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Sumaiya Kabir


I was hesitant whether to open the gate or not. One foot leads to another pichai.

Mami_what happened, the calling bell is ringing. Hey crazy girl, Tumpa went to the market, she could be. Which comes by opening the door.

I went to the door to recite Doa Darud in my mind, raised my hand once and lowered it again. Fear is moving away from the chest, which I have dreamed of seeing for so many years, I started to get scared when I heard his words.

I closed my eyes and opened the door, the same, why there is no response, I opened my eyes once. I opened my eyes and saw a handsome man standing there, with another one who was no less handsome, but no more than the man in front.

I was crushed by seeing the man's getup styles. I started to observe him without blinking my eyes. He was tall, milky in color, fair-skinned, wearing a white shirt, black suit, brand black watch in his hand, styled with a shirt and wearing glasses. All in all a cute box.

In Eri, my Crush Man banged in front of my eyes and when I swallowed with my eyes, stay in front (with annoyance) where do these ajairas come from.

In fact, I was shocked and could not say anything.

Is there a movie here that will be swallowed up? He pushed it away and went inside.

I felt very insulted, tears came to my eyes as I danced. In the meantime, Satherlok said__

Sorry sister, I apologize to you on her behalf. He is in a very good mood.

I'm sorry, I didn't mind. You come inside. I moved away, he also went inside.

I have no choice but to understand that the person who ate bamboo called Crush is Arnab Bhaiya.

I didn't stand there for a moment, I hid myself and went upstairs. I met Oishee when I entered the room, she called me many times but I locked the door without answering.

Oishee came down and saw her brother.

The brother hugged the brother with a shout. The two siblings exchanged greetings for a long time. Aishwarya did not notice that there was another person standing next to her.

Oishee suddenly felt that someone was staring at her. He looked to the side and saw a man standing at his brother's getaway.

Ishik was ashamed, so he remained silent without saying a word.

Arnab_what happened, why did you become so silent? Why when my crazy sister-in-law stopped talking.

Sion: Your sister is ashamed to see me, so she can't talk.

And this, crazy, he's my only best friend, we both do business together, the more he stays in the country with me.

You guys get acquainted now, I'm coming a little. Mommy seems to be cooking, Barry is doing the smell of Mommy's cooking. How many years have I not cooked in my mother's hands. (Sighs)

Oishee: - Mother and mother may not have noticed, you are coming.

Arnab enters the kitchen and hugs his mother from behind.

Asma Chowdhury turned off the gas, turned to the boy, caressed his forehead, hugged him and cried.

How come you have left us for so many years, don't you remember us at all?

Mommy, no cry, I'm not leaving you anymore, I wouldn't have called you if I hadn't thought of you. I would have completely forgotten. And no one knows better than you why it is so far away.

These things will happen later, before you become fresh, take a little rest immediately.

Meanwhile, Oishee_ has been sitting with her head down ever since.

What happened to me? I can talk to everyone and I am sitting with my head bowed in front of this man. Wow, O God, I have to appreciate your courage (mind you).

Sion_ Hi, I'm Sion, Nich to meet you.

Oishee_Yes Lo Lo Lo, aa I am Oishee. I am coming a little. I think Mommy called and ran upstairs.

Hey, hey, why is your mother going upstairs to the kitchen. She's gone, shy. (With a smirk).

Arnab_kire you are divine alone ?.

Sion: - Your sister ran upstairs. Ha ha

I told her not to do any mischief with my sister.

Well, Dad, I won't do any mischief, just make love.

Arnab: -Yeah or Uchchba, you are coming with me, I forgot to tell my mother.

(I couldn't make it bigger because of a little problem. And let me know how it went. I don't like to write unless you encourage me)

# Will continue

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