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A mysterious city that has no exit!

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Sefar is a city of fairy and stone legends, which is also known as the largest natural museum.

There are many tourist attractions around the world that attract the attention of visitors from all over the world, and Algeria is one of the tourist destinations with its many recreational and tourist places. The Algerian desert is covered by a vast plateau called "Tasili Najr", which in Berber means "plateau of rivers", and the state of "Elysee" is located in an area of ​​7200 square kilometers.

Sefar is the largest cave city in the world, located in Tasili, Illyrian province in southern Algeria, and its area is equal to the area of ​​country Jordan. To date, 15,000 paintings, stone carvings, material artifacts and lithographs from the Paleolithic period have been discovered in a wide range of cities and exotic caves in the area, indicating the relative population density of the area. The Tasili region had civilization that included the central regions.

In the heart of this beautiful plateau, there is a panoramic view with a forest of rocks, which in the morning is covered with yellow and brown sand, which is especially glorious at sunset. This forest dates back to prehistoric times. Some refer to this region as the city of Sipar, which is the largest rocky city and the eighth wonder of the world.

No one has dared to enter all parts of this city yet, and archaeologists have only discovered parts of it, because this area is like a labyrinth, and if anyone enters it, he cannot leave it at all. 

The letters of this city are different, some consider it the largest gathering place for witches and demons, and there are also paintings of aliens in this area.

This Algerian city contains the history of many ancient and advanced civilizations and is home to the treasures of the seven elf kings, and due to its high magnetic force, some consider it the second most dangerous place after the Bermuda Triangle based on magnetic fields power.

This area has amazing archeological landscapes and this stunning landscapes dating back about 10,000 years. Some consider it the largest open-air museum in the world.

 The city contains hundreds of thousands of cave sculptures, designs and paintings, and houses more than 5,000 cave houses and more than 15,000 murals. Inscriptions more than 20 years old with human and animal motifs have been discovered in the area.

In this area, human heads engraved on the walls are systematically circular, simple, decorated with geometric patterns, painted red, and reinforced with white, blue, gray, and yellow. The motifs and inscriptions on the walls belong to different periods, on top of which there are signs of the people who lived in this area and left many ancient relics.

Since other stones represent the religious practices and daily life of the people, there are also images of domestication of horses and camels that show water-dependent species such as hippos that have been in the area for thousands of years and are extinct.

The mysterious city of Sefar is a world-renowned land that combines desert, tropical and Mediterranean species of flora and fauna that are adapted to harsh climates. Sefar has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982. The reason for this recording is not only the amazing beauty of this area but also its amazing paintings.

These paintings include more than 15,000 paintings and stone inscriptions that are more than 12,000 years old. The paintings and inscriptions narrate the ancient civilizations, the life of the people at that time, the environment, the wars, the beliefs, the mirrors and their feelings, which have been narrated with great precision and with an amazing sense of art. The most famous of these is the painting of strange creatures between man and animal, some believe that they are God, others consider them from the world of jinn, and still others consider them alien beings who have inhabited that place.

Sefar, which is located near the region of Tadarart (meaning small mountain in Berber), is also one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. This mountain with many lakes that are impossible to reach and very rare animals such as oud (Leroy) or ram and maybe even the last Algerian crocodile live around them.


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Written by   115
7 months ago
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This is quite interesting. I love to hear about places that has mystery in it.

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