The Mystery of Coffee Lovers

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Drizzle Rinnai rain pouring down the earth, enjoying the breeze caressing his face cold. Wrapped in the warm aroma of brewed coffee. However, still, his aura still looked shabby. Vey was still glued on his chair. Feeling the night breeze that felt mocking his face. Why wait, who will be present to occupy the empty seat in front of him?

With a slow-motion Vey back his chair. Want to leave the coffee shop which has now become his favorite place. However, someone from behind called out his name. Vey leaned forward and sat back in his chair, without looking at the source of the voice. The tall man began to occupy the empty seat in front of Vey. Dan began to invite Vey to talk and tell him what really happened. However, the boy had managed to guess the answer that weighed on Vey's mind. Coffee lover.

The last week before the mystery was revealed. Vey can't sleep peacefully in his new boarding room. Not because the roommate of the boarding house is often delirious or the new atmosphere of the boarding house which is always busy with rock music in the coffee shop in front of the boarding house. But because of the aroma of coffee that always bothered him when midnight arrived.

The aroma of coffee that Vey inhales always flashes every night, and gently stirring the spoon with a classic cup of coffee, sometimes there is also a very loud stir as if in a hurry to serve customers. Vey has several times inhaled the aroma of the coffee. The aroma that Vey really hates. And it always happens that every midnight, Vey can no longer close his eyes when the clock has crossed the number 12 at night. Who makes coffee in the middle of the night like this? The aroma is so fragrant and the stir that flows hard and then softens. Makes Vey's nose and ears very irritated.

Vey has told about this to his roommate, Jee. But Jee didn't seem to really care about Vey's story. Jee instead said that maybe Vey is only hallucinating because of his hatred for the Aroma of Coffee. Jee never once smelled coffee and didn't hear someone brewing coffee. Because when Jee fell asleep in his sleep he didn't wake up until it was about 4 am.

Vey knew very well by opening and closing the coffee cafe in front of his boarding house, but when night fell from 6 pm to 11 pm Vey did not find the aroma of coffee as fragrant as at 12pm. Likewise with the sound of coffee brewing in the cafe. Vey felt it was absolutely impossible. Only Vey's ears and nose know about the coffee. Come to think of it, Vey's boarding house is located on the 3rd floor and it looks far from the coffee cafe opposite the boarding house where Vey lives. There is no way, even if someone mixes coffee at night, it will be heard right in front of Vey's boarding house. Hearing this fact, Vey is increasingly curious about the smell of coffee and the sound of stirring that he heard.

When night fell, Vey tried not to think about the smell of the coffee sting again. Vey tightly closed his nose and ears and buried them under his pillow. The hour hand moves to twelve. Vey can not close his eyes. Still, his eyes glanced at the clockwise past the number twelve. However, a few minutes later. The aroma of coffee starts to overtake and the sound of a classic cup of coffee stirs. Who mixes midnight coffee like this? Ah, the aroma is so strong. Vey's nose flushed, it seemed so allergic to the smell of coffee that was very strong that night. Vey remains convinced that the sound came from the coffee shop in front of his boarding house.

Vey jumped out of bed and moved towards the window. He tried to pay attention to the coffee shop from the window of his room, and he tried to guess where the aroma of the coffee and the brew of coffee came from, which was none other than the coffee shop. But no! That Thursday night, Vey could not guess. The scent gradually disappeared from outside his bedroom window. Vey immediately closed the window of his room tightly. However, when Vey turned around and was about to return to his bed, Vey found the aroma back in his room, and stirring the spoon in the coffee cup came back to Vey's ears.

The coffee shop that Jee meant this afternoon was visible from Vey's boarding house. The plywood-roofed shop located across from the boarding house is still busy with coffee lovers, and the gloomy lights that adorn the coffee shop, there is no sign that anyone deliberately disturbed Vey's sleep with the strong aroma of coffee. But I don't know, the scent still smelled on Vey's nose. His chest started to tighten a little.

Somehow his body felt so cold after he smelled the coffee aroma. His body started shivering. Jee thought that Vey's behavior was getting crazy. This trivial thing alone had turned his body temperature into chaos.

