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What Is BCH?

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1 year ago

Really? Does being super excited affects your decision-making or everything in general? My answer would be YES.

Honestly, I didn't know how exciting this whole thing was until I experienced it myself. I first joined crypto last year and that same year I first invested a few bucks to my coinsph wallet. I bought my first BTC without even knowing if it was the right time to buy it or not.

But the real fun has begun just recently when I first decided to do the actual trade. Unlike investing in coinsph where you only see the increase-decrease of your money, it can be quite different in trading. The latter has also a chart that shows the ups and downs of the chosen crypto and that alone, could give you intense, nerve-wracking, heart-stopping vibes when doing an actual trade. Imagine if the chart goes up, it's like waiting to hit that jackpot, and when it starts going low, it's like there's a part of you that is starting to shrink.

I started trading after two days of talking to a friend without enough idea on how it's going to be. I did try the demo though, but we all know that the feeling is quite different when it comes to actual trade. Back then, all I knew was the buy low and sell high rule. In short, I came to war without enough weapons to protect myself.

So whether you're investing your own money from your pocket or use coins you earned from mining, be sure not to get super excited, and try to understand the basics and some of the advanced things you need to know first. Being super excited makes you buy crypto even at a high price because you just couldn't contain your excitement, especially when you've just had a successful trade. So you end up buying them because your hopes are as high as the price.

So try not to be super thrilled. That way, you won't have to deal with regrets afterward.

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