummy

It was very common in ancient times to find "puddle" from agricultural lands. When digging, many farmers encountered dense brown to black mosses and incompletely decomposed plants called puddles. Puddle is often found in very humid, temperate and cold regions of the world and is used as fuel, but in one of these excavations, a Danish farmer discovered that the dark mass he had extracted from the ground was not a puddle but a It is an ancient mummy! This strange mummy is called Grauballe Man, and over the centuries its hair and even its fingerprints remain intact. This is the first mummy to be discovered that has left all parts of its body unchanged. In 1955, the mummy was transferred to the Musgard Museum and put on public display. Interestingly, the fingerprints of this corpse are still intact and can be recorded.

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