11 science fiction movies that confuse the audience and push them to the brink of insanity.

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It can be said that no cinematic genre engages the audience's brain as much as the science fiction genre and does not confuse your brain. It is the only science fiction genre that can capture the imagination of Philip K. Dick and William Gibson, and it is the only genre that can make famous directors jealous of the bizarre compositions of Alejandro Khodorkovsky and David Lynch, such as Dune. Many eyes are on its reconstruction. 

Perhaps it is the inherent and exciting possibility of time travel, travel to very distant galaxies and planets that made this genre fascinating, and perhaps the unbelievable suspense that is made possible by this genre. In any case, the science fiction genre has been home to many confusing narratives in recent decades, some creative and some too weak. In this article, we want to introduce you to 11 science fiction movies that confuse the audience and push them to the brink of insanity, but this happens for a good reason.


Shin Carrot's first directing experience is known for its very complex and almost incomprehensible timeline, and the film that inspired many films; From the Bermuda Triangle in British cinema to the Timecrimes trailer in Spanish cinema, the latter being an impressive low-cost film by one of the most talented directors in the science fiction genre. Primer tells the story of two scientists trying to understand and test their accidental discovery of a way to travel through time. However, it is almost impossible for the general public to understand this process, because the director has been working in the field of mathematics and engineering in real life, and this has made the use of advanced mathematical terms and formulas in the film incomprehensible to the general public.

When the film is over, the director is confident that the audience will be able to understand the narrative and its multiple versions of the characters in different time zones within a fixed time loop. But the audience needs a pen, some paper and a few years to do this.

2001: A Space Odyssey

The grandfather of Stanley Kubrick's classic psychological science fiction film and 2001 masterpiece, A Space Odyssey escapes almost every category when it reaches its bizarre ending. Of course, the trailer element of the story, which takes place in a spaceship, is one of the original traditions of the science fiction genre, and the computer can be out of control. But when the story of the film reaches the planet of Jupiter, our previous ideas about where this story ends are lost and the visual effects are extremely confusing and a journey into an intermediate world full of psychological and time-consuming issues. And place takes its place.

Believe it or not, everything in this film, from the importance of the rock at the beginning of the film to the vague notion of the little star in the story, is explained in the novel from which Kubrick adapted the story, but only careful and intelligent viewers can understand the ontological journey. Understand the film depicted. Along with The Shining and A Clockwork Orange, the film is another of Kubrick's literary adaptations in which the director finds himself free to portray the original novel.


Released in 1997, Cube is a mix of horror, thriller, and science fiction genres that is the fascinating but shocking winner of Natalie Vincenzo, the director who made In The Tall Grass last year based on a novel by Joe Hill. In a story that makes the likes of Franz Kafka and Jean-Paul Sartre jealous of his creative simplicity, the film is about a group of awkward characters who wake up inside a cube in the shape of a room and then move from one room to another, But in this way, with increasing paranoia and mistrust among the members of the group, each time their number decreases; And these are all stories without understanding how they got here, why these particular people were chosen for such an unfortunate fate, and why. The horror sequels of the film filled some of the gaps in the story of the original, but in the process lost the purpose of Natalie.


EXistenZ, released shortly after the Wachowski sisters' historical film The Matrix, is another mysterious and obscure adventure in the mind of science fiction horror filmmaker David Cranenberg. The film was a change in the Canadian director's approach and his usual formula for combining a simple story with insane horror effects, as we saw in The Brood to Scanners and The Fly. Starring Jude Law and Jennifer Jason Lee, the film owes much to Cronenberg's adaptation of William S. Barrow's shocking classic Naked Lunch than The Dead Zone, but it remains one of the genius director's distinctive films. EXistenZ tells the story of a video game designer, Lee, who is experimenting with his latest deep-seated virtual reality experience while apparently being chased by a murderous gang.

However, the film never definitively identifies whether the action we are watching is part of the famous game made by the main character or reality, nor does it ever determine which characters know they are inside a game. These issues put the audience in an engaging but ambiguous narrative realm, where no one can be trusted and it is impossible to assess the dangers the characters face, just like what we experience in a strong video game.


Stay is a different film from Mark Foster that includes a variety of films, from World War Z to Monster's Ball. Stay, which was released in 2005, surprised critics, with many criticizing it for being too serious, boring, and overly complex, but its complex narrative can be easily understood, provided that He realized the main story twist at the end of the film. At the end of the film, you will find that the characters of Evan McGregor and Naomi Watts are in fact the only incarnations in the minds of the real artistic character played by Ryan Gosling.

As the sad survivor of a car accident, Henry recreates the moments before his death to create a story for the last moments of his life. Understanding this story makes the film's multiple story twists and difficult narratives more meaningful, and while it still can't be compared to Jacob's Ladder, Stay's story is very original and thought-provoking when viewed from the point of view of its exciting revelation. will be.

