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Time to add more crypto to your portfolio..

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5 months ago

Im writing this post amid umcertainty in cash and future markets. Despite of the fact that cash and derivative market is the most reliable and liquid, but due to recent sell offs and un ertaintly for indefinite period, I just cannot expect gold and future market to remain stable and trusted that It can fetch me good consistent profits as it has done in previous decades or so.

Uncertainty over the pandemic about how much more cash can be injected into economies to bailout companies suffering from lockdowns or are we witnessing unlimited printing till we get some relief from recent uncertain market conditions.

I dont expect a releif can be expected soon as we are approaching the last quarter of 2020 & if economies still requiring more cashflow from banks, then who will pay it back so that banks liquidations are not affected. It will results in more taxes, import duties, negative interest rates and higher lending rates.

As compare to future markets crypto markets has shown us a complete new way to get in charge of your own money as projects like Defi has managed to challenge traditional banking where banks have always work as intermediate between lenders and funders but now your funds are completely in your control, isn't it is the time to increase or shift part of your portfolio into cryptos.

Most challenging time for hedge funds and other liquidation providers who are still thinking about regularize crypto investments. For me, they are the one who are more exposed to uncertainties rather than retail investors.

I would like to know your thoughts on recent shift in portfolios or if you already.planned it then how much percentage of crypto investment are you planning..

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Good to hear financial markets getting exposed

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5 months ago

Great article, keep going

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4 months ago