Tormented In Death

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It sunny day for a lonely soul. I let some song play on my weapon. today is indeed delicious with a glass of warm coffee, on this old veranda I let the birds sing, the leaves dance, in the distance a few meters from me, it is clear that the sun is starting to have a beautiful smile, hitting the crowd of people who witness the sadistic murder which is now hitting a girl young, in that old house, his body was mutilated with his head open in half. It's been 5 times in total since I got here.

As far as I know, the house was used to be a hotel, but often used as a gathering for young couples, the partner went to live in the mistress who grinned innocently, finally, the place was burned by the residents, No one survived that night, 10 people died including 2 twins and their mother who are pregnant. And that's what became the devil, according to my father Zahroni's story, they were often bullied, ah. I don't know if I don't know it myself, how do I know the truth. Just imagining it, the hairs of my nose tremble to their feet. what else for children to try, no huh ..?

One night I came home from the office and when I passed the haunted house, I heard a woman crying for help, her voice was like a wailing Sinden, and a baby crying was heard, howling followed by running footsteps, I don't know, I was not sure what I heard. , however, there have indeed been frequent murders, maybe residents who are interested and curious about the sound there enter, and finally, their souls never return home. "Explained my father at length while continuing to paint the woman in front of him. every day staring at the photo and painting it over and over again.


Haah ... are you not wrong to invite dad over there ?, I don't want to ..! Forget it, Intan, don't make daddy angry with your behavior ..!

Zahroni, this middle-aged man my father is really grumpy, a thin mustache with a mustache that is like an armpit root, long and long, of course, he does, he rarely takes care of himself, since my mother… YES. My mother is gone

"My father begs ... Well .. it's my birthday ..!" I insisted a little by pointing to the calendar, including a birthday as an excuse, "if Intan wants to die. Checkmate .. please… daddy doesn't want to .. it's a crazyyyy idea! ” said my father Zahroni as he inhaled his cigarette deeply.

"You know, daddy ... there ... he said there was a beautiful woman, and there were also twins. If they died they were young, now they are ..." "What ...? Already grandmothers ... that was already a year ago. " my father cut me off.

I was very curious, very curious, but if I entered the house I would have killed myself. With my father, that means I have a chance ... # what opportunity? ... @ chance to run away ... :-p.


I glanced again at the old house, from this second floor, it looks clearly haunted, without light, although several times I saw the light of the lantern, and as a shadow in the glass looked at me, I don't know, lonely, quiet, as quiet as a smile. anyway creepy. Moreover, the rickety building was burned down.

I pulled my curtains, looked briefly at the view of the house, "just let them laugh wildly, I told you that the house was really haunted, no one believed it, 5 people died in total last week," Intan is still going there ...? " my father appeared who knows when, I'm sure he also wanted to go there, maybe his fear is too great, let his courage to die trampled. "He's a father, please ...!" I said pitifully

"Forget about your empty dreams ... or you die ..!" my father turned to the living room, grabbed a brush, and continued his hobby of drawing. My father is a painter, always decorated with landscape paintings in the corner of the room, and faces of women, maybe my father was a playboy. I don't know ... I don't want to disturb his work

I looked at a painting of a woman wearing a red hood above my room.

His face seemed to merge with mine, I looked at myself in the mirror, there was a little similarity, nose eyes, maybe I was too imagined. from here I can see my father is looking at his painting. looked at every detail


The clock ticked along with my pulse, my eyes could not be closed, there were hundreds or even thousands of questions, curiosity about the haunted house. I smiled, grabbed the flashlight and put on the jacket, and crept away, leaving my father who was still busy painting with a cigarette playing on his lips

Oh shit, it seems like it wants to rain, why do horror stories always rain, this is annoying, the old sky looks pitch black, and the lightning starts to show its anger, grabbing a tree down, I look at the clock on my hand. 22:25 WIB. "It's getting late, I have no choice father .."

I stood in front of the fence, my feelings were whipping, my heart struggled between yes or not. It is or not. It's a difficult choice, especially I'm timid, but curiosity is so great it makes my heart beat faster.

I slowly opened the gate, stepped slowly withstand thousands of turmoil, the weeds seemed to add to the scent, my hairs began to stand up, as if there were eyes looking at me, maybe it's just my feeling, weeds grow everywhere, the two-story building, the wood is still good though there were burn marks, the walls were blackened, and it was pitch black, obviously, the light was invisible, only fools who were ready to die to dare to intrude on this residence. I'm the one, but I'm already inside. just open the door and enter ...

