The Mystery of Humming at Aunt's House

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“In a moment the train will stop at Waru Station. Passengers who are going to disembark, please get ready immediately. "
Ting. Tong. Ting. Tong.
The voice of a train employee woke me up. My eyes opened, showing the night view outside the dim window. The only light came from a station that was probably still 200 meters away.

My cousin Mbak Fela elbowed me. Actually, I was awake but still put on a half sleepy face. It still feels so comfortable to sleep on the train seat. However, we had to get going before the train actually arrived at Waru Sidoarjo station.

My older cousin Mbak Ria led us at the front. Two minutes later our train arrived. We got off and went out to immediately find Aini's car to pick us up. It was easy enough to find it, because the car was parked right in front of the exit. We immediately got into the car.

Inside were my aunt and cousin, Rachel. Before continuing on to our aunt's house, we decided to fill our stomachs. Meatballs are the first food that comes to our heads. Auntie immediately swerved her head towards Kepuh Culinary Tour.

It was like a field surrounded by street vendors. Some sell fried rice, mixed ice, green bean ice, etc. In addition, there are various kinds of games for children, such as odong-odong, fishing for plastic fish, flying small glowing objects - I don't know what they are. In fact, all of that really makes me want to buy everything in there. But of course, that's impossible.

The four of us chose our subscription meatball. Meatballs with one big pin in front of the eyes. The night wind blows slowly, making the warm meatball steam touch the face. The taste of this meatball never disappoints.

Actually, my goal, Mbak Fela, and Mbak Ria were to go from Bangil to Sidoarjo to celebrate Rahel's little birthday. Tante Aini persuaded us to come with an offer to treat us while in Sidoarjo. Of course, it's a tantalizing offer and should not be wasted.

"What will you do tomorrow?" Rahel opened the chat.
"Just eat, eat !!" I answered genuinely. "It's not exciting, as long as it's being treated to ya." Said Sis Fela while chewing dumplings. "Just go to the mall. Everything is there. Complete!" Mbak Ria made a suggestion that made Rahel, Mbak Fela, and me nod in agreement. Aini's face looks wrinkled. "You guys are smart when it comes to draining people's wallets."
We laugh.

"Let's watch it!" I suggest, this time it is no longer origin. "But, what are you watching?"
"Three days ago I watched it with my friends. There are the films Possessive, Thor, Slaughter Skull, and Pengabdi Setan. Select which one?" Rahel offers four films. “Servant of Satan! My friend said the film was really good, it made me shocked, tense, and curious. " Mbak Fela replied, giving advice.
"Ah, but why should it be a horror film ?! I hate that genre the most. A genre that makes the audience close their eyes throughout the film scene is set at night. If it's closed why should you watch it. It's a waste of money. " I thought.
But too late, they all agreed.
"I've watched it, the film is really good. You guys just watch it. I and Tante Aini will be around while you watch tomorrow. Auntie definitely doesn't dare to watch the film. " Satire Mbak Ria while peeking at the face of the aunt who already looks increasingly wrinkled. We laugh.

Returning from Kepuh, we went straight home. Aunt's house is quiet. It's because of two things. First, this area is a residential area. Second, because the auntie only has one child, and her husband is always busy working, guarding the police station all day long.

I quickly changed into Rachel's nightgown. Even though he is two years younger, his body is much bigger than mine. That's why I don't need to bring a change of clothes other than the clothes that I wear from Bangil.

Before going to sleep, we gathered in the hall, watching TV. “If you hear the sound of people taking a shower, don't think about it. Sometimes at night, someone could hear someone humming in the bathroom. The figure can be male or female. " Aini Aini started telling stories. This younger brother of my mother is known to be unable to stop talking. This time he was back telling stories, horror stories that I hated.
"So, it's not dad or mom? I think all this time you are the ones singing that is not clear. " Rachel replied. His eyes are still focused on staring at the cellphone screen, busy replying to his friends' chats. “That's not mama. My father also denied ever singing in the bathroom. He used to sleep right after he came home. "
Okay, I'm getting goosebumps. This story is at its peak. Unfortunately, nothing could distract me. "Just normal Rim, that usually happens. Every house has a waiter. " Aunt Aini ended her story.

I went to sleep later. The night seemed so long this time. The air conditioner that turned on in Rahel's room grew colder and colder. I regret refusing the blanket offered by my aunt. The coldness of the air conditioner made it even more difficult for me to sleep. My eyes were closed, but my consciousness was completely intact.

The clock is ticking regularly. The atmosphere was quiet. This is getting even more scary when my aunt's scary story returns to my brain. What should I do? I wanted to go to sleep soon, but it got even harder.

Byur. Byur. Na na naaa…
My eyes automatically opened. My heart beats fast. Cold sweat came out slowly. Why is everyone sleeping so well? Didn't they hear what was going on in the bathroom? Even though the voice sounded faint, it seemed very clear to me to be heard in this silent atmosphere. I decided to close my eyes again. I recited Al-Fatihah and Ayat Kursi repeatedly. The chanting never wanted to stop.

Finally, the morning came. The sun did not penetrate the blinded windows. Only the sound of water was heard that sounded loud. I thought the figure was still showering, it turned out to be the sound of heavy rain. This is the first time the city of Sidoarjo has been splashed with rain.

