The Village Flower Snare

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The woman is so graceful and beautiful Her beautiful eyes always melt the heart of any man. Moreover, combined with the gleam in every corner of the eye. Feeling drawn to enter the realm on the other side. No one could resist that gaze.

I'm still stunned to see him from afar. The straight, flowing black hair was splashed by the clear water of the river. Her head seemed to be swinging in time with the movement of the hand that raised and lowered the laundry clothes. I couldn't move my legs to look at the woman's back.

That's what I saw on Tini's face. The figure of a woman who becomes the village flower. Village flower because of its natural beauty. She is famous for her gaze and winks. All the men in this village know who cooled down when they met Tini.

As I am a normal man. I feel like them too. Myself as if bewitched by the charm of her eyes. Always imagine a beautiful glare every time Tini passed by me yesterday. My eyes incessantly trailed her body until it sank behind the road boundary. I can't turn away from that charm. Really attractive.

But my mind is still sane. Everyone knows who Tini is. Village flowers are full of thorns. Lots of rumors about him. Various stories from neighbors are always different every time I hear them. One said this, the other argued with it. One tells the story, plus this. Nothing is clear. All just boasting lips full of jealousy.

Jealous and envious. That's what I caught from the neighbors. Mothers who were upset because their husband flirted with Tini. Village girls who are jealous of her beauty are nothing compared to Tini's beauty. I have to admit that nothing compares to Tini's beauty in this village. Even a village girl one level below Tini, her beauty did not meet half of Tini's beauty. So you can guess how fragrant this flower is, so many bees and beetles are scattered around it.

I'm one of those beetles. For a moment I was still standing stupid in this place. Not blinking continues to be glued to the beautiful woman's body. If only she had turned to me. Surely my heart will soon fall out right away.

It was not in vain that I waited. It took me two hours waiting for those eyes to come to me. I can see him smiling. White and neat teeth tugged and that was for me. Time seemed to stop spinning.

"Tini, for the second time you gave me that smile," I sighed

I don't know what moved these legs to get closer. Without realizing it I was standing right in front of her. Now I can see that beautiful, graceful face up close. It is truly the beauty of God that is second to none. I want to stare at that face for long.

"What's the matter, Mas, why are you stunned," suddenly the voice startled me.

Realizing what I was doing in front of him, I immediately fixed myself and my soul. Trying to act normal. I still respect her. I won't show the black mind that repeatedly tries to enter. I tried to ward off the dark shadow.

"No, nothing. Oh yeah why alone in the river. Usually with Bi Sumi, "I said.

Either it was usual, or that's her temper. She always preceded him with a gleam in those beautiful eyes. Again, I was required to hold back and not act stupid. I'm a gentleman, I told myself.

“Bi Sumi happened to be at the market again. I was forced to myself. But isn't there Mas here, "answered Tini.

Again, the voice played a sweet tantrum for the soul. "Don't you just erase your charm for a second," I said to myself. Feeling forced to open the veil of the world behind that beautiful face.

"You could be. I better take you home. It's not good standing here. Moreover, just alone together, "I said quickly.

I immediately turned around. Tini silently followed my body. Now we have walked together. She has been by my side. The cobblestone streets felt soft on the feet. This is the charm I get when I'm near him.

Me and Tini are old friends. We used to play together a lot in our childhood. Joking as if he didn't care about strange relationships between human children. We played as if there was no tomorrow. Running along the river while looking for shrimp trapped behind the rock. Or dig around the water to get clear water. That's the world I lived between me and Tini before.

But life doesn't have to end like it. I have to move to follow my parents. We were apart for a long time. And years have not seen each other. I no longer hear from him. Is she still in the village or has she migrated like other young people?

All those years were missed. Tini is different now from before. She became a topic of discussion among the villagers. I, who just arrived yesterday, was touched to see him immediately. Everything passed so quickly that yesterday I accidentally bumped into him while going to the river.