I stood at the door, I slowly opened it. Ah .. damn it was locked ... I was forced to dull my curiosity and turn home, just a few steps I heard the door open by itself, I held my heart which was increasingly rebellious, I turned around and the door was open, I stepped in to see my surroundings with an old flashlight in my hand. I was shocked, almost fell down the flashlight, I heard the door shut itself, more precisely slammed, a flash of light passed behind me, so fast, followed by the pounding of footsteps, the sound of rats moving running. I was silent, my courage was lost, a boy aged 12 years stood right in front of me, his head bowed. his mouth was bleeding and he began to talk to himself.

Emptiness is emptiness and solitude caged ... imprisoned in silence, it is so cold here ... help me ... before emptiness pierces ...

Suddenly, my mouth was closed by something from behind, making me struggle with all my might, I saw the figure in front of me disappeared, the shadow behind me dragged me. finally, he let go of his hand, "Dad ...!"

"I said it wasn't safe here, there must be something you saw earlier until you stood motionless, everyone who has entered here can't get out ... now we are trapped ..!" my father looked scared, sweat started falling from his cheeks.

"Then why are you here ?, I'm sorry daddy .. I'm just curious, then now what?" I said getting scared. With the sound of people laughing from above the ceiling, I squeezed my father's hand firmly, it felt so cold with sweat.

My shoulders feel heavy as if something is climbing them, there is a flash of light running around the room,

like small children running and laughing, my father and I walked slowly to check the sound of crying from behind the wall, "emmmhhh it turned out to be just a cellphone ..?" I said a little calmly seeing a cellphone that lights up in the dark night.

Suddenly my father stopped and sang.

Emptiness is emptiness and solitude caged ... imprisoned in silence, it is so cold here ... help me ... before emptiness pierces ...

"Dad why ...?" I shouted again, trying to remove my hand, my father's eyes glowing red, his body filled with bright light, while continuing to chatter strangely, with words that I didn't understand. I ran hiding in a room.

the sound of mice running past my feet.

I feel something hanging on my body, I can feel his touch, wild touch in my body, up my thigh ... stomach ... (on the sensor ..) and my neck ...

I took a deep breath, my father walked slowly like a possessed person while continuing to call my name… and said strange… something that I didn't understand.

Emptiness is emptiness and solitude caged ... imprisoned in silence, it is so cold here, ... help me ... before the void pierces ...

Diamond heellppp me ...?

sounded like the sound of the bedroom door closing itself, I was confined in a room, a shabby bed, there were shards of broken glass and, stones.

"God helppp my soul ...!" I said holding my breath. The figure of a little boy stood right in front of me ...

still looking down, I could see his crushed face and tears of blood seeping past his rough cheeks .. he raised his hand slowly, and with a trembling body, he pointed at me.

It felt like a warm liquid passed through my thighs. I peed my pants.

my body can't be moved my mouth went out, my eyes bulged without blinking.

"W ... w ... w ... wh ... why ... are you ... he ... re ...?" said the little boy haltingly. "Yo ... u ... mu ... ss ... st ... di ... e ... e ...!" he said again. while raising his maggot-infested face and rotting left eye

Walking slowly, I want to run, or better yet faint, what's my power, I don't have that much strength to move, he slowly approaches, gently kisses my lips, I can feel the scent piercing, cutting my body, his hands holding my head, like a burning heat my brain, and white light strikes.

I fell and the light took me away.

"Honey how come to the picture is good right?" a man asked the opinion of the woman who had been massaging him from behind, while the man continued to paint and smoke his cigarette. I've seen that painting, the painting that my father looked at,

"Unfortunately the painting is not important, the good news .. I ha. aa .. miiii .. l ...! " the woman whispered softly in the man's ear, stroking his potbelly.

the man did not continue scratching, for a moment he paused and turned his face. "Are you sure dear ..?" the man smiled and kissed her lips gently while stroking her belly.

With a warm smile, he stuck the knife that had been hidden in his hand.

“Just die, you devil… trash ..! .. I don't want to have children from you! Bitch…!" the man smiled and began to cry seeing his woman who was now lifeless. suddenly the dead woman's eyes bulged.


I choked up in surprise and came to my senses, looking around the dark surroundings. only my flashlight is still shining.

my head feels dizzy. heard the sound of a Dj reciting music. I walk out with an old flashlight, staring at the people on the dance floor.

