Hinata Shoyo A Middle Blocker

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Hinata Shoyo is an anime lead character called Haikyu. This is a sports based anime. In this anime we saw how an beginner shorty become a pro slowly.

Hinata Shoyo is a short little boy who saw Karasuno's Little Giant playing volleyball inter high spring tournament as Karasuno's ace. By sawing that Hinata decided himself to be a volleyball player like Karasuno's ace.

After 2 years Hinata went to play his first ever official match to play against Tobio Kageyam's Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High school & they lost both sets brutally.

After lose to Kageyama who is known as the king of court & an skillful setter Hinata told him that one day he will defeat him. But by luck they both admitted into Karasuno High.

Hinata acknowledge Kageyama as his rival but he didn't like him because of his attitude. However Hinata was a pure new to this game so he hadn't any specialty like Kageyama except his speed. However they get along unwillingly in a match Kageyama toss a unbelievable toss where no player was there suddenly Hinata run there & spike his toss. Hinata was the only one who can spike Kageyama's pin point quick toss.

With them a weak Karasuno become a strong team & they defeat Auba Josai in a practice match. Hinata always suck at defense & he wanted to play as ace position but he had to play as middle blocker due to his quick instinct.

But after defeated by Auba Josai Hinata realized that he become depended on Kageyama. So he wanted to play as his will but Kageyama refused & they had a fight. Hinata was depressed about his current skill so his coach take him to his grandfather Ukai who is known as the great coach of Karasuno who take them to the spring nationals. He taught Hinata some basic instincts & Oikawa (The great king & Kageyama's Rival) told Kageyama that the quick set was not his call that should be Hinata's call. However they went on training camp where Hinata meet Bokuto (Top five ace in inter-high) & other great player.

At the last day Kageyama & Hinata did the quick set with Hinata's eyes on & everyone was surprised.

By the end of the training camp Hinata learn a lot from there, specially from Bokuto.

After that Hinata & Kageyama was able to Defeat Auba Josai at semifinal & got there revenge.

After that they defeated Shiratorizawa where one of the great ace Ushiwaka plays & qualified for the Spring National after 5 Years.

Before the spring national Hinata went to Shiratorizawa without invitation & become a ball boy. But as a ball boy he watched & learned defense.

In spring national with Hinata's amazing defense & spike he & his team able to defeat Inarizaki High who is one of the top favorite team to win the trophy & where the one of the greatest duo Miya Twin's plays & ace named Oziro Eren.

By this the anime season 4 ended. But in manga we saw that Hinata was able to his friend's & Karasuno's all time rival team Nekoma High.

But because Hinata had serious fever the coach put him out of the team in the middle of the match & his team lost in semifinal but before that Hinata meets his Idol the little giant.

After second year Hinata left volleyball & join beach volleyball in Brazil. There he known as a ninja Shoyo & he become a pro player. There he meet the great king Toru Oikawa. They played together beach volleyball as a team & while he left he called Hinata by his name for the first time which means he acknowledged him as a great player.

After that Hinata decided to play pro volleyball & he move back to Japan & joined one of the best volleyball team named MSBY Black Jackals.

There his team mates are Bokuto, Atsumu Mia who had wish to set for Hinata one day, Sakusa, Captain Meian & others.

There he played against Kageyama's team who already become national team player & defeat them by 3-1.

Everyone was amazed to see Hinata's performance & he got into Japan National team along side Kageyama & so many good players.

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