Since that quick meeting. That view haunts my night. I was ensnared by the charm of her eyes. That beauty is like dancing in my dream. Until the morning, a strong desire pushed me to return to the river. Would love to see him.

"When will you return to town?" she asked, fixing the sling on his back.

She walked hand in hand with me. Even though I have tried to speed up the footsteps. But still, it feels slow. Strange, why suddenly took so long to go home.

“Plan for next week. After the grandmother got better. I'm back in town, "I replied at once.

The world sure is slow. I do not think, Tini was able to spend time with the charm of her beauty. I don't feel myself anymore. I am a man who has been deceived by her. But I like it. I'm not trying to refuse.

“Surely Mas has heard people say about me. I'm not a good woman. I am a poisonous flower. Don't you worry about dying in my hands, "she said.

Suddenly I felt the breeze blowing against my body. The cold penetrates through the skin pores. The last sentence of his words caught me in a trance. "Die in my hand," my head repeated the words. It was strange that I was carried away by every word Tini said.

"What do you mean? You are so strange, how could a beautiful woman like you kill people. Your gem arms can't even hold the sword. Moreover, cutting the head, "I said while glancing at the white open arms. Very grateful and very elegant.

"Mas this could be. I feel bad. Can Mas help bring my clothes? It feels afternoon, "asked Tini.

She swiftly thrust his sling towards me. I immediately accepted it. The smell of the wet clothes pierced my nose. Now I can see him walking upright.

Tini at shoulder level. Just below the neck. The black hair was still left loose. Water splatter still stuck there. Again I was lulled by the beauty of him. The plump and graceful body provoked black thoughts in my mind.

"What do I think about him?" I said to myself. I cursed myself who could not stop myself from seeing that beautiful body.

Once again I was drowned by the charm of that natural beauty. "Tini why are you making me nervous," I sighed softly.

"What did you hear about me from the villagers?" she said.

She walked in rhythm and gracefully. I followed her beside her. I thought of putting together the words to answer that question. So beautiful, that's the first word written in my head.

“Mas why are you stunned. Please answer my question. What do you know about Tini from the people here, "she insisted.

She could not wait for an answer that somehow it was very difficult to get out of this mouth. There was a sense of pity that prevented me from speaking. I don't want to see that beautiful face bowed gloomily.

'I'm confused Tini. They say you are a seductive woman. Always flirt with the boys. But I wonder if you really got married. I mean has any man been your husband. Because as far as I know, you live with Bi Sumi. Just the two of you in your house, "I replied curiously.

She turned to me and smiled. "I'd love to tell you. Like the old days. You always play and don't hesitate to be by my side, ”said Tini.

She looked away again. Her eyes were fixed on the shrubs that grew neatly by the side of the road.

"What do you mean? I don't understand, "I replied.

I heard the wind blow against the fallen leaves to the ground. The faint stream of the river could be heard from a distance and began to disappear. My eyes caught a bird perched on a tree branch. A squeaky sound escaped from the tiny beak.

"Myself is full of misfortunes, Mas," said Tini starting her story. “I am no longer considered human by them. They think I'm just a bitch animal. I looked strong on the outside with a fake smile, but my heart was fragile and torn. I cried in my heart to hear their assessment of me. I'm not human. I am a killing beast, ”she continued.

The soft voice had moved on with grunts and sobs. Tini changed instantly. There are no more beautiful eyes there. There was only sadness mingled with tears that were almost dripping. The snare's glance had been replaced by a sadly wilted wink. I am surprised by the changes in him.

"They are evil Mas. They really have the heart to tear my heart. The derisive voices made a whirring noise in my ears. This ear almost broke. It's all because of them. They are bad, ”burst into tears and we stopped at the side of the road.

I lowered the sling. My body approaches him. I did not realize that my hand had gripped her long fingers. She cried in front of me.

"Lord what should I do," I asked myself.