Music hypnotizes them. And the sound of music suddenly became screams, wails, Molotov cocktails were heard, spewing out everlasting flames, human voices running hysterically. out there, people standing with torches, pelting feeling innocent.


As thousands of lights ran and I realized with a broken face kissing my lips, the boy let go of his kiss and chuckled at something. I heard my father, calling my name from a room, I grabbed the baseball bat next to me, slowly walked towards the second floor, where the voices of people had been singing and uttering silent voices, full of sorrow, full of lamentation, like howling of a night animal. Slowly I climbed the staircase that was getting higher and higher,

My father is standing, staring at something in front of him. "You just die .. how are you .. are you cold .. are you satisfied with my service." My father wept over something in bed, like a woman in a white dress, well dressed.


I let go of the stick in my hand. faintly I saw something climb up my body, wrapped around me like an octopus, my shoulders felt heavy, as if thousands of tons had hit. And the boy laughed and sat affectionately on my shoulder. it turns out he's the reason I feel my shoulder will break.

While my body can't move.

the boy smiled evilly, bared his crooked teeth, his broken face made me nauseous, and wanted to vomit. "Hey .. who's there ... is that you Intan ..? Take it easy dad won't kill you .. come here… we enjoy tonight with my daughter's wine… hahahahaha… ”My father walked slowly along, a few steps in front of me, for some reason he didn't see me, his daughter who is now almost dead by the spirit on her shoulders.

“Intaaaaaan… where are you…? This is father, son ...? " my father called me again, from the shaking of his voice full of anxiety, fear.

he looked for me around the hallway, I slowly walked beyond my logic and my will, I almost crawled because of the weight on my shoulders, to the edge of the bed. I can see a woman sleeping peacefully ... her face is very beautiful, looks wrinkled covered in fine powder, but does not disturb her beauty, lying stiff in a long sleep, I know her, know her very well, the photo in the painting that my father always looks at, every second, every time.


I was shocked ... stared at the figure that suddenly appeared in front of me, the woman with the lantern in her hand, all of them black, her clothes were black, her feet were not visible on the ground

His smile was wild and… and… his body trembled violently… blood gushed from his stomach.

Her tears were blood, she pointed to me, to be precise the figure above the bed. Her eyes lit up. And .. before I realized what happened…?

an object hit my head.


I don't know how long I slept I was tied with a chain on the edge of the bed, on top of it, of course, a woman who had lost her life, on the edge of the bed, a faint child lamenting her mother, she repeatedly tried to caress her mother's cheek, but what power, her hand only touched the void that endless,

Emptiness is emptiness and solitude caged ... imprisoned in silence, it is so cold here ... help me ... before emptiness pierces ...

It turned out that the voice I had always heard was the words of a child who missed her mother's body, caressing her softly when she was cold, a certainty that she loved me.

"Hahahaha ... you don't know how lucky the child is ... I told you, don't come here ... but you still insist ... now you know everything ... you know who he is ...!" came my father's voice with a flashlight in hand, he deliberately shined my face with a flashlight.

“That… that is a bad girl, she deserves to die… before the fire… he forced her to kill her…? Your own fault ... who ordered to force ...? " my father stared while licking my cheek. I vaguely saw something appear behind him.

with a burning grudge, an object hit my father's head. he fell, lay on top of my face, his head fell on the mattress,

“Zahroni…! I miss him .. every night .. every second, where only the chill I paddle in the lonely room covered with dust… now who laughs the last…? ” the woman with the lantern, walking slowly disappeared. The blood flowed down my body, seeping mixed with sweat, my urine, coalescing.

I feel a warm kiss followed by a whisper ..

Emptiness is emptiness and solitude caged .. imprisoned in silence, it's so cold here, .. help me… before the void pierces .. Toooooolooooong buries my witches…

The voice slowly let go of the kiss and… and the light in my eyes was heavy.

I passed out .. woke up to a crowd of police sirens and residents gathered. Finally, the mystery that was forever closed from the outside world slowly revealed the light

The haunted house was demolished for good, the corpse that had been sleeping for a long time there was properly buried.

Since now the night has changed I am not calm, like a person who has no thoughts, here it is very quiet, my hands are glued to the wood and only a small hole for me to see the remains of yesterday's meal.

"Helpppp I'm not crazy ... I don't want to die."

I shouted in rebellion trying to remove the chain that stuck in my body.

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