The Mirror

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I stood in front of the big mirror. My body doesn't appear there. Only a beautiful woman who always makes me jealous. I looked at the woman behind the mirror cynical.

When my arm moved, she always followed what I did. Like this time, when I smiled, she smiled back at me. I held my fingers tightly. I clenched into the mirror.

The woman followed what I did. Only his hands were smoother and whiter than mine. Even her beautiful nails were inversely proportional to mine which was sharp and black.

My hair is flowing irregularly, in contrast to her, which is neatly arranged even in black, flowing beautifully. I dare not compare her body and face. All like heaven and earth.

I'm the wrinkled one with big black eyes. Plus red eyes and a flat nose. In stark contrast to her smooth facial skin. Her eyes are sad with curly lashes, and her adorable nose. Her lips are thin and rows of teeth are neat and charming. As if laughing at me, who had a cleft mouth with irregular teeth and a pair of fangs in the corner.

"Damn it!" I curse myself.

What I see is not me anymore. I am ugly now, with irregular body shape. Not sure where my heart landed. Even the tear in my back made my ribs pop.

My legs are bent and limping. Some of them are still complete with bones and flesh, some of them only have bones left. The sole of my right foot is gone, now I replace it with a wooden stick that is starting to rot. Don't think about the beauty of my body right now. In stark contrast to the woman standing straight behind the mirror.

"Soon I'll be back." I snorted loudly.

I touched the mirror. Our two hands are linked. I can see her smooth shoulders. She wore clothes that were sure to make men entangled in her body. Even with just a wink, no one could refuse his naughty invitation.

That's what appeared to her. The ideal woman and male idol. Everything that appeared to her was perfect for just being a woman on earth.

She is the incarnation of an angel from the sky. That's what I often hear from dirty mouths on the side of the road. I know she's not the cheap woman they think she is. It's just that, I also can't deny, that he has a dirty predicate. Not because of her behavior, but a snare that had befallen her decades ago.

Now I am ugly and not considered by anyone, but I will be him. I will avenge every hatred that shines in his eyes. I'm also filled with grudges, just like her.

I grinned again. I looked at the black fingers that now side by side with shes smooth palm behind the mirror. I want to feel those soft fingers rubbing my body. It's been a long time since the incident that made me have to live between two worlds.

"I want to be beautiful again!"

She nodded in agreement with what I was going to do.

"Do what you want! You will be me. Become Jehan, the angel. Make women envy because men prefer you. Reply to my hatred and revenge! I and you are one, ”said the woman with sharp eyes.

We collided with each other. I can see the line connecting my gaze with her beautiful eyes.

I nodded firmly. An agreement has taken place between us.

"You will be beautiful again!"

I do not care. Whatever happens, I have to be beautiful and I will make all the boys feel my grudge.

I stuck out a long tongue that was wet with saliva. I licked his body from behind the mirror. I snorted again. Hatred filled my eyes. I don't care about shes behavior which also moves along with the licking flow that I made.

She laughed out loud. A glass broke due to shes loud laughter. I took the broken glass. I rub it right on the wrist slowly. No blood appeared there. Only the open skin full of pus broke down.

I smiled bitterly. I threw the shard back and this time it fell on the large mirror. I took the black stick behind me, then swung it towards the mirror.

'Prang,' a loud cracking sound came from my impact.

The mirror was smashed to pieces. Fall to the ground floor. I took the biggest pieces. I stared at that beautiful face which was scratched by the crack marks from my impact. I smiled, so did she.

A few moments later, there was no more beautiful face behind the shattered mirror. Only a terrible shadow covered with wounds. Everything was covered with dripping blood. Even behind shes eyes, the flow of blood was flowing gently as if she were an eye. However, it is thicker and not clear.

"I will do everything for you!"


Jo, my lovely cat, was surprised by my presence. He immediately jumped back to the table. With her head held high, she saw me sitting beside Adi. I left those eyes not closed.

I gently rubbed Adi's neck. There was no resistance from him, more precisely he had surrendered by my behavior. I opened the jacket that covered his body.

I started to feel his chest which is still beating.

"You are very nice! Willing to be mine forever. Don't worry, things will go fast. There is no pain. Just serenity and enjoyment. You must like it! " I said softly right beside his ear.

My right hand immediately moved and jumped off his wrist. He crept all over Adi's body from head to toe. I feel what's inside this guy's body.

According to my wishes, all went well. For a moment I looked at that innocent face. Is this a face that can change at any time. From innocent innocence to being ready to prey.

"I know what you want. But luck is not with you. It's time for me to make you a victim of my sex, "

Suddenly Adi's body shook. My left hand is already on his neck. The thumb pricks and fresh blood flows between the skin. I let the blood flow until it wet his chest. Looks fresh.

I knew the night was coming to an end, so I did everything quickly. I close my face to his neck Adi's body was shaking even more. He did not scream as the blood in his body decreased. Until he fell limp.

His eyes closed slowly. I savor the smell of my bite marks on his neck. Everything was fast. I cleaned the remnants of the blood that was still stuck in my mouth.

"Now it is your turn!" I said to Jo.

The cat jumped briskly and did what he had just seen and did just like me.

