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One morning there was the sound of a very noisy ball. It seems that those who are playing the ball are Al and Boy. As usual, they always play the ball every day, Al has just turned 8 years old while Boy is 9 years old but their love for the ball and the Manchester United club is unavoidable. They both have a very strong desire to defend the king of England club Manchester United and the Indonesian national team.

At one point they wanted to register themselves to SSB without their mother knowing because Al and Boy's mother didn't want them to become footballers because mom was afraid that they would not become professional footballers and were afraid of getting badly injured, meanwhile his father supported his second goal. their son to become a professional footballer.

"Well, we want to register at SSB, don't we, we just keep practicing on the home page, right? We won't develop, right?" Al said

"Where's SSB?" asked dad

"SSB UISOP" answered Boy

"okay. Tomorrow morning we'll go there, the SSB practice schedule tomorrow morning at 7. " asked dad

"Ready .. well thank you" replied Al and Boy simultaneously

"But don't get caught, mom .. if you get caught, you can get angry later." Exclaimed Dad


The next day they got ready to go to SSB UISOP

"You know, you know ... Where do you guys want to fall in the morning, are you leaving the house?" asked the mother in surprise

"Mmmm ... Ki ... we want to buy food." Boy replied nervously

"It's not like breakfast already," Mother asked

"I ... this is not ... we want to buy food for Mr. Andi."

"Ooo ..." Said mother

While kissing his mother's hand, Al and Boy leave

"OK, let's go first ..." said my father

"Yes ... be careful ..." said the mother

"Yes .. ma'am" the three of them replied simultaneously

The three of them left for SSB UISOP. Arriving at SSB UISOP they registered themselves first and then they took part in the training. After they registered themselves, Al and Boy joined the training.

"What are you waiting for?" Asked dad

"Just leave it .. poor mother" replied Al

"OK ... I'll pick you up at 9, okay ..." said my father

"Yes ... yeah" replied Boy

They also focus on training which is their first training at SSB UISOP. In the middle of a training session They were asked what their position is in football.

"What is your position?" asked coach eri (UISOP SSB trainer)

"Mmm ... a coach midfielder box to box" replied Al

"If you Boy?" asked coach Eri

"I'm the coach's left-wing," replied Boy

"Okee." Ask coach Eri

After that, they were divided into 2 teams. Team a uses a blue vest and team B uses a red vest. Al and Boy in team B.

After the first half ended the position was 1-0 for team advantage a. both teams were evaluated by coach Eri.

"Al ..." coach Eri called Al

"Yes coach" replied Al

"The coach will provide direction. You should as a Box to Box midfielder have to be able to maintain a balance between attacking and defending. And a Box to Box midfielder like you is very crucial in his role in the transition from attack to defense and from defense to attack, so you have to be more calm, enjoy the game, don't be nervous. Indeed you are new to SSB, I understand that. " Exclaimed coach Eri at length giving direction to Al.

After giving direction to Al coach Eri, he also gave directions to players operating in the wing sector, including Boy.

“Boy… you shouldn't carry the ball yourself for too long. Indeed, your individual skills are good, but football is a team game where there is teamwork, cooperation if you play individually will be difficult to score goals. You understand boy what I mean. " Coach Eri's direction for Boy.

“Reaaady… Coach. I will try it." Boy answered breathlessly

Pritttttt… the second half started. It seems that Al is getting calm in controlling the midfield and the transition between attacking to defending and vice versa is getting better. Likewise, with the Boy, he began to prioritize teamwork and reduce holding the ball too long. As a result, team B finally scored a goal through a good scheme. Starting from the counter-attack Al feeds far forward there is Boy, Boy passes one player beautifully, he sees his friend standing free without anyone to guard, the ball is thrust by Boy to the free-standing striker. It seems that the striker, without anyone guarding the ball, was kicked straight towards the goal of the team a and golll…. the goalkeeper of the team a cannot reach the kick from the team b player, a very good goal, the rabona assist from Boy to the striker changes the position to 1-1

Prittt… Pritt… Pritt… the match ended with the score 1-2 to win the team b. Al's closing goal via the spot in stoppage time sealed victory for team b.

Meanwhile, outside the field, Boy's father and Al's father picked them up, Al and Boy said goodbye to coach Eri to go home.

They shook hands then said

"Coach let's go home first ..." said Boy

"Yes," replied the coach

"Eh coach almost forgot ... what day are you training again, coach?" asked Al

"Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock" answered coach Eri

“Good coach. Thank you, coach. " Said, Al

Al and Boy went home when they got home they were questioned by their mother.

"Where do you look tired," asked the mother

"We went from delivering food to Mr. Andi's house, madam… tired because we were playing bicycles at Mr. Andi's house." Answer Boy

"Ooo ... hurry up and take a shower there!" exclaimed the mother

"Fine ... ma'am" replied Al and Boy with a sense of relief

They both obeyed what mother said. After bathing they wash their clothes and wash their bikes. After that they slept because tonight there will be a North West Derby match where Manchester United will face Liverpool, their bitter enemy.

"Sis, let's take a nap, Sis, tonight MU will play." Said Al

"Who the opponent is," asked Boy

"Liverpool Boy." Answer Al

"You know that's exciting, what time will the kick-off be broadcast on TV?" asked Boy

"At half-past nine Al, broadcast on MNc tv." Answer Boy

"Oh okay let's sleep," Al murmured

The two of them were just about to enter the room and were intercepted by mother ...

