The Red Bridge

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The sun is never wrong, never wrong, never missed. The heat was telling the entire bridge that when night fell the color had to turn black. Jet black. So that no eyes can see. The red bridge of protest,

"There is a boy who is only able to meet his family at night."

Like a king, the sun does not allow. It's just that he gave a condition when the boy had grown up to meet the darkness with his family. The red bridge asked,

"How do I know if the boy is still small or grown?" Give your great question, Red Bridge.

The Red Bridge asked back,

"Wouldn't he lie?" No, that's why I only gave the brat's meeting time when he was growing up. Once again the Red Bridge asked,

"But, will he cross the bridge again when he starts growing up?" As the dusk began to set, there was no answer.


The little boy really likes to play hide and seek. Even his father was overwhelmed when looking for him. Finally they will meet in a neighbor's cage. The boy doesn't have many friends because his parents have migrated to another island. Even though there are many small children around him. I do not know maybe he will have to adjust even longer.

Once upon a time he played with his friends, when he came home at the door he sobbed. Like losing candy, his mother came hugging and holding her, wiping her tears.

His mother asked what was wrong coming home with sadness, he answered but it was not clear. His clothes were wet, soaked in mud, he seemed to have played in the fields. A few minutes later he held out his left hand, saw his tiny fingers. His mother looked closely, seemed to be smiling at his champion.

Finally his mother understood why he was crying, the reason was that there was a thorn in his little thumb. His mother immediately took the oil and then rubbed it on his fingers so that the embedded thorn was easy to remove.

Unlike his friends, it was easy to remove the thorn while playing. They will not cry because they are embarrassed to be seen by other friends. He said, his friends had often been hit by thorns and even had been bitten by a snake. The little boy kept on chattering after the thorns were taken by his mother. When night fell he immediately fell asleep in the living room and then carried his father into the room, that's his habit after a day of playing.


After the father returned from the fields, the little boy immediately called him. Asked if you brought gifts for him, and as usual, he just carried the boy on his shoulders and sing together.

"Father, are you love mother?".

The second simple question for the father that the boy asked him every day. Father only nodded slightly and answered yes, seriously.

Seconds changed to minutes, minutes to hours, starting in the evening before the little boy was invited to take a walk with his mother to the night market. He said he would buy cotton candy in the form of balloons, toy cars, and hats with pictures.

The mother smiled happily to see that he was happy, the mother only hoped that the boy would grow up perfectly. Father at home did not accompany him. He wore his best clothes, and he held his mother's hand excitedly.

He had not yet reached the night market, when he almost crossed the red bridge, he was stunned, his heart suddenly sad. Pretending to be cold, he immediately hugged his mother. One minute, two minutes, five minutes are just released and they are walking through the clock all night. The days passed without him knowing it - the red bridge was worn out. He smiled....


The boy had grown up, to perfection. In the big city he grew up to be a businessman, his mother and father still lived in a house near the rice fields. They didn't want to interfere with the boy's performance.

Boys, are still children for their mothers and fathers, and they are happy even though the boy has never come home for 10 years. He has become independent thanks to his thin brain. He still remembers his father's mother so he always sends some money for them.

The boy had also offered his mother to live with him, he certainly offered his father too. As a result, they politely declined the boy's offer.

Not felt, mother was very old because of her age. After several months, he passed away to His lap. Father followed a year later - could not afford to be left by mother because she longed to meet him.


The boy was silent for a moment, took a deep breath, and then sighed immediately. He almost got lost to the house of the mother and father. He didn't memorize it until a red bridge offered him a hint. Previously he got a strange question from the bridge,

"If flower buds never bloom, will the stems, leaves, roots still love them, poor boy?"

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Did the boy able to answer the question if the red bridge?

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