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3 years ago

I'm falling, but I can't reach the ground, I'm going down endlessly...

I'm so tired, hardly I'm opening my eyes, no difference; everything is black, I'm trying to reach my glasses, my bones are aching and I can hear my muscles and bones voice when I'm moving them, I'm seeking for my glasses with moving my hand hardly, finally I find it, oh, the right glass is broken, I can't remember anything, Where is here?, What am I doing here? and lots of other questions have dominated my brain.

I'm hearing a movement, more than a wind in the grass, it is something else, I looked behind, atop of the hill, there is a silhouette, I can sense the sinister atmosphere, I can feel my blood turning cold and something inside me, telling me that I should go there, to that silhouette.

I'm starting to walk towards the hill sorely, I have no other choice because I have no purpose and no answer and lots of questions.

Now barely I can see that, that is look like a man with a long blue bear and yellow eyes, I'm assuming that I should stop here one metre distance between us. I'm asking him:(who are you?)

He is answering with a creepy mechanically voice:(you can't understand my existence, this is your end.)

Now I can remember, I went to that tower, atop of it and then I jumped, I was falling, but I couldn't reach the ground, I was going down endlessly...

I'm so tired, hardly I'm opening my eyes, no difference; everything is black...


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An interesting story... A dream, though, or the effects of...

I wonder about the man with the long blue bear... The animal or should it be a beard? 🤔

Merlin the wizard perhaps?

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3 years ago

It's my pleasure that my writing makes you wonder😅 Actually, I like to write openly, I mean one story, various results and conclusions.💛💙

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3 years ago