LOVE & Attraction❣

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3 years ago

If there is love in the heart, selfishness cannot come in the heart. That is why love never dies when a boy and a girl are young, it becomes a relationship instead of love. It is more appropriate to call it attraction, both of them love each other because of this ​attraction and forever Want to come to.

Love is something else. In love,e we think of the well-being of the beloved. Wish him success. Can't imagine any harm in it. Can't even think of any action that could endanger the life, honour, wealth, or honour of the parents of the beloved.

That's why the boy and girl come closer to each other after this attraction is born. They also get married. But due to lack of love in their hearts, after a short time, they start fighting and dying. And it comes down to divorce, khula or litigation.

Our tragedy is that we have mixed attraction and love.

So whats you say about the difference between Love and Attractions??

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Amna you know very well . Everyone wants love

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3 years ago