You Are Dead

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Today I'm late home from school again. I walked down a road that used to be a cemetery. As a result of the development of the city this road was renovated, the graves were leveled and on the asphalt. converted into a highway. which is cut off by the train line to Jabodetabek.

The trip will be challenging when you pass this place. There have been many accidents. There have been many stories in the film, right? I myself have fond memories of this road. with a man who seems to me an oddity. Believe it or not. believe me!

Today as usual I came home at night again, I was forced to take the train. I looked at the clock on my hand already 11:13 am. I took a deep breath and glanced at several pairs of eyes back and forth in front of me, Tickets have been in hand but almost half an hour I've been here no train has passed.

"Finally came, damn it took a long time" I said to myself as he entered the train door.

For a while the train was running only a few passengers are seen sleeping, reading newspapers, listening to music, and some are tinkering with cellphones.

I pensive sat alone leaning on a chair, About a few hours the train passed out of nowhere a man stood in front of me and asked permission to sit beside me. "Yes, please" I replied briefly holding back sleepiness. This man is sitting next to me, for some reason the cold is so intense, I put my arms around me, looking for a good position for me to fall asleep.

I put my hand back into my jacket pocket because it was so cold. Even though I glanced at the others none like me, they remained in their position without being bothered

"Mba is really cold, huh?" asked someone who was looking at me, but he only looked in amazement.

"It's cold, mba?" the man beside me said while looking at me wistfully.

I was silent for a while, those eyes were sad looking at me making me feel uncomfortable.

"II .. aaaaa, hey mas, cold" I replied briefly.

"Wear this" he handed me a red jacket.

I did not answer because he had wrapped the jacket around me. I just replied with a warm smile. I leaned back into the seat and closed my eyes.

The train stopped and when I looked around wanted to return his jacket. the man is gone. along with the jacket. There was a few moments of silence before I started to leave because the train was leaving again.

I'm late again today. For several days, somehow I was late, from taxis that died in obscurity to motorcycle taxi drivers who didn't want to take me for reasons that were not clear. I'm taking the train again. the atmosphere is not too strange tonight, as usual, quiet and only a few people busy each. As the train passed by this place, a man from yesterday came and asked permission to sit down. I was silent for a while and invited him.

"Sorry yesterday I went down first, after you sleep, I'm not comfortable?" this man apologized.

“Ah, it's okay. who are you? I am the alifah? " I reached out.

"Oh, I am Alfred" He returned my greetings, his hands were very cold, his chill ran through my body, I was shocked and wanted to let go because I was shocked, but I undo, I was afraid he was offended.

We talked until we didn't feel like we were going down, for a moment he said goodbye and disappeared into the crowd. even though I want to go down with him. somehow I felt something strange was happening to me, I felt closer and like I had known him for a long time. but I try to taste it.

This incident lasted for almost 2 weeks in a row, surely he would come and ask permission to sit and have a long conversation, sometimes he deliberately held my hand and I deliberately let him. Because I also know I love him.

Tonight he was not there, and it felt very lonely, I looked around me, people with cigarettes hanging around, street singers with piercings. and several people with their respective activities. I looked at my watch and I know Alfred should have been here a few hours ago. I came down and it felt so lonely, no one accompanied me to talk. and it makes me very ... very bored ..

It's been almost a week I haven't seen Alfred, making my mind tortured, sometimes I ask "why? how can this be, what happened to me? "

Tonight the figure that I yearn to be present again, he with a warm smile and in his hand a small red box, as usual he asked permission and begged to sit beside me and I happily invited. His appearance really surprised me, very handsome Alfred, the black jacket on his body added to his sweet smile, A few moments he declared that he was in love with me, opened the red box containing the ring and wrapped it around my ring finger. He squeezed my hand gently and as usual before the train will arrive he has gone somewhere.

Tonight alfred is no more maybe it was on purpose or maybe it was a surprise, I came down feeling dissatisfied, completely uninspired. I thought it was only tonight but I never saw him again several days later, my mind was tortured because there was no news and only through this train line I could meet him.

Tonight alfred is no more, it's just that in my chair a diary and a pen lying. I grabbed it open each sheet.


Today is so beautiful. Alifah

I did not know I would meet a woman as beautiful as you and you make me really fall in love.

Every talk and get to know you is the sweetest thing I can say on these cold nights.

Today my body is not perfectly incarnate, I am not seen by you, alifah, I have been sitting beside you for a long time and you did not greet me at all, I realized that I was not seen by you.

It's my last night to get a closer look at you. I could feel some of my joints starting to come loose, and my body peeled off, forced to change my appearance to cover my rotten body.

Alifah, I love you half to death, but my world your world our world is different, we can not meet again.

Please forgive me.

Now I leave calmly with the warm smile you once gave me.

Don't accompany my departure with tears, smile because you will always be here alifah, in my long dreams and I will wait for you in eternity, goodbye ..


I threw the diary beside me. make all eyes see me.

I stepped outside and for a moment a crowd beside the tracks caught my attention.

I ran to see what happened...

I closed my mouth in disbelief...

A body that I have known all this time is lying on the edge of the rail with a damaged body, "yes, God what happened?"

* It turns out that Alfred is a victim who committed suicide on the train and his body is just found now,

that's the news that I managed to see on tv.

I still wonder why he appeared in front of me? I can't believe that Alfred is gone, until this moment I still use the train in the same direction, the same seat, but there is no Alfred anymore .. Come and see someone who he remembers even in a long dream.

The end

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This is kinda scary I'll have to admit😂 But great story all the same

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