Between compassion and desire mingled into one. I did not care about the black anxiety roaring in my head. My heart moved to rest her head on my shoulder.

The beautiful hair is now dangling on my body. Her body smelled thick. I heard his sobs grow louder.

"Calm down. No need to worry. I am always by your side, ”at once the words just flowed out.

I'm no longer immersed in the charm of her beauty, but wrapped in sadness in her heart. "You're not as bad as they say," I said soothingly.

Tini's fingers gripped my hand tighter. Now he no longer leaned back but hugged me. I was silent to see her behavior. Instinct, desire, and feeling fought in my body. My instincts to protect him from adversity. The hidden desire that tries to get out wild. Feelings of wanting to touch a sad heart.

"Never mind Tini, no need to worry. You don't care what they say. They don't really know you. Why don't you try to stay away from this village? Maybe the new atmosphere makes you forget all the bitter memories from the past, "I said. I hugged him back. In fact, doubt still surrounds me.

"But Mas, no one is willing to accept me. I'm just an inanimate, lifeless thing. I'm just a bully. I've been wanting to end this life for a long time. However, Bi Sumi always makes me tough, ”she said between the tears that slowly subsided. Now only a small sob was heard muffled from his mouth.

Tini lifted her face and looked at me. Our eyes met. Meaningful sparks reflected in each other's eyes. I just feel that way. Did she experience the same thing? I can only guess.

"Does Mas see myself dirty?" a hoarse voice escaped those lips. "I'm sure Mas is still normal. Do Mas see me as they see about me, about this body, about these eyes? " the story was interrupted hoarsely from Tini's lips.

I was confused by the question. I wanted to answer honestly, but my instincts rebelled.

"Come on, I'm sorry. Really there is no point in underestimating yourself. I just want to help carry your burden. Is there anything I can do to ease the suffering of your heart? " again discordant words came out of my mouth.

Tini escapes from my body. She stared at my eyes closed. "Mas lying. Mas just like them. I can tell by the sound of your beating heart. A beat is full of lust ready to pounce on prey. Isn't that how you feel? Don't lie to me, ”Tini shouted. Those eyes were no longer sad, no longer full of charm, but burning wildly.

Sadness mingled with anger now comes to this beautiful, graceful body. Her hair was getting loose. Tini seemed to change for the second time. She is no longer the same when held in my arms.

"What happened to you?" I said to myself.

"What are you saying, Tini. I really can't be honest about you. I'm not lying to you. I just hesitated to see you. You're confusing my judgment. You are sweet and weary, then change for a moment to become fragile with tears slicing hearts. Then suddenly you stood up full of anger. What do you really want? Is honesty from my heart? " I shouted in front of him.

I admit I couldn't bear to be angry about his attitude, but resentment made me scream at him.

"Answer my question Tini," I said softly. I dare to grab those tapered fingers.

"Why are you like this. Explain to me. Tell me all. I'll hear it well. As we used to do. Trust me, "I again voice softly. I tried to relax the fingers that looked stiffened by the embers of anger.

Tini was silent. The breath that came out could be heard grunting. She was still filled with anger. Slowly he felt something move in his hand. She looked at my hand trying to calm that beautiful body. She replied with a loud jolt.

“It's enough if Mas wants to hear my explanation, why should you wait for me by the river. Why should you look at me while washing? Why to meet me when I'm alone? " she exclaimed.

“Aren't you the same as other men? Aren't you aware of your gaze while tracing my body by the river? You don't really want to hear the description of my heart, ”she shouted again, though stifled with sobs.

"Okay, I admit what you are accusing. I do think black about you. I have another purpose for meeting you. I'm honest it happened since I met you yesterday, "I replied immediately.

"Now I understand. Why do you change so easily. I'm getting to know you. Tini is now different from my memories. I want to know Tini who is now standing in front of me. Can that opportunity be given to me? " I continued, trying to arrange my heart.

I was wrong in facing the mysterious woman in front of me. She is no longer the girl I know.