The next morning. Vey not like the previous mornings. His face grimaced. Because his best friend now doesn't want to believe the events that Vey experienced last night. Vey is still curious about the barista who works at the coffee shop. Vey is very adamant about the events he experienced. Returning from campus, Vey will find the truth of that scent which is now a mystery to him.

Jee had to accompany Vey to become a detective at the coffee shop, returning from campus. Jee convinced Vey this time. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. The two never even stepped on the coffee shop yard. Although Vey and Jee have not been around for a long time at their new cost.

The two young girls stopped for a moment to enter the courtyard of the coffee shop. The shop is open, so anyone is free to enter, except for the coffee brewing shop, which only baristas can enter. The coffee shop building looks like a building that still needs to be renovated or maybe it was designed like that too, Vey is just making it up. Large barrels serve as seats for customers, used car tires are a decoration in every coffee shop yard, and a painting of a half-human body can be seen on the wall with a cigarette in his right hand.

Vey stared blankly. His eyes were drawn to what seemed so strange to him. Used coffee cup and dregs in it. Ahh !!! Vey really hated seeing him. Really. Vey closed his nose with a lot of pressure. Vey glanced, the little spoon is beside the coffee cup which becomes a crowd in the middle of the night. Vey entered the coffee brewing arena. Even though he saw the words "DO NOT ENTER THE AREA, ONLY SERVICES" Vey still ignored him. Do not care. The coffee ingredients are neatly displayed on the window. Various flavors of Vey meet there. However, Vey has only one purpose to find the shop. He just wanted the events of each midnight to be revealed.

After a few minutes there, Vey was surprised by the white paper neatly stuck on the wall of the interior of the coffee shop. Out of curiosity Vey removed the paper from its original place. Jee just obeyed Vey's strange behavior from earlier. Vey read the paper which said.

Coffee never chooses

To who deserves to enjoy it

For Coffee, all the connoisseurs are the same

A cup of coffee may not be bought

The warm moment presents friendship and brotherhood

However, everything will never be conveyed

The brotherhood that I have formed must end in error

The clouds take me to go sailing

Until meeting you but only in the shadow ...


Vey was surprised to open play. Her heart wavered as if it had been hit by such a powerful wave. When I saw his name written on the white sheet of paper. But Vey still has to make sure that the writing on the paper does not refer to him. But somehow his heart that morning felt chaotic. Like there is something behind the writing. The two girls started whispering to each other. Until they fell silent when they heard the sound of shoes stepping towards him. Both of them turned around, while the white paper was still attached to Vey's hand. However, a few seconds later he fell right on top of Vey's shoes. The tall man approached Vey, getting closer. Right in front of Vey. His head just ducked staring at the paper and men's shoes so close to his shoes.

After that, the man stood up again, he only said that he was very thankful that Vey had read it. He also said the name is written on the sheet of paper actually refers to the name Vey, Veynya. Her heart trembled. Vey is still confused about the real barista who wrote his name on the paper. The last sentence that Vey heard from the tall man, before leaving Vey and Jee frozen and returned the paper to Vey that the barista writer on the paper had died just this morning. As a result of the disease that can not be saved.

Vey turned the paper on the back of the paper write the name of the author of "Dipta". Suddenly her tears fell down her cheeks. A drop fell on the piece of paper. Vey just remembered that Dipta was someone who was present in his past. Vey's tears were getting worse. Why did it have to be Dipta who always bothered me every night? The tavern barista is its past. A year ago Dipta left without saying goodbye to her life. That's why Vey hates the smell of coffee and the sound of the stirring. Dipta has worked at the coffee shop for a month. When Vey lived in front of him, Dipta never said goodbye and now Dipta is forever without saying goodbye. Bitter coffee barista.

Vey's mind began to cultivate the events that during this week happened at midnight which were all done by someone in his past. He realized that Dipta might want to give memories to Vey, in that way. Since the incident was revealed, Vey began to get used to visiting the coffee shop in front of his boarding house. Even though he felt the sorrow buried in his heart.

Now his days are accompanied by coffee and a tall man who always tells about what Dipta usually does every day. Even though the story has been heard by Vey many times. Because longing will never be avenged.

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