The street is my home

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Pim pim piiimmm. The usual noise was heard on city streets. Dust, smoke, pollution all mixed up. The atmosphere became stuffy and very hot. Garbage can still be seen on the sides of the road. The red light is on. The children scattered into the street. Some wore small guitars and others carried bottle caps arranged in such a way that they could accompany the songs they sang. Stop and sing at every car door. Not yet finished their song a few coins in hand. Then they looked down as a sign of gratitude. The green light flashed, they immediately pulled over to the side of the road.

The children scattered with their respective goals. His name is also a street child, always roaming the streets all day long. The two boys wearing small merchandise were not as busy as the children earlier. It was fun hanging out on the long roadside bench. Worse yet, the two of them were absorbed in sucking their skirt without the slightest guilt. Even though they are still small. Most recently at the age of 6 elementary school. The two joking and just staring at the road. Then from the right they walked hurriedly a girl wearing a white and blue uniform with a bag on her back. His style looked shabby and walked over to the two children.

"Hehh! We! Who told you to hang out here! " he shouted and beat the two children.

“What's this, you guys smoke? You stupid! You naughty! You want to die, don't you! " the girl grabbed the skirt from the hands of the two children.

"Ouch, it hurts ..." groaned the two children. The girl grabbed the children's arms and dragged them along. The children did not stop moaning in pain.

They stopped in front of a building almost destroyed. Patched with makeshift ingredients. The building was used as a residence for the street children. Apparently the girl was very angry with the two boys. His round eyes indicated that he was very angry.

"Why don't you work?"

"We work. We're taking a break. I'm really tired of going around to the terminal. "

"Only just arrived at the terminal claiming to be tired, take a break first. Huh! Don't be spoiled! You guys just want the taste. Tired of complaining a little. What the hell. Then, who told you to smoke? Huh? " the two boys looked down. No one wants to speak up.

"Why not answer?!" the boy was silent for a moment. “You guys are still young. You know what. If you just fuck with the same, you wanna die! Know! Where did you spend the money to buy that skirt? From the results of your sales? Yes? I already said, all your results are saved! For you to go to school later! Not for snacks! Especially for buying a * k skirt! You guys! have you been listening to my talk all this time? " the boy sighed for a moment. The two boys remained silent.

"I warn you once again. If tomorrow you are still smoking again, watch out for you! Want to be caught by the police? Huh ?! Get in there! "

The girl who was growing up was named Putri. He is currently in the 8th grade of junior high school. A beautiful child but with a firm and tough nature. There is only one hope that this time, he can continue school and the street children whom he thinks are his younger siblings can go to school like him. So from that he seemed very harsh to them. They have to move forward, it is impossible for them to live on the road forever.

He has been living on the street for almost 10 years. There's no way not to feel bored. Especially in such a difficult environment. not to mention the threat whenever they could be caught by the police. As the oldest child, Putri is responsible. Did what he should do to his younger siblings. In that small place, he lives with 5 other children. They are all still elementary school children.

Tonight, it's time for Putri to prepare a potluck meal. Rice with a side dish of an omelette divided by five. It's used to the Princess having to eat without side dishes.

"You don't mess around, OK? If you have to work, then work. Don't think about anything else. You don't have to try. If you have to polish it, just polish it. If you have to ngasong, yes ngasong. You have to sell, sell. Apart from what I ordered, don't do anything else. Especially you! Didit, Oni! If you try again tomorrow, I don't care if you die on the street! Understand?" Putri's advice that sounded very firm to the children. Putri just doesn't want the children to fall into things that are not good.

"Yes ..." they replied in unison.

The next morning, they were each prepared. Arranging his hawkers. The polish tools. As well as selling the cakes. Yes, Putri didn't teach them to sing or beg like other children. Even though the results weren't much, it was enough to teach them to work hard. Meanwhile, Putri herself goes to school from morning to afternoon, after that she has to work as a porter transporting flour at the market.

This afternoon, Putri did not find Didit and Onni selling where she usually passed by. They don't even exist in their house. Suddenly a mother he used to meet at the market came.

