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in the following article, l will introduce some interesting facts about pirates to you readers. Stay with me.

1. The phenomenon of piracy began more than two thousand years ago in ancient Greece.

2. At that time, pirates were lurking in the path of merchant ships, and with their basic equipment, they could see the passage of ships and loot every ship that passed through it.

3. Whenever a pirate is mentioned, the first image that comes to mind is a sailor with one eye holding a large dagger and wearing torn clothes.

4. In the past, pirates were called Robin Hoods, which is completely wrong. Because the pirates were the ones who did not allow even a small tin to fall into the sea.

5. The pirates were very selfish and ruthless and cared for nothing but their own interests.

6. The peak of piracy was from 1620 to 1720 AD and this period is called the golden age of pirates.

7. The pirates were divided into different groups, and some of them were legal pirates and were supported by their governments.

8. The pirates received money and weapons from their governments and were allowed to attack ships of other countries and share whatever goods and objects with their government.

9. Francis Drake is one of the most famous pirates in history. He shared the profits from merchant ships and their theft with Elizabeth I, the "former Queen of England", and for this good service he received the title of Knight of the Nobleman from the Queen.

10. Another government pirate was Captain Henry Morgan, who in 1660 was commissioned by the British government to attack Spanish ships anywhere in the world and confiscate their cargo in favor of the British government. Henry Morgan continued his seemingly legal theft for a decade, sharing everything he earned with the British government.

11. The pirates also had divisions according to geographical coordinates. For example, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates of India and Pirates of the Mediterranean, each of which had its own unique characteristics.

12. At that time and until the end of the nineteenth century, many sailors joined the pirates in the hope of becoming rich, and of course, it was not easy to get rich in that way. Because the pirates had their own rules, and the ship's captain most of the time did not allow subordinates to take anything significant from the stolen property, the so-called monopoly on the ship itself was forbidden.

13. If one of the sailors secretly took one of the stolen items for himself without the captain's permission, the death penalty awaited him by the cruelty ordered by the captain, and in the most optimistic case, his disembarkation on a dry, remote island. Was to slowly suffer from thirst and hunger.

14. One of the pirates' tactics in slowing down ships passing through them was to drop large beams in their path, and when the ships slowed down, the pirates hooked themselves to the deck of the hunted ship and delivered it. They occupied themselves completely.

15. Merchant ships also had their own tactics to counter pirates, pouring oil or broken glass and small bullets on the deck of their ships so that the pirates could slip in and be easily disarmed and arrested.

16. Most pirate weapons were designed for hand-to-hand combat. Such as pistols, daggers, and a variety of hand-made swords and grenades made from gunpowder bottles.

17. Piracy continued unabated until the end of the nineteenth century, or when countries reduced security to pirate attacks by increasing security measures.

18. The pirates were very superstitious. For example, it was believed that whistling on the deck of a ship would cause a storm or that the presence of a woman on the ship would bring bad luck, and that is why the women on the ship wore men's clothes and showed masculine behavior.

19. There were famous women in the history of pirates, who are also known as the most powerful pirates. Like Anna Benny, Cheng Shi and Marie Reed.

20. A skull and two bones symbolized the pirate ship invented by Black Bart, "the most violent pirate." He was able to loot 400 merchant ships in four years and set a record in this regard.

21. Black Bart, "the most violent pirate," married Anna Benny, "the most powerful female pirate," and they had two children.

22. Edward Teach, nicknamed Edward the Blackbeard, was dubbed one of the most intelligent pirates in history. Before attacking a ship, he wore a black suit, with a large number of pistols around his chest, and a very large hat. He then lit special wicks between his own hair and roots to burn slowly, creating a halo of smoke around him.

The halo of smoke around Edward Teach, along with his terrifying black dress and large hat and pistols around his chest, gave him an evil image that shook the heart of every spectator.

23. There are still pirates, the most important of whom are Somali pirates. Of course, these pirates are different in appearance from the pirates of centuries ago.


Hope you like this facts and images🖤💛

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cool facts.

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