The Mystery of a Girl

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Everyday is holiday. Maha, Aryo, Dani, Yuli, and Vita started their school holidays by staying at a villa near the coffee plantation owned by Aryo's parents. They deliberately built the villa as a gift to Aryo for his success in achieving first place in general in his school. The five of them deliberately went at dawn to see the view of the sunrise from the villa. On the way to the villa, Maha heard a girl's scream.

"Uh huh .. wait, did you hear? Someone screamed .. "said Maha.

"There is no sound whatsoever, you're awesome .." said Aryo. Yuni and Vita started getting goosebumps. Dani covered his ears with the headset.

"Already ... let's go again, let's get close to the villa too ..."

They then continued their journey with Maha who was still confused and curious.

Arriving at the villa, they were welcomed by the villa keeper, Bik Mayu and Mang Asep. Aryo, Dani, Yuli, and Vita went straight into the villa. Maha is still silent outside. Bik Mayu then walked over to him.

“Why are you stunned by yourself, Den, come on in ... have breakfast first. Aden must be very tired ... "

"Later, bro. I think there is something strange near this villa .. "

"Strange why Den? If possible, Bik Mayu knows ... "

"Just now when I passed the waterfall, I heard a girl screaming bik .." The answer from Maha made her heart flutter, cold sweat came out.

"Isn't that strange, bro?" stammering, he answered Maha's question, "maybe the villagers across from the bath are taking a bath, Den .."

"Ooh .. maybe also bik. Okay ... I'll go in first, ok. "

"Here Den, please .." Bik Mayu sat limply in the front garden. His heart was still pounding and he was getting scared. The more he glanced around, the more scared and agitated he became.

Aryo, Dani, Yuli, and Vita are busy with their respective breakfast menus. Maha just passed in front of them and headed for the 2nd floor.

"Brother, have breakfast first, then the ulcer will recur .." said Vita.

"Wait a minute ..." his heart felt a call to go up to the 2nd floor. He felt the oddity again when he passed the last room. Near the room is a strategic place to see the sunrise view. Then he decided to stand there.

"Well .. it's late .. the sun has risen .." I was shocked by a girl's voice from inside the room. He wanted to open the door, but the girl inside opened the window, greeting him, "There are guests, huh ..." said the girl softly.

"Sorry if I bothered you, I .."

"Brother, let's go down, we take a walk again ..." Vita's voice called out to him, he turned to Vita, "Yes bro, wait a minute," "I'll go down first, okay ..." disappeared from the window. Maha then opened the door to the room and what he found, the room was empty. Goosebumps on his neck. He was startled again by someone who tapped him on the shoulder from behind.

"Broo .. what are you doing here?"

"Aaah .. I thought you were a ghost, where did you come from? Why is it here, Dan? "

"Earlier I went to the toilet, then I just went up ... it turns out the view is good too .."

"Come on down ... I've been waiting for you below. Let's go on another trip. "

"It's fun to go out again." They then left the place. Instantly the girl opened the window again.

"It's really long .. what are you doing up there?"

"This .. the Maha, daydreaming alone in front of the room at the end of it .." said Dani, pointing at the place.

"Aah .. you basic ..!" joked Aryo.

"Den, don't come home too late later .. it looks like it's going to rain." Mang Asep said.

"Okay .. mamang. Prepare a room for us later + the food. " They went to the waterfall which Aryo said, the scenery was beautiful. Not long after, they arrived.

"Brother .. it's really good for taking pictures .." Vita took the cellphone in her backpack, "Take a photo sis .."

"Yeah .. you really narcissistic bro .."

"Left and left, not quite literate .."

"What the hell, Dan!"

"There's only one waterfall, Yo?"

"There are 2. This is the big one, the small one over there, near the pine tree ..."

"I'll go there .. want photos .. ha ha"

"Watch out, ya ... you will kidnap kuntilanak later .."

When he got there, Maha met the girl in the window earlier. The girl is playing with water.

"Hi .. see you again. Where were you? "

"Where are you .." the girl chuckled.

"Can I take a photo?"

"With pleasure.."

After getting the photos, Maha continued the chat. He asked the girl's name, but the girl did not answer. Then Yuli's voice was heard calling him.

“Mahaaa…! Where are you? Come home, I want it to rain .. "

"I already want to go home .. you are not coming home too?" asked Maha to the girl. He shook his head.

"Brother, let's go home .. want to test ya!" Vita called him not far from the place.

"Yes little brother, yes .. wait .." Maha moved from that place. "I'm home huh ..."

"Sinta .." said the girl.

"Finally answered .. Ok! Until we met at the villa. "

From a distance, Vita was confused to see her sister talking to herself. “Aah… really stupid! Brother, where to be honest if asked .. "

After reuniting at the first waterfall, they then returned to the villa. And until before it rains.

"Luckily ... if it gets rained, it's business." Dani said.

"Aaah .. you .. it's an emergency and the person .. ha ha ha," said Aryo. Most busy alone with his camera. He kept looking at the girl's photos. And still continue to the dining table.

"I'll go ahead ... I'm full. Want to take a shower then rest .. "

"Really fast .."

"Why did it take so long? Ha ha ha .. "Maha to the top floor, the most end room.

The girl was already waiting for him at the window. Maha shows the results of his photo to Sinta. She just smiled without commenting anything. They were both in that place until late at night. It was a full moon, its light illuminating the place. And that surprised Maha. She clearly saw that Sinta's face was very pale. When she asked about it, Sinta told him to return to his room. Maha left the place with a thousand questions in his mind. Arriving at his room, Maha lay down and immediately fell asleep. But not long ago he fell asleep, she seemed to wake up. She walked towards Sinta's room with a sneak. He carefully opened the door to Sinta's room, she found the girl standing in front of the mirror, combing her hair. Maha was really surprised not to play. Her eyes seemed to move by themselves seeing Sinta's feet, which did not touch the floor, float away. Realizing what she saw, Maha ran to leave the place. She ran scared, Sinta seemed to chase him. Maha ran out of the villa, kept running until she reached the waterfall she visited this morning. She saw Sinta was crying while screaming in pain with a man who was trying to kill her. Maha tried to hit the man with a stone, but she couldn't touch anything around him.

"What is wrong with me? Am I dead? "

He clearly witnessed Sinta being killed by that man. Then Sinta's body was buried improperly near the waterfall. Maha tried to scream for help and it made her wake up from sleep. She found his friends, Bik Mayu, and Mang Asep in his room. They all look worried. Maha then told everything while showing Sinta's photos, which he just realized, Sinta is the spirit of a girl who was brutally murdered a few years ago. And the photos he shows are only photos of the waterfall.

Bik Mayu and Mang Asep had just told them the truth, that Sinta was their lost child and they have not found them until now. They couldn't believe Sinta was dead. And that very day, they and the villagers crossed over to find Sinta's body around the waterfall. Unfortunately, Sinta's remains are only the bones. Both his parents were in shock.

The next day, Sinta's body was properly buried in the local TPU. A few days later, Maha and her friends decided to go home. They were picked up by Aryo's parents. Before leaving the villa, Maha returned to the very end of the room. Sinta was waiting for him there. He thanked and said goodbye to Maha. Maha nodded her head, suddenly Sinta disappeared with memories of the events of the previous days ...

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