This Is How TOo Compare Yourself Too Other.‼

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3 years ago

Comparing ourselves with others is one of the main things that helps us assess our ability, attitude, skills and behaviour with others.

You will be able to know your performance in an exam when you compare your results with others. 

Also when you compare yourself with others in a gathering you feel either comfortable or shy.

Here are two ways to compare yourself with others.

(1) Upward comparison: this is when you compare yourself with people who are better than you. By doing so it propels you to do better and also it can make you have a negative perception of yourself.

(2) Downward Comparison: is when you 

Compare yourself with people who are worst than you. By doing this it can help you make you feel better about your abilities and yourself even if we might not be great at something but at least we are better than somebody.

So which method do you prefer to compare yourself with?

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If you compare yourself to people who are superior to you or stronger than you or richer than you, you will find yourself weaker but if you look at those who are inferior to you then you consider yourself better. Will be able to feel

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3 years ago