The land we are living

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The sun shine so bright. There's no sign to rain but as expected there might be possibility of it. We couldn't determine cause it's God who is in control of rain. In some reason I also love rain cause it water out pheriperal plants here. I'd like to admit that when rain comes I feel like I really want to sleep. Okay too much for that. I want to share with you about this beautiful topic.

I just went to market and buy some food there. I went to grocery store, as expected I want to buy some home stuff there. Toothpaste, soap, vitamins, groceries and others, this is typical to us. After that I went home. I forgot to clean my room so I decided to go there and clean it.

I've heard gossip that we will not be able to stay this land cause the owner will sell the whole land. It makes me worry cause we don't have abode to stay if ever we are going to flee this area. FYI, this piece of land we are living is not mine, we are just occupying cause we thought that this is a government property. In some reason the owner of the land is so approachable. He is a good man. Imagine he let us live here for almost 2 decades without any payment.

The only thing he wanted to sell this piece of land cause he want to a huge amount of money for his remedies. He is an old man. He has alot of possessions before but when he went old. It is just all of his wealth has been vanished except this 5 hectares of land we are living. We couldn't determine where was his wealth infact he has a huge business of Restaurant. Why does he want to sell it? Were infact he can use this as a plantation for rice.

I think it is his son who is responsible for selling this piece of land. If we had alot of money I'll buy this cause it's abreast to proper like there are alot of opportunities here. So, I'm regretting that he will sell this land. The owner and settlers didn't seem to talk about the issue cause the old man is seldom to visit here. Our father conduct a meeting to all settlers. He just beg and told everyone that if they reach the old man "kindly beg him that he won't include this land that has been by us".

This is sad thing to know. Even though we have a land but it's too far away from proper. Like it's difficult to have a transportation cause it's aloof from municipality. But we are still contented about that coz incase of emergency we can immediately went there.

The 8 hectares loss

My father's has owned 8 hectares of land. During their primitive living, they have been occupying their owned land. They planted several coconut trees and various trees. Imagine 8 hectares that's so spatial. But one thing that my grandfather does undesirable decision is that he just trade some pieces of land for a pipe. I think it's common to all people before. Trading or barter is the most popular if want something to own and exchange.

As years passed by, they have losses almost 5 hectares of land. My father tell me he couldn't tell where does it goes they are naive when those 5 hectares has been traded with something. My father was being upset by his own parents cause they don't have any land possession when they got older. All of their possession was owned my someone. This is the sad truth we had now. My grandparents leaves 12 siblings and imagine they don't have any possessions of land.

Some of them are being dispersed to somewhere. My father couldn't tell where does his other siblings live cause they don't have any communication. The other was living from different region and good thing some of them are in good situation. But there is two brothers which was his older brother can't be reach and they don't have any information about them. There parents don't seems or plan to leave even a single legacy for them.

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It is very unfortunate that you have been evicted from where you live. it always happens like that the landlord does not want to sell his land but forces the children to sell it

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1 year ago

Absolutely, that's what happened to us here. Hope, they'll change their perspective in making this sad decision. Thanks for understanding dear friend 😊

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1 year ago

I hope dear

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1 year ago