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Filmmakers use interesting tricks to create an amazing world in movies.

Cinema is a wonderful world that allows us to drown in it for a while and forget about our problems. However, filmmakers use interesting tricks to create this wonderful world.

Asphalts that are always wet

Have you noticed that in night scenes, the characters are driving on wet roads, as if it is raining? All this is because wet asphalt is more beautiful. In addition, photographing a wet road at night creates contrast and reflects light better.

A population that does not really exist

Many films use more people to create a crowd. However, this is very costly for the film budget, so filmmakers often use other methods. They create a fake population by taking a picture of a small group of people at the right angle and repeating that picture with the help of a computer.

Powdered milk as a drug

Of course, no one thinks that the drugs shown in the movies are real. As a rule, in Hollywood this substance is indicated by powdered milk, vitamins or sugar.

Corn syrup as blood

In movies, food coloring is often used to show blood. At the time of the black and white films, they used chocolate sauce.

Low risk smoking without nicotine

Do not be surprised if one of your favorite actors, who promotes a healthy lifestyle, smokes one after another in the movies. This smoking does not harm their health, because nicotine-free plant cigarettes are usually used. After all, to film a scene in which a character smokes, the scene may be repeated almost 10 times, and smoking can endanger the actor's health.

Small special effects

In order not to increase the film budget, filmmakers are looking for other ways to create some expensive special effects (for example, if they need to blow up an expensive object). Many of them use computer technology, but most of them use small copies of objects. Skyscrapers, airplanes, etc., which are copied in a smaller way and are much more believable than artificial objects made by computers.

Delicious breakable glass

It rarely happens that an action movie does not have a scene where a character is spectacularly thrown out of a window and breaks the glass. Sugar jars are usually used for this purpose. It can not be distinguished from real glass, it is safe, and also very tasty. However, most filmmakers today prefer thin plastic glass, which is much more tedious.

In-car conversation

The scene where the characters are arguing in a car and the driver looks at the road less than the passengers can be scary, but to film such a scene, the car is standing still.

Clouds using milk

To create ominous clouds across a city, filmmakers use milk or paint injected into a water tanker.

The role of watermelon in sound effects

Various tricks are used to create spectacular soundtracks. For continuous shooting, fireworks are replaced, and the sound of birds' wings is simulated by flipping through the pages of a book. It is interesting that they produce watermelon to make the sound of hitting the head, eating fists on the face and so on.


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