When it's still there

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2 years ago

With you at that time. When yesterday still felt everything with you, with you. When you are with me enjoy all the feelings of both happiness and pain with all eyes on this world so beautifully and as if it will never end.

So beautiful with you through the various colors of this life. This self still feels this all with you. With you who will never be replaced by my side. Remembering when that time existed and making it a very meaningful time in life.

Right now I can only feel and reminisce about all those feelings. Now with solitude passing time in the same taste. Happiness and pain are still the same as you used to be. Even though sometimes I try to find you. I don't know where I can't find you who used to accompany me here.

Alone here remains in a hope and prayer. Trying to bring the word serenity to yourself there forever. I will always remember the memories with you with a thousand prayers and hopes so that we can meet again later. Through everything with eternal and eternal happiness.

I will always keep all the memories that we have been through and I will keep them as a story for our children together. Your happiness is always for them, smiles and laughter are always implied and will be stored in them too. I'll tell you about your various determinations about yourself about the words to love and be loved.

When there was everything so beautiful and full of charm. The complaints and sufferings that you have lived with me, become a hope that it will be difficult to forget you and is only a series of prayers that I can say for you who are full of resilience through it with me.

When there is still everything is really beautiful and hard to forget. Your happiness and laughter are full of joy without a variety of world sheen to present. Like a diamond, that is the true light of your heart.

All we know is that it will pass. All we know will always be the same. We never get caught up in saying the world is everything.

Calling your name once again. Still I can't find your whereabouts. I want to go back to that time.

Wish someone could bring me back to that time. To repeat and wish it could.

When that time is there, come back home to chat with you. Too bad it's not the same now I guess. Too bad I can't go back. How this feeling makes me want to cry every time when the light from my eyes that I hope to flow so fast creates distance and time. But I'm afraid it will burden the peace you have found there. Like a piece of me did not want to see this self visible and drowned in pain.

Now this self is like a boat without a direction to navigate the vast ocean. Keep sailing towards the dark, bright future. With your presence, even if it's only a shadow, light up this heart forever because it was when you were by my side who made this cry dry. You know that the most precious thing is only you by my side.

When that time exists how fully colored by the light of tenderness. Like time that can turn the night into a perfect dream for me Right by your side the new flowers are born and sway in the light that passes through the grains of love between the two of us.

These thousand memories seem to have filled our hands that will never wither. Because you are the light of tenderness always asking about the toughness of the heart. The pieces of me that have flown so fast even though they won't come back, give me the strength to be able to cross this vast ocean. And because you are always in this heart, making this life will continue until the time comes for us to be together again.

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2 years ago