Lonely silence adorns our standing imprinted. Slowly a change appeared in him. She showed those beautiful eyes once again. A small smile appeared on his lips. I was surprised this time. It was a smile that got entangled. Why can it come back for me?

"If you really want to know me. Come with me, "a wave of her hand pulled me to follow her.

Tini turned around and continued her journey. No more tear marks on her cheeks. There was no gloom that could lean on my shoulder. Tini immediately became a beautiful and elegant idol woman.

Beauty that soothes my soul again. "What is this?" I asked myself. I'm just drifting into a game. I was stunned, then felt sorry, then covered in wrong, until I was again fascinated. Like sitting on a swing. While I was under to slide upwards, suddenly fell back.

But that all did not reduce my admiration for him. Tini walked slowly. I followed her steps from behind. I no longer stand beside him. I was stuck to follow the beauty of that body. My eyes seemed to fly through Tini's body.

"Where are you going, Tin," I asked suddenly. It's strange that I don't recognize the path I'm currently taking. Feels unfamiliar with tall and big trees. Sunlight was imprinted between the umbrella leaves. The sound of birds is getting cheerful. Sounds chaotic and chaotic.

Tini is still silent. Walking not turning around as if my presence was just a reflection of her. Strange sounds began to be heard above the big trees. I lifted my head. There is nothing there. Only birds jump from branch to branch.

"Tin, wait a minute. Where do you want to take me? " this time I screamed a little.

She remained calm and silent. Walking steadily as if not hearing my call. Strangely, I continued to follow Tini from behind. Apparently, this oddity has landed on my body. Suddenly I felt cold on the soles of my feet. I haven't seen the dirt road before. There are only small stones neatly arranged and bounded by large stones the size of a fist.

The big trees are not there anymore. Only seen a grassy garden with a few flower plants. This road cut through the park to the small hill on the other side. You can see the sunlight shining from behind the hill.

I was overcome with anxiety. Something unusual happened here. My eyes continued to see the left and right side of the road. Rose plants dominate this garden. There were a few other flowers but not as many as the rose. The rose was in bloom and its fragrance was carried away by the wind. I can smell that rose.

Suddenly I stumbled when I was not aware that I was at the top of the hill. It turned out that the hill was just a cliff edge. There is a deep gulf behind it. I can't see the bottom of the abyss. Darkness is covered there.

"Where is this? I don't know this place? " I muttered instantaneously. I turned towards the garden. I did not meet the figure of Tini who had brought me here.

“Tin .. Tini… Tini… where are you? I shouted for her. I swept the entire garden and there was no single figure other than myself.

I began to feel scared. Afraid something happened to Tini. Afraid because I don't know this place. I did not see the stone path that I was passing by. Completely disappeared. I obviously couldn't go home because I didn't know where to go. Fear escalated again.

"Mas want to know me," faintly from a distance heard Tini's soft voice calling me.

"Come where are you?" I screamed.

“Don't be afraid, Mas. I will give you a chance to get to know me. You will be in my heart. Like other men who have a desire for me, ”the voice was heard from all around. From the front, back, side, across, to the bottom of the cliff. The voice moved around me.

"Why be afraid. Doesn't Mas like me. Look over there. I am waving for you, "the voice entered my head again.

Suddenly I turned across the cliff. The figure of a woman could be seen vaguely. "You're there Tini," I shouted back. I wiped her eyes many times to make sure she was Tini.

"Yes Mas, come here. I want to hug you. We will unite to fulfill the soul's desire. I like you, "the voice there sounded very clear.

No doubt about it, I believe it is Tini. "Wait for me there," I shouted.

With passionate passion, I jumped over the abyss. The wind blows hard from behind my body. I feel my head spinning fast. My arms are hanging irregularly. I saw the light getting dimmer to a dot. No longer heard the breath spur the desire.

"Tin ... Tini ... Tini ..."

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