I woke up going to the kitchen. Tante Aini is already busy preparing breakfast. The smell of fried rice pierces the nose, feels good. However, my stomach is still not completely hungry. “Are you awake, Rim? Come on, have breakfast! " I shook my head. My stomach is still not ready for heavy food to fill. “Then, eat sandwiches at the front table. Bring the others too. It's already 6 o'clock but they still sleep a lot, while my aunt has to get up early to work in the kitchen. " I almost laughed out loud. My aunt is able to make people entertained early in the morning.
I nodded, turned towards the hall. Sure enough, chocolate and pandan flavored sandwiches whose steam was still steaming warm were served on the plate. At this rate, I just wanted to eat it. I also invite others to get up and eat it. Even just hearing the word 'sandwich' they wake up instantly.

This morning passed quickly. It's 11 o'clock in the afternoon. The others and I were getting ready to spend the day off at one of the department stores. Aini has also prepared the car. We left.
It may take about 30 minutes to arrive. The highway is not jammed at all. I guess it's because today is a holiday, so most of the residents decide to take a vacation outside the city to go to a more quiet place.

The cinema is on the third floor. A third floor is a place for playgrounds, culinary tours, and iconic places to take pictures. This place is always filled with people who want to enjoy it. They were passing by, chatting while eating, laughing and screaming hysterically while playing the rides. I could see this pleasant sight as far as the eye could see.

The five of us decided not to buy time to enjoy all that because the film that we are going to watch in an hour will be showing. Luckily when I got there there were still quite a lot of empty seats. We can choose a strategic place to watch, not far from the screen and not too close to the screen.

Well, this is the first time I'm back watching a horror film in a long time. This film has been in theaters for more than a month. His story, which made the audience scream hysterically, became a trending topic. The total audience he got has reached 4 million. Pengabdi Setan has really taken the Indonesian film industry by storm, so I don't think I will lose watching it.

An hour later we entered theater room 3 or studio 3. The film was shown not long after. I'm quite enthusiastic about this film. Two hours passed without being noticed. The five of us walked out of the studio with satisfied faces. Although to be honest, I closed my eyes too much throughout the film. But, I'm quite satisfied with the storyline. No wonder, this horror film took Indonesia by storm.

Before leaving, we decided to take a walk to fill our empty stomach. There are cheap packages emblazoned on the shop front banner. Fried rice with ice lemon tea which is appetizing. We also went into ordering food.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, we came out of the department store. All the way home, we were engrossed in discussing the film. I too joined in. It turns out that horror movies can be fun too.

The day turned tonight. Sidoarjo sky is already dark. The sun changed the moon. For some reason, I suddenly returned to thinking about yesterday's strange things. When the aunt's house bathroom is using. A woman is humming cheerfully while playing in the water. My fur bristled.
Coupled with the scary scenes that I haven't had the chance to cover up in the film. In the scene where the mother's scary face is closed up, her face is nicely decorated. Then, I also remembered the mother's distinctive bell sound. All of that is able to scare me. I hurriedly got rid of my bad thoughts.

The night was getting late, we went to sleep. This time I used a blanket, hoping to sleep well on my last night at the aunt's house. However, in vain. This bad thought has been bothering me. Like the night before, I heard another terrifying hum in the bathroom. I didn't open my eyes, trying to stay calm. The voice became clearer. You can't hear the clock ticking because of it. I pulled the blanket up, over my face.

Morning came again. Again, I'm the first to wake up after aunt. I think it's because I didn't sleep well in the last two days. I walked into the living room. Turn on the TV watching the morning news. My concentration broke. I think back to what happened last night. It is real. This is the first time I can feel something strange like that. All this because of the aunt's story.

Two hours passed, my three cousins ​​joined in the living room. Breakfast is also ready. We enjoyed the food aunt made.
“Did you hear strange noises the last two nights? Like the voice of a woman humming. " I asked, opening the morning chat. They shook their heads. But not with Ms. Fela. "Actually I heard it too. But that's vaguely unclear. I think because I think too much about the story auntie. " I shook my head firmly. "I heard it, the voice is really clear," I exclaimed almost throwing the spoon. "Is it true?" Mbak Fela still doesn't believe it.

Auntie suddenly laughed loudly. He almost spat out the food that was in his mouth. We stare at him in surprise. Aunt stared back at us.
"You must be scared because of my aunt." My forehead creased, not understanding. "Actually, the last two nights, my aunt's stomach was always suddenly heartburn. So auntie went to the bathroom. "

Me and Mbak Fela stared in disbelief. Our hearts have had to race every two nights because of this unexpected, and now my aunt is telling her story without guilt.

"Then why are you humming? If I heard it, I would have run to mama's room. " Honestly, I was actually curious about the answer to Rachel's question.
Aini gave a wide grin.
"Actually, since you wanted to watch that horror film, my aunt often thought. Auntie is also so afraid of things like that. So, at night in the bathroom, my aunt hummed so that the atmosphere wouldn't be too lonely. So that auntie can also get rid of aunt's bad thoughts. That's why my aunt hummed and made the water sound louder. "

I smacked his forehead in disbelief. So for the last two nights, I couldn't sleep much, always felt haunted, it was because of my aunt. It's really unlucky for my holiday in Sidoarjo this time.
But then we laughed at this misunderstanding.

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