Best Memory Of My life

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3 years ago

I plunged into mmy memories to get the best day in my life after many hours of thinking in tracking old memories i reached a conclusion the best and  happiest day in my life was my  birthday , really i think it is happiest day in my life . because every one show his love to me in a way or another my parents and grandparents  surround me with love  and joy .  they alwways get me nice gifts  that  i would never forget , they got me a Iphone  . favourite stories to read and amazing watch .my friends show their love in different way  they share me best day in mmy life . we sing birth day song , dance happily and do all the fun and get a good party from my friends , their gifts fill my room whenever i look in my room , i remeber my one of my best friend so they are always with me even my teacher never forget congratulate me with motherly words , such you are cute boy and  one  of the best even my  relatives  never forget  to wish  me at my birthday an they always give best gifts which i still have in my room .it is one of the best day for every one and must be celebratedd with full zeal and zest , this is day i shall never forget'​ i wait my birth day every year to know that every body still love me as my close friends share me my birthday and i share them their birth day those  days are very amazing  and beautiful , and can never be  forgotten in life .


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