From eye of the Sahara to silence zone; strangest tourist destination2

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There are strange and mysterious places in the world, the secret of which is sometimes revealed and sometimes remains a secret.

Planet Earth is nothing more than a blue and green planet floating in space. Our planet is home to 7.5 billion people. It revolves around itself during the four seasons of the year and has beautiful views such as oceans, mountains, valleys and more. There are many mysterious places around the world, some of which have been explored by experts and described. But there are still places that keep secrets. Here let's look at some beautiful and strange places on the planet that are less talked about and there is different stories and theories about them.


Known as the birthplace of Japan, Asuka Village is nestled among the Nara Hills in Kansai Prefecture, Japan, dating back to the Tomolus Hills and home to several Buddhist temples and places of worship. There are rocks in the hills around Asuka that bear no resemblance to Buddhist structures, and their authenticity is still shrouded in mystery. 

The largest of them is called "Masuda no Lavafon" which is 15 feet high and weighs 800 tons. Some still believe that these stones were carved by Buddhists.

Papakolea Beach

Hawaii has always been a dream destination because of its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, the rainbows that usually form, and the green mountains. You will find red, black and green sand on this amazing island. Papacuela Beach is one of the four beaches with green sand. 

In order to prevent visitors from taking the sand, there is a legendary curse that if someone takes sand with him, they will have a lot of bad luck that will only stop it by returning it to the shore.

Eye of the Sahara

Eye of the Sahara is located in the city of Wadan in the desert region of the Republic of Mauritania. 

Although this place is geologically important, it was not researched until humans could see it from space.

The "Zone of Silence"

The Silence Zone, also known as the Mexican Bermuda Triangle, is located in the Chihuahua Desert in northern Mexico. It is only 50 km away, but it is one of the most mysterious places in the world.

 When people pass through this area, the radio signals are completely cut off and the compasses are out of order.

Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes

The Saalfeld Caves in Germany have been named the world's most colorful natural cave by the Guinness Book of World Records. It was originally a mine, and after the mine closed, colors formed on the remaining caves over time, turning it into a cave from the world of myths. 

These caves were forgotten until they were re-excavated in 1910 and opened to the public in 1914. The place has been visited by millions of tourists so far, but during the Second World War, no tourist tour was held in this area.

Seven Colored Earths

Mauritius in the southwestern Indian Ocean is a good place to visit due to its beautiful beaches and many tourist attractions. One of the most popular attractions of these countries is a beautiful island with seven colors of land. In this place, color ranges of purple, yellow, red, brown, green, blue can be seen.

 The site is said to have been formed by a volcanic eruption, and its colors were due to the formation of secondary oxides of iron and hydroxide in basalt.

New York's Eternal Flame

New York City Fire Falls is by no means the only example in the world, it is certainly the most unique. There is a legend that says a Native American lit a fire here and it has been lit ever since. 

Of course, from time to time this fire is extinguished by a waterfall. For this reason, climbers always carry lighters with them in order to light them again. This fire is due to the natural gas that comes out of the rocks.

Chocolate Hills "The Chocolate Hills Philippines"

There are 1776 hills in the Philippines that turn golden and brown during the summer and dehydration, hence the name Chocolate Hills. These hills, sometimes referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, have similar examples in Indonesia, but of course they have different shapes. 

Some theories suggest that these hills are coral and have emerged from the water after climate change.


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