Time cannot be returned

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The woman is contemplating something. Clever but arrogant, little woman was still thinking about something. Don't know what she's thinking. Shes mind wandered into the next twenty years. The period when little Rani wanted to change the world. Yes, Rani is her name. That is her biggest goal. Rani wants to change the world. Rani wants her not to live in poverty anymore. By changing the world, she's the world will definitely change. So she thought.

The little woman smiled wryly. If I can change the world, I can rule there too. Because for Rani there will be no one smarter than her. That's what Rani thought.

She immediately ran to she's house. Looking for a way so she can change the world.

"I can do it. I can change the world. Try it, who is smarter than me? No one is as smart as me. I'm the smartest. " she said with an arrogant manner.

She's smile broke. Rani was so sure, soon she will be a successful person.

Second by second, day after day, month after month even year after year, there was not the slightest change in Rani's life. Now she is sixteen years old. Perhaps within four years, she will try to find a way to change the world with his extraordinarily intelligent brains. But the reality remains a reality, where Rani can't find a way.

In the end, Rani chose to give up and immediately looked for other ideals. One idea occurred to him.

“Why don't I change a country first? The state is smaller than the world. Right. I have to change one country. My smart brain must be running. Nobody in my country is smarter than me. You are a genius, Rani! ”

She also thought and began to look for ways to change she's country. She doesn't need to study. She's had a smart brain. At school Rani doesn't need to pay much attention, she's really very smart. Unfortunately, she smart but arrogant.

Until the test results came, Rani got a perfect score. Very perfect. And since then, Rani's desire to change her country has been enormous. No less great with an arrogant and arrogant attitude.

When she attended a school which was among the most favorite schools, she was very famous. She's intelligence is recognized by all the students there. But there is something bad that the school children are talking about, arrogant. Rani is very arrogant. Day by day, Rani's arrogance was always growing. Called out and penetrated deep into the pores of her body. Her whole body was filled with arrogance. Pride because she felt she was the smartest. Rani always thought that no one would be smarter than her.

Once a time, there came a new student who is now Rani's rival. Increasingly, she lost to her rival. She's named Nia. A cute woman who is diligent and smart. Not the slightest bit of pride sprinkled on her heart. There was no seed of hatred in the look in her eyes. Nia really looks very polite and dignified. However, this turned out to be an attitude that Rani hated.

Until when Nia was carrying out worship at her school, Rani and her friends peeked at Nia. They intend to beat Nia after she finishes worshiping.

When Nia had finished, Rani and her two friends lined up to cover the road for Nia to go through.

"Is there anything I can help?" Nia asked, smiling at them.

Rani smiles sarcastically. For an instant, she fell silent, but suddenly her hand flew hard to Nia's face.


The woman has come out of prison. After five years behind that damned iron grate, she's finally out. She was locked up in a cell due to allegations of mistreatment. Not an accusation, but for sure. At that time, Rani and her friends beat Nia badly. To the point that Nia lay in a hospital bed for fifteen days due to her severe injury.

At that time Nia really couldn't fight. Because two of Rani's friends were holding it hard. And finally, Nia lost. However, behind this, Nia is now a rich businessman at a very young age. Having not reached the age of thirty-five years, Nia can lead her own city. The city that she leads lives in prosperity. Nia is now a mayor in his city.

Knowing this, Rani's resentment that has not faded is getting hotter. Now Rani wants to end Nia's life. So that makes Rani intend to apply for a job at the mayor's office. She uses all disguises to be accepted and makes sure that Rani is not recognized by the people who work there. Behind all that, however, Rani's intention was to destroy the mayor's office. Rani wants to destroy what she should have now. That shouldn't belong to Nia.

Years passed. Time cannot be returned, Rani's age is getting smaller and smaller. After two times out of behind the p cell In that dark and iron prison, how Rani wanted to change her family. Rani's fate is poor. Until now very poor. In her reflection, Rani shed a few tears when she saw how deprived her family was. If only she hadn't destroyed the mayor's office back then, it probably wouldn't have been like this. Maybe. If only she didn't persecute Nia, maybe he wouldn't be like this. Maybe. All because of one thing, which probably wouldn't make it like this. If she is not arrogant. Yes. If she's not arrogant. Surely she won't be like this. Certainly.

Now, Rani has realized how difficult it is to change other people. How difficult it is to change something. She realized that there was one thing she had never intended to change. Yes. Herself. She never thought of wanting to change herself. When she was very young and her name was still clean, she was very smart. Really smart. But because the arrogance that is in her heart is too strong and eating away at anything. So that at this time she received all the results. She has no future. Somehow her life in old age. In his thirty-five years, she was like this. Rani is still unemployed. There is not a single job opening that is willing and able to accept Rani. The possibility of being a scavenger is all she can do.

All her dreams to be able to change the world ran aground. She's a dream to change her country was lost. And her dream to change her family is only a false shadow. There is no longer a glimmer of hope to move forward in her life. Everything is now gone, all his dreams and what she aspires to have disappeared. She's life has not changed. It hasn't changed one bit. In fact, things got worse than before.

Right now maybe Rani is living her life with karma. And that might be a punishment for him. Who can run away from karma?

A regret that was so great had started to enter the cavity of her heart. Rani's tears did not feel like wetting her disheveled face which was full of despair because of her desire. It is a regret, how Rani wants to repeat the time she once passed again. Really Rani has felt how short time is. In her mind at this time, if she was in power, it would still be the same as how little time would go on. Maybe just a moment of happiness. All because of her own attitude. Yes, Rani realized this was the most deserved reward for her.

The once small woman is now sitting on top of the many piles of garbage. Her clothes are dirty. Her face is shabby. Her appearance was like a bum. Her gaze was blankly looking at the sky. Tears fell down Rani's worn face.

"Oh, my God. Why doesn't my life change? From the first, it was still like this. Even now it's getting worse. I really hope that I can change the whole world. But it is very difficult. I know why. Because I should have started small first. Myself. But I can't. I always feel that beating other people is a very great thing. It turned out to be wrong. It is beating the ego on ourselves that turns out to be even greater. Oh my God, I wish I realized this more than before. " Softly.

The woman wiped the tears from her eyes. Slowly Rani stood up and started walking away from the pile of trash. With undirected steps and feeling the destiny and cruelty of the world at that time. Her face now doesn't show the young Rani anymore.

"Most people like to do things like Rani, always regretting it in the end. Even though, what Rani did and had turned out not to be able to change herself. Not changing something can change ourselves. But changing ourselves can change something. Hopefully, we can take lessons from it. in this short story. Don't let all the regrets come to the end, so all you can do now is regret. "

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