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Life is a process not a goal

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5 months ago

We always been told while growing up that we need to take benefit of every opportunity that is being provided because once you make most of the opportunities being provided in early days then you can easily lead a comfortable life while enjoying every comfort out there.

This has put tremendous pressure on our shoulders to do more and more and we never realize how far we have come up meeting those.never ended expectations.

I always feel if you have to live a peaceful then you must feel comfortable with what you have rather than keep expectating more as you never be able to achieve everything you dream for.

Life for me is a complete adventure where you just need to enjoy everything around ans this process just not about working for your own desires accomplishments and comforts. Life is about giving more than you attain or achieve. Its about watching everything that is there only for you, then only you will realize the true purpose of you being here.

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