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The Mystery of Time

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1 month ago

The happiest things in this world are where a human being has love, love for someone we care about, love for family, and love for ourselves. I myself have felt the beauty of love when I first met a beautiful girl who is now a life partner.

It has been approximately 3 years that we have lived in a family called the household, we have a beautiful 8-month-old girl who is cute. We named her the princess heroine. She is so beautiful and adorable that I myself can't stand being out of the house for long. But even so, sometimes I was indifferent to them. How could I not, I spend time together with my family outside the house, I do everything for my own sake.

Until one day, at that time I was sitting while reading a book about philosophy while facing the bedroom window. That day was an empty day without a schedule, I think there's nothing wrong with filling the void by reading a book.

The more seconds I was dissolved in the decorative words that were strung up in the book I read. Increasingly attached and strong. In the book written 'Life is a family of the time, you can not be separated from it, you can even enter into the space of time without limits and without you knowing it, you are already there!' It is difficult to understand, but the more I deepen the contents of the book. that, my level of understanding deepened and continued deep down the holes of light in my brain. Remembering past shadows that were full of joyful, annoying things, there were also those that felt very ridiculous if I thought about it now. This is the future that I used to think about, now I am here, in this future, with the family that I have loved for life with deep happiness enveloped. In between the reflections, suddenly a voice called out, it seemed that it was not a strange sound to my ears.

"Jack…? Jeky…? ” my father called me.

"Yes Dad, what's wrong?" welcome my answer with a question back.

"What are you doing, kid?" he approached while holding my right shoulder who was seriously reading a book.

I closed the book on the next page slowly and I answered.

"No. Well, I'm just reading a book again".

“What book are you reading? It is inappropriate for a young man to shut himself up in a room ”.

Instantly I greet my father's words with a smile.

"What the heck? Well, I'm already married, I already have a wife and already have children. That… father's son-in-law and grandson ”.

Instantly my father looked surprised with a frown on his forehead as if to raise a big question for him. Soon he said.

“Son… Father knows and understands what you say and how you feel. Forgive my father for forbidding you to have anything to do with that girl. Parents are always afraid that something unexpected happens. But now and onwards Dad will no longer forbid you to have anything to do with that girl because it's your right and you believe you can take care of yourself and your family's good name, you will understand that ”.

Actually, I am a really good listener, the proof is that my Indonesian language scores in high school always got above average, but even so this time I really didn't understand what Dad said. Why can you say that?

"Son ... why are you stunned?" Continue he asked.

"Dad, why do you say that?" Asked my amazement to Dad.

“You didn't understand what your father said earlier? What do you not understand? " In return, he asked me.

The more I don't really understand what we are talking about. But I try to find a bright spot from the short chat.

"Father said earlier, Father will not forbid me to date that girl anymore, actually you mean 'That girl' who?"

Father rubbed his face which was already slightly wrinkled.

"Who else if not your boyfriend Rani"

My turn to be surprised this time. It was not because of Father's words that confused me, but my father's memory which I felt was almost gone, whether Amnesia or maybe ...

"You are blank again". My father interrupted my shackling thought. I think this should be clarified with a little brief explanation of my status in the family.

“Father, I am married to Rani. In fact, I already have a daughter whom you named Putri Srikandi. My father was the one who witnessed my marriage 3 years ago. What's wrong with this dad? Dad, have you gone senile? "

"Hehe he ... What's wrong with you son, you can't stand to marry that girl?" He asked again to make me cornered in confusion.

"Yes, I have to go to the office. Father was waited on by colleagues at my office, there was something to talk about my job there.

My father is increasingly rushing to leave my position in the chat that does not meet the bright spot. My heart trembled with question marks, What did you mean earlier?

I didn't feel like I was locked up in the room for about 2 hours with a new friend, namely a book. Remembering what my father said, it reminded me of my wife and son who were previously in the house. I also rushed out of the room to confirm something.

"Rani ... Ran ... Rani ...!" no answer at all.

"Princess ... Hey ... where is your father's kid ...?!, Ran ... Rani ..., hey, where are you?

Suddenly someone answered from the kitchen of the house.

"What is it Jeky, who are you calling?" my mother's voice was clear

"No, Mom ... I called Rani and Putri, where are they?"

Soon Mother approached me with a face full of questions.

“Who is Jek? Rani, Putri, who are they? "

"Oh my God, what's wrong with you? Mom and Dad today It's weird. Rani and Putri are our families, they are my wife and my son, Mom, you forgot! "

“Don't mess with you Jek, you are not married, how could you have a wife, let alone children. You kids today, you think you can support your wife and child. Supporting yourself is not necessarily possible ”.

What my mother said this time was more shocking than what my father said. I feel like a fool or even more than just crazy. But I feel sane, I still remember Father and Mother, Son and Wife, everything. I can still remember everything. I stared around the house, I thought someone could give an answer to my surprise.

Instantly my gaze fixed on several objects in the middle of my house that looked different from usual. With a loud tone, I said to Mother who was cool cooking salted fish in the kitchen, while the fragrance tasted my empty stomach.

“Mother, when did you move the display cabinet? Wasn't it still on the right side of the living room yesterday, how come now it's on the left, and why did the TV turn into 14 inc, why have all the interior positions of our homes changed to like this before ”.

