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Sometimes we feel life might be a mistake. Can things change for the better later? We sure can. It's just that it does take time and more patience; we know, an insult in a joke or it could be a compliment that can slice the feelings it all really happened. Everything can happen in any rolling time, sometimes we don't know what to do when this happens, and depression sometimes comes over.

My God, when we are trapped in this situation, what will we do to make you feel good?

We live in a place, an area, or a country, or nowhere. Far from the hustle and bustle of the world or the glare of the world. Maybe that's not a bad thing or what do you think? Yes, all of that can be fine. We arrived at this place a few years ago, with only the body and the desire for something we have not yet attained to this day. And the years have passed and continue to meet the new year has passed until today. Everything is still remembered in our memories and some are forgotten. Maybe we can make one of them a living memory that we want to keep, whether it's just bitterness and suffering or in the form of happiness. God, who gave to remember all of it.

We, myself and everyone, young and old alike, sometimes scamper and sometimes walk quietly. Eating white rice and/or wheat or other types of food, are the same basic needs for life. The experiences we get when we are small, adult, and elderly. If we meet you, maybe we will never miss talking about everything about the events in life that passed or happened.

Little or many things are remembered, of course, events that are of course interesting to tell. We can only say, I'm just an ordinary kid or a boring homebody. While others say that they have entered into better education and more pleasant life. We can't really know what people do for sure. Sometimes we see or get into arguments with people around us. At that point, we could just hide and avoid the angry screams and beatings that torture the heart. Or face steadfastly like a strong fortress.

Time flies so fast, years pass by and everything turns into things that make us understand more and more, and sometimes we don't. Even memories of events that have occurred in the past do not remain in memory. Life demands that we become something. It's just that sometimes we don't like something that happens.

"What are you thinking? What is troubling you? " ask yourself.

"Oh, self," I replied. "I don't understand how strange life is."

"I know it. I know this heart restlessness, but, it's a shame that this self can only feel and can't do anything to help you. "

"Why is that?"

"Look into your heart. Find something in your heart and maybe you will be happy. "

"Happy? I want to feel it again these days. I can't bear to look at those faces or raise my face when I walk in front of people who know me. Don't you take me to act like that? I'm stuck somewhere and where am I going from here? "

There was only a rustle of wind blowing the dry afternoon.

The journey was getting harder, sometimes it was light. During the day the sun burns the skin to the soul when the clouds never come. At night, the state of the body shakes and freezes to the toes along with the fading spirit. Is there no other way, even if an option that comes doesn't make sense. There is no mark above the ground that can be used as a benchmark for existence. Only a mound of earth can be seen covering an area of ​​land. At night, by looking at the stars, can we know the direction of the steps. North, west, east, or south.

When more and more pushed inside. The world and its crowds that are so suffocating can no longer be comforting or satisfying. Where is the purity that used to be the most valuable treasure, and is now like a pile of garbage in a landfill becomes a useless figure for every human being? Everything looks bad. We all know because we feel it too. A thirsty and hungry soul. But we won't find him there. Like a speck of filth in the sky, we look up and exclaim, what does all this mean? But still, there is no answer.

We continue our journey. We don't remember how long we've been here; missed time, opportunity after opportunity that passed by, and with the sobs of everyone longing for peace. Unfortunately, until now, we have not yet found out whether true peace can be interpreted by the word peace.

We sometimes have met several times with people who have thoughts that are really strange and maybe make us very absurd. They, these people, have no permanent job or place to live or anything else. But they are happy even when they do not take sides in a life where money, wealth, position, and fame are like a necessity of life, even though all of that is what destroys and poisons the minds of every human being who lives on this earth, including me, and whether stability is a foreshadows success for someone. Yes, that is a very nice thing, but shouldn't we be able to accept it and not be able to live like this. The word "Sorry" is spoken if a lonely and lonely road is an option. Is it by understanding how much we want to give what we want, even though we can't do it? We just want to enjoy life, fall asleep with the stars and lay on the earth, and convince ourselves that this world and its contents belong to us together. It is the most extraordinary form of life that we can ever come across. If only please yourself, I hope to wait for the time to return. We will write wherever we are in a new place so that we don't worry about ourselves anymore. Isn't this life that simple really? "

The night fell very quickly. Together with the roar of the wind in silence as if to say I came. Together flew with the cold air began to bite the bone. A fireplace blew embers into the air. For a moment and after that, we wrap ourselves in a thick cloth to sleep owned by. For a moment we think about everything we've ever done and we've been through. My God, how life is so meaningful. May You forgive us who have wasted life and everything that was given to us.

The stars that continue to shine. We fell asleep. However, in a faint voice came a voice. The longer it was heard clearly stabbing the ears.

Come back, how much longer are you silent like this? Be aware. Listen. Come back. What you were looking for there, nothing, just a world that wasn't real at all. Come back. We miss you."

Instantly we are made aware. The sky was dark and the stars looked like dots in the sky far up there.

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