The Spider Family Story

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There was a spider living in our dining table lamp. At first, they were just two of them. Not long after, there were two small spiders living with them. Dea doesn't know how spiders have a family, but Dea always thinks it's a spider family. There are papa, mama, and their children.

This spider family is very industrious. Every night, the Whale and Dea saw them spinning the net. It works fast and the net is neat. There are small insects that catch them and become their food every day.

One morning, just as Whale and Dea were having breakfast, a blue insect flew into their nest. As fast as a ninja, the blue insect broke into the spider's web and disappeared. Not long after that, the Whale and Dea saw him sneaking between the cracker jars while carrying flies.

"Hah? That thief? " asked Dea half in disbelief.

"Yes. Thief. The flies come from spider webs, ”responded the Whale, looking at the tattered cobweb. The spider family itself was still nearby, but all of them moved to the edge of the lampshade because they could no longer hang on the web.

"What kind of insect is that?" asked Dea.

"Wasp," said the Whale. "But I don't know the type. I'll look for it later. "

After googling, the Whale found out that there was a Wasp family who was indeed criminals. There are those who can make cockroaches like "addicted to drugs", there are also those who can "hypnotize" other insects so that they can surrender themselves and can be gnawed to death.

But there is not much information on a metallic blue wasp. It turned out that he was not a parasitic wasp because he did not suck and kill his victims. Until now we still don't know exactly what kind of wasp he was. Maybe a "wasp (was against thieves)" type.

But one thing for sure, since that day we realized that the Wasp came every day. Thieves are routine for the spider family. Every night, the spider family embroiders a web with great care. But in the morning, as soon as the net was filled, wasp came to rob. Even though they are always thorny, spiders never give up. Dea remembers the children's song “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and realizes that spiders are that persistent.

One night, the Whale spotted one of the spiders on the lampshade coming down and made a web between the jars of our dining table.

"Why is he making a net here?" asked the whale.

"Maybe he was bored with theft, so he moved locations," said Dea casually.

"In fact, making a net here is more dangerous, you know. Lizards can come here. "

"Yes, yes, but how do you think about it?"

After deliberating, we finally decided to let the spider make a web on our dining table.

The next morning, the spider was not on the web. We immediately assumed that the spider was eaten by a lizard.

"Never mind natural balance. Lizards also need to eat, "said the Whale.

"But I'm sad. Maybe it's daddy or mama spider. He's looking for a better livelihood for his family, taking risks. In fact, he died, ”said Dea, looking at the lampshade.

Accompanied by the glow of a bulb competing with the morning sun, three spiders hung around the web. If they are a family, spider children are already orphans or orphans. The spider family has not managed to live a better life, even losing one of its members. Metallic blue wasp will come again to rob as usual.

Hearing Dea's story in earnest, the Whale was sad too. After all, for some time the spider family has become part of our daily life. Even though we never talked to the spider family and Dea never gave names to the four of them, it turns out that they share a personal dining room every day, making the four of them like family members.

In the afternoon, just as I was watching the vines that were starting to grow again in our territory net, the Whale suddenly called out to Dea.

"The spider that was still there!"

Where? Where do you know that he is? "

“In our house, this type of spider is just them. It turns out that he made a nest here, ”said the whale, pointing at the spider that was making a nest among the thick vines.

We photograph the spider with joy. He survived! If he is really doing an expedition for a better life for his family, this story is a happy ending and full of hope.

The cycle returns to square one. Our bald vines are starting to grow thick again. Since a few days ago, the Tirumala limniace butterflies have spawned again in the vines. The spider family, who doesn't give up on the situation, starts a new life. Whale and Dea also felt restarted for many things.

Actually, the four spiders that have lived in our lampshade may or may not be family. Some of the perceptions that make up this story may be.

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