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Even after watching Hollywood classics and antiquities several times, we often do not know the hidden and strange facts about our favorite movies. In this article I have prepared a list of the most interesting and strange facts that you probably do not know anything about.

Beyond a fight scene

"What Happened to Baby Jane?" Undoubtedly one of the best Hollywood movies. In this story, we loved both Beth Davis and Joan Crawford, but what most people do not know is that the two men in acting costumes had a lot of fights and conflicts with each other. Crawford and Davis usually tried to harass each other when they were together in a scene from the film.

Punishment of child actors

This is probably a strange truth. There was a time when a child actor in Hollywood was punished for doing extra moves.

Map "B"

In "Birds," director Alfred Hitchcock intended to use a fictional bird tied to the main character and thrown at him. But this plan did not solve the problem and the director had to use real birds instead!

The cost of building Cleopatra

We all agree that Cleopatra was not a profitable film. The millions of dollars that 20th Century Fox spent on the film were not profitable. The original budget for the film was about $ 5 million, but the actual budget used by the filmmakers was almost 10 times that!

Fake height

It is no secret that many actors wear special shoes that make them look taller than they really are. From Robert Downey Jr. to several other famous actors have done it. Humphrey Bogart was no exception. In the movie "Casablanca", he was given a box to stand on and sit on a pillow to look taller than the opposite actor, Ingrid Bergman. The photo above is from the movie "Irish Man" in 2019.

Gear fracture

Most great actors use their behavior to present a very realistic performance in movies, but some actors go a little too far in doing so. In "Move over Darling," James Garner broke Doris Dee's two ribs.

"Singing in the Rain", a piano story

Singing in the Rain is without a doubt a Hollywood classic that everyone has enjoyed watching. But what many do not know is that while filming, actress Jane Kelly insults Debbie Reynolds, who cried while playing the piano.

Buster Keaton in "Sherlock"

Injuries usually occur in the filming scene, but fortunately in most cases they resolve in time. In this case, Buster Keaton suffers a neck injury and fracture in the movie "Sherlock Jr.", but he realizes this a few years later. Of course, this injury did not affect him much and he eventually recovered.

Lan Chini, the great artist

Most people were scared when they saw actor Loon Chani. He had played strange and terrifying characters in Notre Dame's The Hedgehog and Opera, which frightened audiences. However, people were influenced by his role. But what most people do not know is that he is not a great actor, but a good face artist. He did all the makeup for these two films himself.

Cry more!

Crying is one of the most common scenes performed by an actor. But sometimes the director asks the actor to cry more. What happened to one of the actors in "Meet Me in St. Louis."

The listening dog

You never thought a dog would be on this list. During the filming of "The Wizard of Oz", the actors received about $ 50 a week, but the owner of the dog in the film was paid $ 125 a week.

The wizard burns!

We all love and enjoy The Wizard of Oz. Many of the scenes in this film are still fascinating today. But stunts were not easy to do at the time, so in one of the stunt scenes, something unexpected happened and eventually led to the second and third degree burns of the actress, Margaret Hamilton.


Hope you enjoyed🖤💛

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I absolutely adored the wizard of OZ when I was growing up, it was exciting to watch though I did not know is that the 2 men in acting costumes had lots of battles and issues with each other.  this article really is informative thanks for making my day.

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2 years ago

I enjoyed reading your post and I looked several times at the photos as if trying to find in them what you wrote in your text. Very good reading, thank you.

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2 years ago