There are fingers tickling the nape of my neck. I immediately caught those fingers and put them together again in my right hand. Something is in the grip of my right hand. I frowned. Very different. Maybe Adi is still innocent so he is not like other men.

"It seems tastier!" I chuckled and swallowed hard.

"Let me save it for tomorrow night. Now it's better to sleep. Enough for today! Come on Jo! Tomorrow, continue again, ”I shouted to Jo, who was still busy with Adi.

Jo jumped into my lap. I immediately carried him.


"So what was your name, I forgot?" asked Gio. He felt that he had known her but when and where. He did not remember whether he really knew him or was it just a delusion.

“My name is Jehan Saraswati. Just call Jehan! " said the woman.

Gio did not deny Jehan's beauty. Really perfect. Even more than just an angel. Slowly he drew closer to his seat so he could smell the distinctive perfume emanating from Jehan's body.

"Are you on vacation here? What is clear is that you are not a group from our campus. Because it's my first time seeing you, ”said Gio with a convincing tone.

Jehan smiled. She is accustomed to male behavior when dealing with her.

"I stayed there, it belonged to my uncle," said Jehan, pointing to a building on a small hill.

Gio stunned as he turned his gaze in the direction Jehan was pointing. He hadn't seen anything since yesterday on that hill. And now suddenly a magnificent villa stood on the hill.

"It's strange why I don't see, there is a villa there. Yesterday we took a walk through that hill, ”sighed Gio.

But the thought was immediately put away. He feels that maybe his vision is impaired or he doesn't pay close attention to his surroundings.

"Are you there yourself?" he asked Jehan again.

The cold mountain air added something else to Gio's mind. He realized that a woman as beautiful as Jehan would be seized by men wherever he was. But not for now, there was only Gio alone. So an opportunity is in front of our eyes.

"Yes, myself! My father came home this morning on office business. While my vacation is still long, so I enjoy being alone there, "Jehan replied with a big smile.

"Oh, I see!" Gio responded to those words with full of intent.

"Eh, already! I have to get back! It's not nice to be left alone for long! " said Jehan, breaking Gio's unfinished daydreams for a moment.

"Please, it's nice to meet you!" said Gio with a big smile.

Jehan immediately left Gio who was still stunned by the woman's footsteps. His gaze followed Jehan's every body that was getting farther away. He continued to see it until he was at the end of the street right next to his villa.

There was nothing strange there, until a sudden wind pushed Gio's body for cover. Gio immediately stood behind a large tree. The wind kept blowing and getting bigger. The branches and leaves of the tree were flying.

Gio bowed. He moved on the other side of the tree so as not to be directly hit by the wind.

"Ow," he shouted when a large branch fell on his back.

The wind has passed. Gio looked around. Her eyes were trembled and she couldn't believe what had just happened.

There were no traces of twigs or leaves that fell in the wind. Even the tree he was sheltering in was smaller than he thought. The tree was unable to cover its body in the event of strong winds.

Gio rolled out his eyes. He still knows the street where the villa where his entourage is staying. But something was strange. Where is the majestic villa on the hill? He didn't see her again. There is no villa that the woman named Jehan has just appointed.

Gio stared blankly at the hill. His eyes weren't wrong. Still like when he first arrived yesterday. There are no buildings there.

"Jehan," his mouth moved to say that name.


I smiled at the boy named Gio. Up in a tree I could see him clearly. I was attracted by it. But Adi, who had just become my victim, was in excess.

"It's better if I don't bother him just yet!"

I blew a big wind that came out against Gio's body. Her exposure was enough to shake the man's body. I saw him sheltering beneath me.

He didn't notice me. I just smiled. It was funny looking at his bent over as if the wind wanted to blow his body away.

I took a fairly large branch and dropped it right on its back. He was surprised and looked up at the tree. I smiled and looked back at him. Maybe he doesn't see me up here.

I left Gio who was still curious about the wind that had just happened to him. I stared at the villa on the hill. It's been a long time since visiting there. Unlike the shabby and dirty behavior. The villa was very neat and clean. My uncle took good care of the villa.

"Thanks Gio!" I said softly in his ear before walking away.

I dropped a paper to tell the whereabouts of his friend, Adi.


All are panicked and worried by the discovery of Adi's body in an old hut. Gio just stunned, his hands crumpled trembling the paper that had brought his best friend in a lifeless condition.

The policeman who followed the path did not see anything suspicious. But Adi's death seemed strange. His body is still intact even though he has been missing for a week and there is no scar whatsoever.

Everything looks natural from the outside, but not with the internal organs. Adi's heart is not in its place. As if he was just a robot in human form. No blood clots. All empty.

Gio was getting scared by this incident. Two days ago he accidentally saw a woman who looked like Jehan. Right in his entourage before leaving this area.

He read the contents of the paper for the third time.

“Fifty meters before the corner from your villa, there is an old hut. Your best friend is there. I don't promise, he can still smile. You better get there, before it's too late.

And don't forget, that I always see you. Smile when I see you. I'm lonely, maybe I'll take you to the magnificent villa that I once showed you. Of course, not now. Because I still enjoy the fresh blood and heart of your best friend. "

Gio's hand shook violently. The paper fell under the trampling of a crowd of people who were rushing at the discovery of his friend's corpse. She realized why Adi's heart was not where it should be.

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