"Put .. Didit and Onni were caught by the police .. !!" the mother said breathlessly. Putri panicked. He thought hard and worried.

"Thanks, thump." he said. He then ran without having time to change his clothes first.

Sure enough the police station is full of street people. But Putri has not found Didit and Onni. Apparently they were sitting in front of the police chief. Why are you wondering?

"What are you doing in that place? You guys party there too? Where did you get? " asked the police officer repeatedly. Didit, Onni, with the bandits. Annoying naughty, naughty kids.

"We don't use drugs, sir. We just played… rested .. ”said Didit, shaking. Hah? Nark * ba? So they were accused of binge drinking?

“But you guys are also smoking! Is that all? "

"Sorry, Sir. So you accuse this child of a drug party? ” Putri said interrupting the tension.

"Who are you again? Go there if you don't have to! So disturbing!"

"I am their brother, sir."

"Oh really? Then you also joined the party? "

"I told you they don't party on drugs, sir. How do you know if they are party drugs? "

"Heh! It had been their nest for a long time. The children also saw it themselves. Not satisfied plus smoking. " said the police officer, pointing to the bandits. Princess is really annoyed. Son of a liar. They must have made it up to harm Didit and Onni.

"So you believe what they say? Shouldn't all be accompanied by evidence, sir? Then if they really do use drugs, why are they okay until now? Aren't drug users always being weird? They are not users, sir. The kids are lying! They accuse other people, even though they did it themselves, sir! "

"Hey! He's lying, sir! " denied the wayward children were staggering.

"What? You guys are lying! It's obvious that you guys are used to it! Look, sir! They go crazy like that. "

"Heh! Liar, sir. He's the accuser! "

“Yes! Already! " snapped the police officer, pounding the table. “This is the police station! Don't make a fuss! ” a moment later all became silent.

"Okay. Later you will join the shelter. "

"The two of them too, sir?"

"Of course!"

"But they are not buskers or beggars like the others, sir. They are selling. Not a beggar, sir. " Princess protested.

"The same. They are wayward street children. Little kids are smoking. Just wait for you to be transferred later. " The policeman leaves. It seems dizzy to face the children.

"Sir, I beg you. They are my younger siblings, sir. " Putri held the police pack's hand. then he knelt down. Didit and Onni, who had been silent because of fear, were shocked. "Don't take them, sir. I will take responsibility for them. I will punish them if they dare to be naughty again, dare to smoke again, sir. I beg you to believe in me, sir. I'm in school, sir. Look at my uniform. You believe in me. " Unexpectedly, the Princess shed tears. The policeman looked at the uniform worn by the Princess.

Didit and Onni walked slowly. Stepping following the Princess who had been silent. They both looked down speechless. Their worn faces, their shabby clothes covered in dust made them even more miserable. Princess suddenly turned her eyes to glare sharply at the two children.

"You guys are really naughty, really. I have to do it so you guys understand. " Princess hold back her anger. Ran into this far from simple house.

Princess is still silent tonight. Tomorrow's a day off, so the Princess is a little indifferent to lessons. Sitting looking at the sky to unwind today on a small bench in front of the house. Didit and Onni timidly approached the Princess sitting beside him. The princess turned away still not wanting to see them.

"Sorry, Sis. We were wrong. Sis Putri can punish us. " finally Didit spoke.

"Yes bro. We are naughty. We were afraid to make Sis Putri cry. We will work hard from now on. We will be diligent in selling. We can also help Ms. Putri in the market. We want to go to school too. " Onni added convincingly. The princess turned towards them.

"Brother? This is the first time I heard you call me that. "

"We are sister, sis Putri, right?" Putri just ruffled the hair of the two children. Didit and Onni were happy that they managed to apologize to Putri.

Today the Princess's face lit up. He walked happily with the luggage in his hand. The children greeted him in surprise. Ask what he brought. School uniform apparently. Happy children having fun. They are happy that it seems that soon they will be able to go to school.

Starting from today, their schedule changes. They go to school in the morning until noon, only in the afternoon they return to work. Princess can smile happily. Yes, everything is sure that nothing is impossible. Now what he wants that he thought was only a wishful thinking can come true. If we want, we can do it.

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