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Initially, I only thought that writing was just a hobby that I couldn't leave since I got to know what blogs and forums are. Until recently, I opened some of my old blogs. I read it again, automatic, yes ... embarrassing and funny, because the contents are not important stories about the days that I went through. But it turns out, writing can provide me with many benefits in solving problems and channeling the emotions that I convey to other people and that doesn't necessarily get a solution either hehe

Finally, I just got to know and realized that writing can actually heal and reduce a lot of burden on the head. There are things that we cannot openly convey to others, even to children and families. That's where words can come into play to help us heal.

Write, enjoy

Sometimes a person can't write a single sentence because of a lot of pressure. I myself often feel this way when there are many things I want to say and in the end I can't even write a single sentence. So, I consider things like this a problem, because I can't solve the problem that is in my mind. However, at other times, I really enjoyed the process of my speaking through writing which ended up being recorded in an article on the blog. This process is what makes me feel immense relief. Yes ... the magic of writing maybe huh ..

Feel happier

There is another thing I feel when writing that no one else can see, happiness. This feeling can only be felt by people who like to write even though they don't like to read, there is a different sense of relief between writing and reading. The thought feels really light like you've done great things in life. Even though you just write, that's all you do. Have we ever felt heavy feelings because we harbored a lot of problems and thoughts about something? Feeling guilty about an incident, feeling uncomfortable with someone? You must have felt it all. And by writing, things like this can just disappear, at least decrease and make the mind much lighter.

Sometimes, I cry when I write so seriously carried away emotionally in a written phrase. I am so serious about pouring my feelings into writing, sometimes tears flow too. And it is automatic, not forced, no one asks. Yeah .. I thought it's a form of sadness vapor.

Truly, Trouble is a story

When we have written all the frustrations that are in our hearts, we will indirectly say to ourselves .. like:

"Oh ... it turns out that yesterday was JUST this much .. only one pebble that wasn't really big, which I could pass easily"

"Oh .. it turns out that the problem I feel is no bigger than the problem of Person A and Person B"

"Oh ... it turns out ... I can get through everything easily, I can afford"

And the others who will make us even more grateful for having accepted that destiny.

Truly, only we can heal ourselves

From past experience, with writing, I can bring out a lot of problems in my life. As if you have a confidant friend who is incredibly good at listening. Without protesting and criticizing what we say. They are just good listeners and accept us for who we are. Who doesn't like being accepted by other people? Everyone is happy that he can be accepted by others with all the flaws he has, including me.

Sometimes, I also feel embarrassed to confide in other people, even if I write something like this on my blog, I'm embarrassed to be seen. So I like to close my web page when other people come. Yes .. I stopped writing for a moment as funny as that right. Can be open with writing but feel embarrassed when read by other people, including their own children.

Yes ... sometimes we just need some time alone for trivial things like this. To be honest I don't have that many friends to talk to. I am afraid that there will be a lot of talk about talking to other people about something. because of that, I also chose the blog as my "overflow place". So, don't think I'm writing on this blog just looking for money, yes, even though that's also true, I started blogging because I love writing. And I am happy when I write, I am more able to find myself in writing. Like I said something ..

"Oh ... this is to me when I fall in love .."

"Oh .. this is to me if I'm happy .."

"Is this me when I'm too late ..."

And those writings are a witness to how I live! Hopefully one day I can have my own book.

Write ... Try it .. And find yourself in a different form .. that you may not have realized yourself .. Be yourself as someone who is happier .. By writing!

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Nice article loveu bro..

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