From worshipping bears to eating deads; strange traditions

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human culture has diversified and changed over the ages and has developed with the advancement of science and technology.

But for some of them, not much has changed, these people still have many ancient and very strange aspects of their culture, which is one of the strangest things that has ever existed.

Ainu tribe and bear worship

The Ainu people who live in parts of Russia and Japan, have a tradition of sacrificing bears. The method is considered religious in its kind because it is locally believed that bears are gods that walk among humans and that sacrificing a bear helps to bless the human soul. 

This tradition and its practice is a terrible act for non-members of this people. In this method, the mother bear is slaughtered in a cave and then the child is raised and cared for about two years, and then she is strangled or killed with a spear as a way of worship and religious commitment.

These villagers drink the bear's blood, eat its meat, and then place the bear's skull on top of a spear wrapped around the bear's skin; Something that becomes an idol for future worship. Although this practice is no longer as common as it used to be, it is still practiced in some scattered areas.

 Yanomami tribe

Members of the Yanomami tribe have spread to many villages in the Amazon rainforest, especially on the border between Venezuela and Brazil. This tribe is known for its strange habits of eating the dead meat of its members, and it should be noted that this practice is done by eating human flesh (cannibalism).

 This very strange act involves wrapping the body of a dead person in the cloth and leaves of a tree, then exposing it to insect attack for thirty to forty-five days, then collecting the bones, which are then crushed by tribal people, and throwing them into banana soup. All members of the tribe are eaten in one feast.

Carrying your spouse on hot coals is a guarantee of happiness

Despite its prevalence, especially in China, it is not unique to the Chinese people. One of the most famous proverbs in Chinese culture says that a husband should carry his wife and cross a pile of hot coals before crossing the door as a couple.

According to this strange tradition, this spiritual rite guarantees that a woman will give birth easily and successfully in the future. The tradition of walking on coal and fire is practiced in some other Chinese communities as a way to prevent natural disasters caused by earthquakes and the like.

Old Eskimo! Sit on a piece of ice and go to the unknown!

One of the many things the Eskimos were known for was the special ritual of abandoning the horrible elders of the tribe, as if they were dead, by placing the "living" old man on a piece of ice floating on the water, Then threw him into the heart of the ocean and into the unknown. Eskimos believe in the afterlife for the dead, and this method is considered a style so that the elderly are not the burden of the family. According to the Eskimos, this method was generous and gentle in killing the elderly. Fortunately, this practice is not as common as in the past.

Imagine that you are an old and weak person and you are thrown into the sea alone so that you are not a burden on society!


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