Best horror movies of all time (the completest article about the scary movies of all times!!)

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In this article, I want to introduce you to the top 19 bestselling horror movies in the history of cinema.

in the ups and downs of cinema, there was at least one genre that would surely appeal to audiences: Horror!

For the most part, it didn't matter if the horror movies were good or bad. Something about experiencing a public outcry of fear was enough to ensure that people were present en masse. That's why studios have been in the horror business for a long time, because their relatively low budget almost guarantees high returns and profits. What motivates film studios to make films in the horror genre is that there are many audiences who always like to be scared and pay to be scared.

Pavel Dargar Abedian, chief media analyst at Comscore, has a different view. "Horror movies do not make much money for profit" he says. And even better than studios, scaring people doesn't cost much. Many really scary movies cost under $ 10 million, which is very small compared to the budget of best-selling superhero movies or popular movie series.

"Halloween" in the United States is the best time to release horror movies. In the following, you will see a list of the best-selling horror movies that are considered the most profitable projects of this movie genre. It should be noted that the list below evaluates films solely in terms of gross global income in the production budget and therefore does not include marketing costs, publishing costs and big star costs.

Paranormal Activity

Product of 2007

Global box office sales: $ 193 million

Production budget: $ 15,000

The "paranormal activity", which looks like a documentary on stage, depicts a young couple being chased by a supernatural force in their home. After becoming a huge success, the film was made into five sequels.

A young middle-class couple moves into a suburban home, but the presence of a force in the middle of the night, which may be evil, disturbs their peace. As time goes on, the mysterious activities of this force become more and more, especially when the young couple is asleep.

Kitty and her boyfriend, Mika, have been living together for three years and suddenly realize that when they sleep, they are overwhelmed by a force. Kitty confesses to Mika that she has felt the presence of this force since she was 8 years old. Mika does not believe in the power of evil and buys a camera to record its nightly activities. Kitty enlists the help of a psychiatrist named Fredericks. Frederick also senses the presence of the devil and advises them to contact one of his friends ...

The Blair Witch Project

Product of 1994

Global box office sales: $ 245 million

Production budget: $ 60,000

The Blair Witch Project is said to be based on the true story of three student filmmakers who disappear while making a film about the Blair Witch legend. The small budget, compared to the massive ticket sales, has made it one of the most lucrative films of any genre.

In 1994, three young documentarians, Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams, and Joshua Lennard, decided to make a documentary about a real-life event called the Blair Witch Project.

The film is in the form of a never-before-seen documentary of the three students, which began airing after the police found the film. When the police see the film, they think that the three young men intended to make a joke and put the film on public display ...


Product of 1978

Global box office sales: $ 47 million

Production budget: 320 thousand dollars

Jimmy Lee Curtis, in his first film role as Laurie Strude, a babysitter chased by a mentally ill man named Michael Myers, escapes 15 years after his sister was murdered on Halloween.

On Halloween night in 1963, police find a 17-year-old girl, Judith Myers, who was stabbed to death by her 6-year-old brother, Michael. Now, 15 years later, just a few days before Halloween, Michael escapes from prison and ...

Friday the 13th

Product of 1980

Global box office sales: $ 59.8 million

Production budget: $ 550,000

"Friday the 13th" depicts teenage summer camp counselors, one of whom is killed each time by an unknown killer ...


Product of 2004

Global box office sales: $ 103 million

Production budget: $ 1.2 million

"Saw" is made by "James Van" and revolves around the story of a mysterious killer who forces his victims with a jigsaw to solve irregular puzzles to avoid a very terrible and painful fate.

Two men find themselves chained and wake up in an abandoned room on either side of a corpse. In the pocket of each of them is a device that broadcasts a message from an unknown person who is wearing a mask, and later it turns out that he is the "saw killer". In this message, the man informs them that they are engaged in a kind of "forced game". Each of them, who wants to survive, has to go through several rules and "win" the game. In the meantime, the real identity of the killer remains until the last minute of the film's biggest question, until his identity is finally revealed with a twist of the story. Seconds after this incident, the movie ends and the "game" ends ...


Product of 2010

Global box office sales: $ 99.5 million

Production budget: $ 1.5 million

Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Barbara Hershey star in Conspiracy, a couple whose son's body is dominated by a creature of another dimension.

The parents, Lambert Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renay (Rose Byrne), their children Dalton (Ty Simpkins) and Foster (Andrew Astor), and Cali's baby daughter have recently moved into a new home. Shortly afterwards, Dalton hears the noise of the attic opening. Renay and Josh rush to his aid. The day after the incident, Dalton went into a coma.

