The optimistic about cryptocurrencies

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It's too early to say whether the crypto market will collapse. Even though the harsh reality is that during this time of year, especially bitcoin, has lost more than 60% and the token market has also been impacted by trillions of dollars of decline. Some are pessimistic, some are skeptical and some are still optimistic.

Worries and doubts are natural for every crypto supporter who may not be used to playing on the crypto scene. However, some will take the opportunity at this moment of significant decline to wait for the peak of the increase to arrive which is expected to occur after 2024 halving later. Which means taking a long-term phase to be able to feel the results later. Moreover, the possibility of a high price or bull run coming can be predicted in the year after the halving happens in 2025.

Crypto supporters may also want to do the same thing. But still, this doesn't apply the same, of course, especially among the funders outside the crypto whales group. Because for them they are still thinking about the current and future economic conditions. Inflation conditions, which we hope will not cause a recession, must think about secure financial conditions to be able to get through this period that has not yet improved. Maybe it is more appropriate to think about the existence of a household kitchen so that it can still steam every day rather than thinking about buying and holding it as a long-term investment.

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Indeed, if we follow what we want, of course, we really want to be able to do the same thing as the crypto whales. It doesn't have to be a lot, but at least there is some orange when the Bullrun happens later I can also feel the hypoxia that happens like during the previous bull run. And this is a view from a price point of view only. If studied from other problems, such as progress in the following years, of course, it will be an added value for crypto developments following the progress of the times. Such as facilities, and the quality will certainly be different from the previous period.

Not to mention the problem of blockchain technology which of course will experience rapid progress in the future, an added value for the future of crypto in the future. This means it's not right to say that crypto winter in 2022, which is the worst crypto winter as long as crypto goes, has become a public view of the language of the destruction of the crypto world. There is still a lot of optimism that can be taken and seen as a benchmark for the actual existence of crypto.

And for sure!, we cannot forget that the bad events that occurred were part of the impact of the decline in crypto this year. As happened with Terra Luna and the FTX scandal. Or add other negative sentiments from theft or break-in problems in the cracks that have hurt many projects lately. But once again where there is an incident there must be a lesson. This means returning to the context previously described, that advances in the conditions of the crypto stage improve and close damaging loopholes, adding innovation and crypto orientation increasingly make crypto a safe and promising investment in the future.

However, for the record, even if you want to take it as a flashback to the crypto cycle, it is possible that you will be able to see in May next year the sustainability of crypto in 2023. So that the concern about the word left behind may still be felt, if you have capital outside of the main capital or basic needs of course. And it is also possible that the price purchased will not be the same as at present, possibly a little higher than the current phase.

As an important note, this is not advice that must be followed, because this is just a personal opinion, mistakes can happen. And keep in mind that neither advertise existing cryptocurrencies as a good investment. Because all risks are borne by each of us. There is no intention to laugh like most other influencers. This is just a personal view that is poured for an article.

It's natural to give birth to pessimistic, optimistic, and skeptical phases in crypto. Nevertheless, this is my optimism for cryptocurrencies in the future.


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