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Around eleven in the evening with the atmosphere so quiet on the highway. Bima is sitting in a coffee shop which is quite quiet because there are only a few customers and waiters talking next to the cashier room. For several weeks now, Bima has always stopped by this coffee shop every Thursday night. Initially because of the rain, which often fell unexpectedly when Bima came home from college. Thursday's class schedule starts from four to seven. It's quite tough considering the rainy season recently for Bima. This coffee shop is not that special or fancy, and doesn't really attract attention just from the outside. Even though the servants are so friendly when welcoming guests, maybe that's what makes Bima feel at home for a long time here. I don't know what else Bima doesn't know that makes him feel comfortable.

A cup of coffee has just been delivered to Bima as ordered. Her name is Laras, that is what Bima knows after meeting her for a few days. Her face is quite sweet and attractive, friendly and also has a distinctive smile. Although not many conversations with her here. The owner of the coffee shop also sometimes comes down to directly serve customers, Mr. Rendra. He also looks so friendly because he had a long conversation with him last week. He talks a lot about his own life and rarely listens to Bima. It was a bit strange indeed, but Bima thought it was normal for parents not to listen to younger people.

Almost twelve in the evening, the cigarette in my hand was almost gone. And Bima intends to go straight out and go home before suddenly Laras sat in front of him and looked at himself with his trademark smile.

" Why ?" asked Bima

"This year Laras wants to go to college on your campus."

" Oh, good ?"

That was the beginning of Bima's old conversation with her, Bima discouraged from going home and instead stranded on the chair until it was almost late. It was just a simple conversation and most of the words from him were just what he wanted to think about that night. But it turns out that Laras is so warm to get to talk, in fact, if would say Laras was the one who started it. A few minutes before Bima went home, Mr. Rendra joined in there while laughing with them because the only remaining customer was Bima. The coffee shop closes in the middle of the night and Bima returns home even though it is a little shivering because the streets are so quiet.

As soon as the next Thursday, Bima immediately stopped by to Coffee Shop after college. As usual, Laras sat beside him after serving other customers, talking and smiling she's signature smile. A cup of coffee, a pack of cigarettes, and until almost late at night Bima is there almost every Thursday night. It felt so comfortable and made him keep on discouraging himself from going out before the Coffee Shop closed.

Saturday night Bima was alone with Laras. Although it was not Thursday night, as usual, he was also not at the usual coffee shop, he met Laras but was in a city park as a couple on a date. Actually not because of something, but last Thursday Laras asked Bima to accompany her to find equipment for college before the new school year. She also said that for a work permit and had been allowed by Mr. Rendra. Almost all equipment has been obtained.

The two of them sat on a chair in the west corner, chatting and joking as usual in a coffee shop. Bima felt warm and comfortable at that time. Bima is slowly starting to have an interest in Laras. Because just to lift a leg to get away from that place becomes so heavy. Suddenly, from behind, a person tapped Bima's shoulder. Ivan and Dina were smiling and then stood beside Bima. They both are Bima's friends on campus.

"What are you doing here? just alone like someone lost. " Said, Ivan

"Do you think I'm sitting with a statue?"

"Hahaha, yes you can. Ok then, I am afraid to disturb those who want to be alone. Come on, Din. " Ivan said

They left the place. There was no visible reaction from Laras when they were there, she didn't even seem to care and continued to stare with a smile.

It was half-past twelve in the evening, and Bima was standing in front of a simple house not far from the Coffee Shop. Quiet and dark only the porch light was on. Laras immediately opened the unlocked door and invited Bima to come inside. Bima sits on a chair in the living room which is lit with white lights. A cup of coffee is then placed by Laras on the table.

"Just like in a coffee shop." Said Bima while trying to make her smile again.

"You are alone in this house?" Bima said again. Laras just shook her head with a smile.

"My parents were asleep first." Barrel answered.

Bima can hear those words that still seem so thick. The clock in his room had shown a few minutes past ten. Bima is still sitting at his bed and wringing hair and thinking about what happened to him. Bima remembers sitting at Laras' house and taking a cup filled with coffee last night. After that Bima immediately looked at the clock in the room as confused as he woke up from sleep. Then what happened last night? Was last night just a dream? but it feels very real to Bima.

Bima rode his motorcycle and left for campus a few minutes later. Arriving at the campus, he saw many prospective new students sitting in the front lobby. Bima paid a little attention to them hoping there was Laras in one of them and asked what happened last night. But none of them and Bima immediately went up to the third floor to the room where the lecture had started. In front of his seat, Ivan and Dina were talking without paying attention to the lecturer in front.

"Don't take part in taking care of Din's new students? usually you active. " Said Bima while holding her shoulder and pushed forward a little chair.

"When I finish this lecture, I just only get their names."

"Oh coincidence, where's the attendance list?"

"Yes, it's still in the lecturer room, I haven't taken it yet."

After class finished, Dina immediately left after leaving the room. And Ivan then walked down with Bima to the lobby talking about last night when Bima met him in the park. He confirmed this, it's just that Bima still did not mention Laras to him. And arriving in front of the lecturer room Bima saw Dina who was carrying several sheets of attendance paper along with two other female students. Bima immediately went to her and grabbed the paper.

"What the heck, Bim?"

"The girl from that night also joined today. She said she entered room 2.3. I just want to see. " Said Bima while noticing that the name Laras was indeed absent from the class. Laras Brajaya. But the paper was immediately grabbed back by Dina and rearranged in the folder.

"Already ah, I'll be late again." Said Dina as she walked away with the two female students up the stairs.

"Who were you looking for?" said Ivan a little confused

"That is what I sat within the garden yesterday. The one who suddenly appeared was you appearing. "

" Which one ?" Ivan was confused.

"Ok, let's look at the class. I'll show you later. " Said Bima

They are standing in front of room 2.3. while peeking through the glass door while noticing that almost all the female students looked. It's just that there is no visible presence of Laras among them. Bima thinks maybe Laras did not leave, or is there something? even though last night she was still fine. But the name is right in this class.

"I think she's not in."

"Why don't you just text or call?"

Bima is immediately shocked and realizes that even so far Bima has never asked her for she's cellphone number. Because almost every Thursday night Bima is just lulled in front of her.

"She works at a coffee shop down the street at night. Every Thursday we come home late at night, I keep going there for two months. She's not really pretty. But I'm comfortable with her Van. I don't know. "

Ivan immediately embraced Bima's shoulders and pulled him away from the front of the class. Bima himself was still confused about what he was doing, he didn't say much and kept pulling Bima down the stairs. I don't know what he wanted to show until his motorcycle stopped at a location that Bima was almost familiar with.

“I don't know what you're talking about Bim, but I've also been here a few times with Dina. The last time was in the second semester. But as far as I can remember, this coffee shop went on fire and there were several customers who died with the employees. "

Bima can't say anything else. In front of him, it was only the rubble of the building which was burnt, accompanied by some grass that began to cover him. Then what happens every Thursday night? Bima really remembers it clearly and it doesn't feel like a dream in the least. Bima immediately rushed to get Ivan to take him to Laras' house last night. The house is still there and looks almost the same as the one in his memories. It's just that no one can be seen there, the porch light is still on and hasn't been turned off. Bima is so confused and continues to tremble from earlier.

Thursday, two years ago at around eight in the evening the Coffee Shop caught fire. There were four people who died along with one visitor, nine people suffered serious burns. That is what Bima got from the information in the newspapers given by Ivan this afternoon. Laras, Pak Rendra, and customers who sat at another table with Bima in the coffee shop. Comfortable feeling in it. To this day, Bima still questions it.

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