"Why, Jek? Did we ever have TV 21 Inc? We've never had anything like that. ”

'A sense of wonder that never goes away from this mind, it's okay. I'm tired of thinking about that, but the important thing is where is my daughter? ”I thought. On the other hand, I remembered something, that the next two days were important days for Rani my wife, obviously because that day was my wife's 25th birthday, and I promised to give her a birthday present. To confirm the date and day, I tried to look at the calendar on the wall of my room.

I was suddenly shocked after I saw the date and year that was plastered on the bedroom wall in the form of a calendar, it was clearly written showing that today was Tuesday, January 24, 2010. Even though today should be Saturday, December 12, 2013. My brain is evading. , I try to think clearly. It is possible that this calendar is simply not used because time has passed. But why have I not realized that this calendar is dead? I thought.

In the midst of that confusion, suddenly a cellphone rang. Without thinking, I tried to find out where the ringing sound came from. On arrival, there was a cell phone ringing indicating an Incoming Call right in the living room of my house. On the cellphone, there was an Incoming Call in the name of Hendrik, my old friend. Slowly I picked up the phone with a greeting "Hello ...!"

Like a communication, someone who called me then answered casually.

“Yes… Hello too…! good afternoon morning…? ” He greeted me.

"Morning ... Who is this with, do you know?" I asked.

"Ah ... You are Jek, and your friends have forgotten, I'm Hendrik".

"Oh ... You are Hendrik, my school friend, huh?" I asked spontaneously.

"Yes, long time no see, huh?"

"Yes ... how are you?"

"Good friend"

Then He interrupted my chat opener by shouting the words.

"Jek, happy birthday, I wish you a long and healthy life, hurry up and have another wife, he he he ..."

"Oh, yes, thank you for what Rik said, but today is not my birthday, now it's 12 December, not 24 January". I explained.

"Aaaah ... You're the one who's awful, now it's January 24, 2010"

Shocked, at once I felt like a fool who did not understand what was going on. To clarify, I tried to continue the question.

"Did you say Rik, it's January 24, 2010?"

"Yes, yes, why? How come you are even surprised, you should be happy to get a birthday greeting ”.

Without saying goodbye, immediately I turned off the cellphone that was still connected, I thought this was a time mystery that had to be solved. But how?

Rushing to the room filled with piles of used newspapers, science and archeology books, literature books, and many more that I had rummaged from the bookshelf in my room. From several books that I have read and underlined, there are several sentences that can at least provide answers about what I experienced today. In the newspaper I read "A mother and a child disappear without a trace" in the science book "Teleportation, there is a Space-Time called the Worm Hole which until now has not been resolved by scientists" literary books explain "Time spins without pause". From those books, I finally found temporary answers which I tried to put together in the form of photoshoots. In that photo shoot, I wrote

"Daughters and wives who disappear without a trace make it possible for a reason for human teleportation into Time-Space called the Worm Hole, not those who move to the future or the past, but I am not aware of nature's reaction to the rotation of time from future to future then, so that time can be said to be able to teleport an object or someone's life as I am currently experiencing ”.

Sitting languidly without a word spoken from this mouth, a big question has been answered. Finally, I could understand why my father and mother and my old friend Hendrik said it was strange, the composition of objects in the house had changed drastically, the calendar on the wall of the room changed time, and the disappearance of the daughter and wife who never appeared from the house. I lost my beloved child and wife, our laughter seemed destroyed in the heat of time, the togetherness of the small family that had been destroyed. Now I have returned to the past. Everything happened so fast and I feel like a dream.

Dissolved in a regret tending to grief, without feeling the tears fell across the cheeks. There is regret for every mistake I have ever done. I have never appreciated the time together with my beloved wife and children. It's so hard to face this harsh reality. 3 years seemed meaningless. Gradually I fell asleep little by little accompanied by anxiety over the incident that did not make sense. My eyes began to loosen, dark without sight, I fell asleep while sitting in that daydream chair. Munajat in my sleep, I hope someday I can meet They return in a memory that will definitely repeat itself, namely my meeting with my idol who will be a companion for life, marriage, until the birth of my daughter Putri in the name of an eternal family. Until there is no end and time that separates Us. I know maybe this is God's will so that my life can be better than what happened in the future. Thank god, you gave me this opportunity.

The tiny palm felt like rubbing her sweet fingers on my face. Not infrequently the fingers enter my nostrils and then pull them back. I remember it was a habit that was not so foreign to me. In my position that is still asleep on the desk chair in my room but has reached the level of consciousness to open my eyes a little, I smile feeling the delicate touches of the tiny hand. Soon there was a voice.

“Dad, wake up", my daughter tries to wake up!

Instantly I woke up from sleep and jumped up from the wooden chair in my room. Hearing that voice, I spontaneously opened my eyes and what did I see? My wife and children, Rani and Putri who I love and care about very much. I pat my two cheeks right and left, I rub my eyes, and wake up with full awareness. This is not a dream, this is real. But behind it all, there are growing questions. What happened to me earlier? I asked Rani who was carrying my daughter, Rani.

"Ran, is this you? Emmm… instead of you… ”.

"Jek, what's wrong with you? Yes, it is clear that me, Rani, your wife, this is our daughter.

I moved towards the living room, everything was arranged as usual again. It was real but it was like a dream. Did I really have trapped and entered Time-Space? All these questions will continue to be stored in this mind, who knows how long I will find a definite answer.

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Written by   258
1 month ago
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It would be so sad to left your love ones somewhere where science can only unite you with them.😥 He learned his lesson though. Now he would give them more importance.

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1 month ago

He learned his lesson even though he left his loved ones. Now he will know the importance of science

$ 0.01
1 month ago