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect, which became a hated film after its release in 2003 - due to the shocking and heavy atmosphere that was rarely seen in cinemas - in the following decades changed the view of film critics towards it. The film tells the story of a suffering student named Ivan who tries to change the many tragedies and traumas he suffered as a child, but this is accompanied by the destruction of his friends' lives and Ivan himself in this way his conscience and humanity. Loses.

Although this film bears no resemblance to any of Ashton Kutcher's other films, according to the logic of butterfly theory, any attempt Ivan makes to change the destiny of himself and his friends puts his friends in a worse position. The film captures the unpredictable effect we have on each other's lives at the end of each story, which ultimately removes Ivan from his friends' lives and saves them from their horrific fate.

Cloud Atlas

The Wachowski sisters were once critically acclaimed for their contributions to insane films, while the 1999 film The Matrix became known as a masterpiece of the science fiction genre on the eve of the new century. However, with the making of more sequels to the franchise and the immersion in the series' past story, the sequels soon fell out of the eyes of critics and were no longer a success at the box office. But the 2009 multi-genre epic film Cloud Atlas, based on the bizarre novel of the same name by an English author, changed the situation for the Wachowskis once again.

The film follows six different narratives from the nineteenth to the twenty-fourth century. The same actors play different characters in these 6 narratives, who are in fact the same spirits in different bodies, thus forming a very ambitious and vast mythological film that tries to travel between time lines to some of the basic human realities and our relationship with Draw each other. As you can guess from the story of the film, Cloud Atlas failed at the box office and the audience did not communicate with it, but critics saw it as a strong multi-story film with many strengths.

Donnie Darko

No list of insane movies in the science fiction genre can be complete without naming Donnie Darko with that mysterious rabbit friend Frank. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, who made him a Hollywood star, Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko tells the story of a teenager in a small town who has nightmares about the end of the apocalypse and struggles with the clues. Discover the essence of the story. It may be really hard to understand the story at first glance or at the beginning of the story, but unlike other generally unsuccessful films like The Box and Southland Tales, there is a pattern of insanity. Smart and accurate viewers, or those who have watched the film obsessively several times, will see that the film tells the story of Danny's ultimate sacrifice, while his vital role in the events surrounding him overshadows his ability to save the world.

Beyond The Black Rainbow

Beyond The Black Rainbow director Panos Costamos is the one who thrilled audiences in 2018 with the psychological horror trailer Mandy, a film with a simple story that allowed Nicholas to let go of his anger as a grieving husband and a semi-motorcyclist. Massacre the devil who caused the death of his beloved wife. It is unfortunate that Costamos was unable to collaborate again with Nicholas Cage on The Color Out of Space, another adaptation of Lovecraft stories, which Richard Stanley made possible. Prior to the release of Mandy, Costamos surprised science fiction fans with his first film, Beyond the Black Rainbow, a dark science fiction film that owes much to the nihilistic genre of the 1970s in films such as George Lucas' THX 1138.

Beyond the Black Rainbow tells the story of a young woman who has strange psychological abilities and is therefore kept in a stranger place by a different scientist. Many find it impossible to understand the story of the film, but a glance at the director's work style (who is the son of the famous Greek director George P. Costamos) reveals that Costamos's narrative can be interpreted as an attempt by society to control and manage its citizens. .


Coherence director James Ward Bayirkit was heavily influenced by Vincenzo Natalie's Cube in his first directing experience. The film ostensibly tells the story of a young woman who encounters strange happenings on the night of a meteorite passing by Earth, but a closer look reveals a whole new layer of meaning for viewers, which is related to a very complex trailer. And it's confusing. The fact of the matter is that the main character of the story named Em and his friends can move between different versions of their world due to the changes that have taken place in space and time, while this has made it impossible to travel between their versions of reality. .

This leads to different confrontations, risks to escape and eventually even murder, while each character intends to leave one reality to enter another. All this happens while the main character tries to kill his twin version to replace him, but fails in this goal.


Moon is an acclaimed Duncan Jones film starring Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell, the only employee of a space station on the moon who has been extracting nuclear material for years. But that's not the whole story, because as Sam approaches retirement, he realizes that he is just one of several cloned versions of himself kept in a warehouse for a month, following the failure of the previous version after three years of service. They will replace it.

This revelation takes place halfway through the story, thus making the second half of the story very different and more stressful than the first half, because the main character of the film realizes at the same time with the audience that his self-image was completely wrong. Although you can understand the story once you watch the film, it is only by watching it again that the audience can see the film's approach to depicting spaces, identities, compatibility and balance between life and work in today's capitalist world.


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Wow. Haven't watched some of the movies in this list. I'll save this so I can look for those movies in the future. I'd also like suggest the movie Mr. Nobody. Had to watch it multiple times to understand it.

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