After three months of inconclusive treatment, Renay and Josh decide to take Dalton home. Immediately, there is an increasing number of unusual activities in the home. Renna hears voices from the baby's room where no one is, Foster says that Dalton is walking in his sleep, Renna sees the face of a scary man in the old room, they call Josh, but when Josh comes ...

Get Out

Product of 2017

Global box office sales: $ 225 million

Production budget: $ 4.5 million

"Go Out", the Oscar-winning film by Jordan Peel, is the story of a black man (Daniel Calovia) who discovers a scary secret when he goes to visit the family of his white fiancé (Alison Williams) ...

Chris Washington is a black photographer preparing to meet the family of his white fiancée Rose Armitage. At the Rose family home in upstate New York, Rose's brother Jeremy, her father Dean (a neurosurgeon) and her mother Macy (a hypnotherapist) say bad things about blacks. Chris also witnesses the strange behavior of the housekeeper, Georgina, and the caretaker, Walter.

When Chris is unable to sleep, Macy offers him a hypnosis session to help him recover from his smoking. In a trance, Chris says that as a child, someone took his mother and ran away, and he has a guilty conscience about it. The next morning, he thinks what happened last night was a dream until he realizes it with Walter hints. Georgina also "accidentally" unplugs her cell phone and runs out of battery ...

Paranormal Activity 3

Product of 2011

Global box office sales: $ 207 million

Production budget: $ 5 million

The third episode of "paranormal Activity" serves as a prequel to the film, which takes place 18 years before the original. When two sisters start watching strange things in the middle of the night, their father installs cameras that show horrible things ...

In 2005, Kitty handed over a box of old films to her pregnant sister Christie and her husband Daniel, who keep the young Kitty and Christie films with their mother, Julie, and fiancé Dennis. A year later, Christie and Daniel's house is looted and the tapes disappear.

In 1988, young Katie and Christie lived with their mother, Julie, and her fiancé, Dennis. Dennis realizes that strange things have happened around the house since the advent of Christie's imaginary friend Toby. Then the camera shows the dust from the ceiling and lands on an invisible face in the room ...

The Exorcist

Product of 1973

Global box office sales: $ 441 million

Production budget: $ 11 million

"The Exorcist", a supernatural film directed by "William Friedkin", is the story of a 12-year-old girl who is mysteriously captured and her mother hires two priests to perform exorcism ...

The story takes place in Georgetown, a suburb of Washington, DC. TV actress Chris McNeill is worried about the health of his daughter, Reagan, who has severe seizures and is lying in bed. Doctors are unable to cure the girl, so much so that they suggest that Chris seek help from a priest.

Chris turns to a young priest named Father Carras and asks him to help Reagan. After Caras' father investigates Reagan and makes sure that the devil has taken over his body, he goes to church and asks to have exorcism himself. But the church offers a more experienced person named Mary Marin. Marin is an old priest who knows the creature that Reagan's body has conquered. father goes to Chris McNeill's house and they start a fight with Father Caras. In this difficult and exhausting ceremony, Marin loses his life and Karas finally, at the cost of his own life, removes the devil from Reagan's body ...


Product of 1960

Global box office sales: $ 32 million

Production budget: $ 800,000

In the most important horror film, "Alfred Hitchcock" is a secretary who gets involved in a series of murders after stealing thousands of dollars from his employer to escape with his friend ...

Marine Crane (Lee) steals her employer's money in hopes of facilitating her marriage to Sam Lumis (Gavin) and leaves the city to stay at the Bates Hotel, run by a young man named Norman Bates (Perkins). Norman tells her that he lives with his mentally unbalanced mother at home next to the hotel. At night, when Marion regrets her job, she goes to the bathroom before going to bed and killed in the shower - apparently by Norman's mother. Norman wipes out the murder and dumps Marion's body and car into the swamp.


Product of 2014

Global box office sales: $ 257 million

Production budget: $ 6.5 million

Annabelle is part of the magical world of the evil Chinese doll that disturbs the city ...

After Annabelle Higgins is killed in the neighborhood of a young couple named Mia and John, the wandering soul of Annabel tries to steal the soul of the couple's daughter "Leah" and uses a doll to carry out her evil plan, followed by adventures. It happens that ...


Product of 2012

Global box office sales: $ 82.5 million

Production budget: $ 3 million

It portrays the supernatural excitement of Ethan Hawke as the real criminal writer who discovers the "Super 8" (8mm) home movies that expose brutal murders.

