You can't have a prevalent tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday continually.

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3 years ago

Time is fierce and time needn't waste time with anyone and no individual has been considered in this world till today who can stop time.

The primary person who has been productive in this world is the individual who regards time unquestionably and the people who don't regard time have reliably been humiliated. 

I read in a book that if you should be a productive individual, make time your slave. If you are a bombarded singular, time will make you a slave. 

You can make time your slave when you lock in light of the fact that without troublesome work nothing is possible in this world. So doubtlessly if we lock-in, by then, we will have the alternative to make time our slaves and people who complete their obligation on time are reliably successful people since time is basic to us on any occasion when we regard it. Moreover gives criticalness and leads us while in transit to advance. 

Once in a while, there are setbacks in a person's life due to which he for the most part examines his past presence and just consoles his heart that I will make my future amazingly brilliant yet this It is silly until he disregards his past presence and necessities to start another life.

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Comments cannot move forward if you're consistently dwelling on the past.

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3 years ago