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It's been a while that I'm absent. I wasn't intend to missed alot of content here since I'm willing to publish at least one content per day but this unfortunate chance cut my plans. There are unnecessary things happened that is why I didn't publish article this past few months.

Any ways to much for that. I went to sari sari store this morning just to buy some foods and one bottle coke. I was shock cause the price of the small plastic coke worth 20 pesos compare before it has 12 pesos only. So, I just returned the coke and paid only the food. I was not informed that that was the new price.

I asked my mom if that was the new price and indeed it was. I just nodded and think that drinking those kind of drink, it will just ruin health. So, I just bought bread and biscuits for my snacks. Ohh no the inflation is getting worst. Why is this? I know many people can't imagine how will they survive with there small amount of income just like us. Life in province is so difficult.

Few opportunities offered. Seldom work opportunities. That's is why most people from province traversed city just to find stable and have competitive salary. Life is hard so we need to strive and double our effort just to sustain everyday. As I noticed there is competition when it comes to job most company will just accept those experienced person. Bu there are companies who doesn't required experience they just said experience is advantage. That's quite the same with that they prioritize experienced people cause they'll just select those individuals who have a lot of experiences.

Life right now is not easy. There are overwhelming graduates than the opportunity. I'm afraid that one day my course will be rejected due to low demand . So when I perceived the things need in this king of generation is skills. Companies will hired those skilled individuals. I'm afraid that soon any institutions will close a certain course due it's not demand.

Stable job is difficult to find

We all know about this. To find a stable job need also an extra ordinary skill and credentials. You must be competitive in mind and in works. But there are also individuals who are fortunate enough cause they have what we called backer and that's a great advantage to them cause they don't have to make an effort just to be hired. This is one of the problem in some countries that result to a reckless selection.

There are alot of people who is potentially good in work but left behind cause they don't have backer. And that's the biggest concern in the system. Instead of hiring appropriate one they'll just select those who have a strong familiarity. This kind of problem, I think can't be solve anymore cause it was formed like a culture like everyone's mind has been conditioned and it is very difficult to eliminate.

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I think it's everywhere. Students are graduating every year and there's no matching job opportunities. It's very bad. Skills are ruling

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