The magic of Bitcoin Cash

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We can say Bitcoin Cash is a new miracle in the millennium. From a mathematical program code for a computer system device, Bitcoin Cash can also be said to be a universal currency. Bitcoin Cash qualifies as money because it is durable, rare, divisible, and recognizable. In the end, the most important thing for a commodity to gain recognition as money is public trust and acceptance. Well, the condition is a general consensus. Where do we know that society recognizes paper, metal, gold, diamonds, mutual funds, stocks, and other commodities as wealth also because of a mere consensus.

With the amount of money, then Bitcoin Cash can also be used as a medium of exchange, a unit of calculation, a means of payment, a means of forming and transferring capital, and a means of hoarding wealth. Bitcoin Cash has experienced an amazing function acceleration from being a mere technology product to becoming a wealthy 'idol' with a variety of benefits. Not a few of us in the world believe Bitcoin Cash will be a good and reliable future currency.

Bitcoin Cash has indeed captured market opportunities very well. The trend of increasing internet users around the world is a strategic moment for the presence of Bitcoin Cash. Especially with the development of the global e-commerce business potential which encourages the global community to conduct cross-border trade transactions.

In the era of global trade, the public needs an exchange base that is easier, faster, safer, transparent, efficient, and most importantly trustworthy. They believe this technology is capable of replacing banking technology systems that require resources, are very costly, take a long time, and are prone to human error correction in recording all world financial transactions. Bitcoin Cash is seen as more practical and appropriate as an alternative to digital currency.

Bitcoin Cash is designed as a decentralized technology system in the hands of members of the community as well as its users. There is no single institution or intermediary capable of controlling nor intervening in the natural rate of cryptography and digitizing the demand and supply of Bitcoin Cash transactions in the middle of the market.

Everything is based on the law of trust, and trust is the underlying transaction of Bitcoin Cash. Trust in Bitcoin Cash also drives the supply and smooths the demand for these products on an ongoing basis.

Meanwhile, the world's conventional currencies always have a monetary authority that regulates and manages the Central Bank which stands in each country. The Central Bank also plays a role in coordinating banking networks and financial institutions that operate in their respective regions. The financial industry has become a large, fat ecosystem where institutions gather to seek capital and profit from the dynamics of people's economic activities.

The integrated network of the financial industry which is modern, extensive, and based on human resource density makes the global interconnectivity system more complex and requires exorbitant development capital in managing and maintaining traffic flows of an increasingly busy and massive world economy intensity.

What is uncomfortable is that the cost of returning the capital on investment in the technology network is then passed on to consumers who use financial services networks. Of course, every day the more expensive the contents of the pockets that have to be dug into transactions in the conventional financial institution model.

Bitcoin Cash technology answers these problems more easily and simply. The working mechanism of Bitcoin Cash is based on peer to peer without using a server so that all Bitcoin Cash users are connected to each other automatically using the Blockchain system. A Peer-to-peer (P2P) network is a computer network model where every station or computer in the network environment can share.

In this network there are no special functioning computers, all computers can function as clients and servers simultaneously. A peer-to-peer network can be interpreted as collaboration without a control center or server. There is no absolute control and ownership in Bitcoin Cash. An open and democratic Bitcoin Cash performance system, giving all Bitcoin Cash users around the world special flexibility to control the performance of the shared network. The network will still be secure even if not all users can be trusted.

Therefore, data on transactions made in the past to those that occur today are stored in all peers throughout the network. The data is administered based on the chronological order of transactions. Each transaction must be verified by a number of new peers to be declared valid.

With such a working model and network technology concept, every transaction takes place more in fast without spending a dime in the settlement process. The main advantage of Bitcoin Cash is that its low-cost blockchain system compared to traditional currencies is indeed more convenient and easy to send anywhere in the world.

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