"Son, let's eat first ... the food is already prepared, Mother, have your favorite foods too ..." exclaimed the mother.

"Asiiikkkk there is grilled chicken," replied Al happily

They both finally eat first after eating they go to the bedroom. At half-past nine they turned on the television to watch the match between Manchester United vs Liverpool.

"How much do you predict for this match?" asked Boy

"My prediction is 2-0 kak wins MU" replied Al

"If I sii 3-1 deck for the victory of Manchester United," said Boy

The match that went quite fiercely turned out to be won by Manchester United with a score of 3-2, Manchester United's goal was scored by Paul Scholes scoring 1 goal, Ryan Giggs 1 goal, Wayne Rooney 1 goal while 2 goals from Liverpool were bought up by Coutinho who scored a brace in the match. that.

Instantly Al told Boy that he wanted to play in THEATER of DREAMS or OLD TRAFFORD. He wanted to be like Paul Scholes

"Sis I want to be like Paul Scholes and want to play at Old Trafford." dreams of Al

"Me too Al, I want to be a professional football player like Ryan Giggs and I also want to play at Old Trafford." Boy's dream

"Al ... realizing our dreams is quite hard, but in the world, there is nothing that is impossible, therefore we have to practice regularly and if we can increase our own training hours at home, we must work hard to make our wishes come true, and proud of parents and the nation," exclaimed Boy

"Ok sis, I will work hard to realize what I dream of." Answer Al

After that they increase their own portion of practice every morning, coming home from school to make their dreams come true. And also their routine training with SSB UISOP, they continue to improve their own abilities.

Today is Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock they will practice at SSB UISOP. Incidentally, at that time the mother was having a recitation in her neighbor so Al and Boy didn't have to bother looking for excuses. They both rushed to go to the SSB UISOP field.

Arriving at the field, they immediately put on their shoes because the training was about to start.

During the warm-up session, Coach Eri told all UISOP SSB players, including Al and Boy

"Soon there will be a championship at the Batakan Stadium," said Coach Eri

"What date is the championship coach?" Asked one of the SSB players

"On the 12th of this month" replied coach Eri

"Currently, tactical and physical training to prepare for this competition," muttered coach Eri

"Ready ... coach" answered the SSB UISOP players simultaneously

After several days of routine training, SSB UISOP finally competed and won, and won a prize from the competition committee, meanwhile, Al became the best player in the tournament and Boy became the Assist leader, and they both got millions of rupiah in prizes from the tournament committee.

"Alhamdulillah, our SSB is the champion in this tournament." Said Al

"Yes, deck, thank God." Answer boy

"Alhamdulillah too, sis, you got the assist leader, and I became the best player, the money we received from this prize should be put aside for savings, bro." Al murmured

"Yes, sis, but our victory is inseparable from the prayers of our parents, even though the mother doesn't allow us, but Al is sure, sis, if actually, the mother will always wish the best for her child." Said Al at length as he took off the shoes he was wearing

"Yes, bro." Answer Boy

After several years they trained regularly, increased their own training portion, won several tournaments, and became the best players they finally got a scholarship to train at the Manchester United academy.

They also left for Manchester in England. And finally, their mother allowed them to go.

"Mom, we got a scholarship to train at the Manchester United academy," said Boy while showing the invitation certificate.

"Masha Allah, son." Said, mother

"Wh ... why ma'am?" asked Al, stammering a little.

"You are so great that you were invited by the Manchester United academy, I'm proud, son, and I'm sorry, son if you ever forbade you to become a football player." Said the mother with tears

"Alhamdulillah ma'am, we were invited to train at the Manchester United academy thanks to the prayers of mothers and fathers too." Said Boy with a feeling of relief.

"Now we have the permission to go, ma'am ... we want to go to Manchester, wish you the best, ma'am." murmured Al with emotion

"Yes ... kid, you guys be careful, if there is anything, please call mom, I'll miss you." Mother muttered as she wiped the tears flowing down her cheeks

"Yes mom, assalamualaikum." Said Boy and Al permission to go

"Waalaikumsalam." Mother answered

After spending a very long journey their group finally arrived in Manchester, England.

"Alhamdulillah we finally arrived in Manchester safely." Murmured Boy

After arriving in England they went straight to their dormitory to rest because in about 2 weeks there would be a MU soccer school skill test, they both practiced even harder.

"Al, let's practice on our own, right in 2 weeks there will be a skill test," said the boy as he pulled Al's hand to the field

"Come on Boy." Answer Al briefly

Al and Boy continue to improve their physical and technical skills ahead of this skill test, in this skill test Al won the award of "The World Final Skill Test MU Soccer School" as the best student in the academy.

And those who gave the award were not ordinary people but MU club legends

Namely Dennis Irwin. Meanwhile, his older brother won the title as the best skill in this academy.

And after years of training at the Manchester United academy, they finally had the opportunity to be part of the Manchester United U-21 team and at the end of the season they became champions, and again and again, Al became the best player while Boy became the player with the most assists in the league.

2 years later that dream finally came true, after years of hard work they both had the opportunity to be part of the Manchester United first team.

And they can get closer to the Manchester United players they really idolize. They both bowed in gratitude for what they had achieved and they did not forget the prayers of their parents.


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Dreams must come true if you put all your efforts. 2 things focus and belief can lead you to the succession of your dream . Great post

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