Oswald Allison is a true crime writer. He moves to the house where a crime took place to write his new story. His daughter does not like the house, and Oswald promises his daughter he will leave as soon as she is done. There, Oswald finds an 8mm film box that looks at the films to help with research. In each of the films, the story of the murder of a family in the same house is done by the youngest member of the family. In the film, each of the children who killed their families chose different and evil ways to kill...


Product of 2016

Global box office sales: $ 278 million

Production budget: $ 9 million

The second part of the "Invincible" trilogy by M. Knight Shyamalan tells the story of James McAvoy, a man with 24 different characters who kidnaps three girls and tortures them in a remote closed factory.

Three teenagers named Claire (Holly Lou Richardson), Marcia (Jessica Sola) and Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy) are kidnapped by Dennis and kept in a crypt. Dennis is one of 23 separate characters from Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy). He is a victim of childhood harassment and suffers from identity disorder. Quinn psychiatrist Dr. Kern Fletcher (Betty Buckley) believes that in such cases, mental imbalance can lead to physiological changes. Fletcher receives an email from Kevin's dominant character, Barry, asking him to meet with her. Over the years of treatment, Quinn seems to have stabilized: all of his characters are sitting in a room in a chair, waiting their turn to show themselves (take control of the body), and Barry is responsible for taking turns...

Halloween 2

Product of 2018

Global box office sales: $ 255 million

Production budget: $ 10 million

Curtis returns to the role that made him popular in the 2018 sequel, in this movie "Babysitter" becomes a grandmother and for the last time "Michael Myers" enters the masked killer ...

Annabelle: Creation

Product of 2017

Global box office sales: $ 306 million

Production budget: $ 15 million

This film acts as a prequel to the 2014 film "Annabelle" as a story of the origin of the horror puppet narrative ...

The film tells the story of a puppet maker and his wife who, twelve years after the tragic death of their little girl, take refuge in a house with a priest and a few orphans, but then only witness them being targeted by a horrible and crazy creature who is themselves Although they just wanted their daughter back, they did not know that by doing so, they were summoning a great devil. At the end of the film, this devil attacks the body of a child named Janice and turns her into Annabelle Higgins as a teenager. ...


Product of 2017

Global box office sales: $ 701 million

Production budget: $ 35 million

Based on the first half of Stephen King's novel, Anne tells the story of seven children in Derry, Maine who are terrified by a transforming demon, the dancing clown Pennywise. This group of seven is known as the losers' club.

In the winter of 1988 in the town of Dori, a boy named Georgie urges his brother Bill to join him in playing in the rain, but Bill, who is ill and suffers from stuttering refuses and leave Georges is alone to Go out. While playing in the rain, the water of the paper boat diverts George from the path and leads him into the sewer. George follows his boat, but is suddenly struck by a strange clown holding his boat. The clown introduces himself as Pennywise. George, who is afraid of meeting the clown, wants to leave, but Pennywise attacks George, cuts off his arm, and then takes him into the sewers ...

A Quiet Place

Product of 2018

Global box office sales: $ 340 million

Production budget: $ 17 million

The often silent horror films of John Krasinski, co-starring with his real wife Emily Blunt, revolve around parents who have to raise their children in a post-apocalyptic world where even the slightest sound can provoke deadly monsters ...

The story of the film takes place in the future and depicts an era when unknown monsters have taken over the earth and the slightest sound can lead them to humans and cause their destruction. The story features Lee (John Krasinski) and Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and their children. Family who are completely silent and monitor everything that makes noise and endangers family security are also monitored so that no mistake is made. Now this family must do everything without any sound throughout their lives; Otherwise they are hunted by these creatures ...

The Amityville Horror

Product of 1979

Global box office sales: $ 86 million

Production budget: $ 4.7 million

The original 1979 horror in Amityville, starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder, tells the story of a young couple who discover that their new home has been possessed by supernatural spirits.

The Grudge

Product of 2004

Global box office sales: $ 187 million

Production budget: $ 11 million

"The Grudge" a remake of a Japanese horror film, is about Americans who move to Tokyo and find that their home is a place of evil curse that kills anyone who approaches it.

"The grudge" is a description of a curse that occurs in two ways: when a person dies with great anger or grief. Those who are confronted with this deadly supernatural power die and are reborn in the same curse, from one victim to another, and this chain of horror of the aliens continues.


Hope you looove this list that I have worked on for a week.🙏🙏

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