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In this article, I want to introduce you to the best espionage tools in history that may not have even occurred to you.

Spy tools have always been attractive gadgets. One of the reasons for the popularity of James Bond movies is the existence of these interesting toys. But in movies we know that we are more imaginative. In this post, you will get acquainted with ten espionage tools that were used in the past and now have their place in the museum and are considered as part of history.


10. Deadly lipstick

This is a classic spy effect. Lipstick that can fire a 4.5 mm bullet. The weapon was acquired by an officer in the mid-1960s and is now housed in the International Museum of Spy Tools.

9. Photographer clothes

These days your mobile camera is much smaller than this camera. But forty years ago, it was one of the best cameras for covert photography. The camera was placed in a coat and the spy could easily shoot with it.

8. Document capture camera

In the fifties, texts and documents were photographed with this camera. The camera used some kind of chemical compression method to keep the information small. During World War II, a mutual spy handed over to the FBI police one of them containing information about the German attack on Pearl Harbor. But they did not trust him.

7. Spy Shoes

Between the 1960s and 1970s, most Western diplomats working in Eastern Europe preferred to buy their clothes from the West by mail. In Romania, the spy service used this and, in coordination with the postal company, embedded a tracker and a hidden microphone in the heels of the shoes they were buying. The shoe was accidentally discovered during a security check in a salon. Officers detected a signal in the hall, but when the diplomats left the hall, the signal disappeared.

6. Cryptographic typewriter

These days, there are a variety of cryptographic methods and sophisticated algorithms for doing this. But in World War II, there was no modern computer. This is a special typewriter invented by the Germans. They knew it was dangerous to send unencrypted wireless messages; So they made this device. They could easily type the message on it, and the message written by an electronic department would be converted into special passwords, and they would send the coded text. The Germans thought this algorithm was unbreakable. On the other side, the Allies had broken it and were reading German messages. The point is that in World War II, the Germans also encrypted information transmitted over wireless networks. But many current Internet users still leave their wireless network without proper encryption.

5. Cryptographic disk

It seems like a simple tool. Two rotating pages with English letters written on each. It was used for encrypted messages, and pages had to be placed in the right place to decrypt. For example, in this image, m is equal to g. It seems easy to break the code. But the spies wrote the messages in a language other than English; So first you need to know what language the messages were written in, and that made it very difficult.

4. Bulgarian umbrella

Spies generally like umbrellas. The Bulgarians made the umbrella and in 1978 used it to kill an opponent of the government named Georgi Malkov. The umbrella contained a poison that had a small trigger that could easily inject venom into the target body.

3. Spy pigeons

In the past, these pigeons played the role of current spy planes and almost did the work of satellites. They were trained to fly over the enemy in battle, and a camera attached to them would take pictures. Their role in the war was very important and vital. In addition, pigeons played the role of transmitting messages when radio communications were cut off. The success rate of pigeons in their operations was more than 95% and it can be said that they did their job better than humans.


2. Spy Tree

In 1970, the Russians discovered the receiver and transmitter in the trunk of a tree in the woods around Moscow. The Americans had embedded it there. The device received radio messages from a nearby Russian air base and sent them to a US satellite. More interestingly, this device worked with solar energy; So there was no need to maintain or replace the battery.

1. Dirty messenger

This tool is like a dog's feces. But there is actually a container through which messages are exchanged. In this way, people could communicate with each other in an environment, and no one would go for such a dirty thing. Of course, using this method has always had its risks. For example, someone might collect it.


Hope you like this articles💛🖤

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