The little box

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It's been three days have passed Vena with the feeling of flowering, ahh it feels good to see Robert laughing even though he does not realize that Vena's eyes are constantly fixed on him. According to Vena, it's enough because if Vena gets too close to him, Vena is afraid.

Vena is afraid that love will turn into love, and surely everyone knows that if we love someone we will feel a sense of longing. Vena is afraid when that longing comes, he who Vena misses, will miss someone else.

Her fears come true, huh .. Mariam's and Robert now. Vena finds out because their relationship has become a trending topic today on campus. Who doesn't know that the head of the student association is dating his own representative who is really pretty and sweet, indeed Mariam is very sweet and that is an undeniable fact.

Vena wanted to burst out jealousy when she saw the two of them passing in front of her, ah .. but who is Vena? Vena is just a secret admirer who is trapped in his own feelings of joy. Now Vena looked at their backs towards the cafeteria with disappointment, without warning Robert turned around and looked at her, Vena looked down at the gaze and then walked away to the class.


Night's getting late

Drowning Vena in a daydream

About the real Robert

Even though he couldn't touch it

The Vena Pen stops dancing on the small book that is ready to accommodate all its tastes throughout the day, Vena yawns then sees her work that has been neatly wrapped in orange-red wrapping paper. She wanted to say hello to tomorrow, so she decided to go to sleep and hope to dream of her idol.

The hope came true, but it had to be paid for by getting up late. Fortunately, it seems like luck is on her side, when she arrived at Vena's class it was not too late. But Vena was disappointed because she did not find her figure in front of the class today.

"Dear friends, you collect the gifts now, go to this basket," said Lisa loudly

"Yes ... ..." exclaimed Vena's classmates in unison. It seems that only Vena did not answer because Vena was still panting and catching her breath.

Everyone moves to the front, except for Vena who is still busy looking for the little box. Vena is sure this morning has been stored properly and neatly in this bag. But to no avail, she didn't find anything but a small hole in the bottom of his bag. Akhh must have fallen somewhere.

"Veins why?" Asked Lisa who had returned to sit beside him.

"My gift is missing, Lis" he replied in a weak voice.

"It's okay, this is not a mandatory task," replied Lisa trying to calm her down.


Vena stopped talking and noticed Lisa's eye code leading towards the door. It turned out that Robert had just arrived, someone Vena had expected his presence to. There is an object that surrounds the circumference of his left arm.

"Did you see the bracelet that Brother Robert wore earlier?" she asked eagerly, until Vena's narrow eyes were rounded.

"Oh that, yes I see. That's good, why? " Lisa answered innocently.

"That's the gift I was looking for, Lis"

"Ahaaa ... apparently he was stuck in the right place"

Lisa chuckled with her own statement, while Vena smiled, it was not in vain that she made it all night, even though she did not know that the gift was from her, Vena thought to herself.

The library is a great place to escape when recess has arrived, as Vena can escape the sight that will only make her stroke her chest. The sound of the incoming bell forced her to finish the book she was only half reading. Lisa arrived first to the class, because the distance from the cafeteria to the class was not too far. It was a blessing for Lisa who was fat, before Vena sat down, she gave Vena a light blue envelope.

"What is this?" asked Vena curiously.

"Envelope" she replied briefly because she was calm with bread in hand.

"Yes, I know Lis, I mean what's in it? The bread period ”Vena laughed and then grabbed the bread plastic in her hand.

"I don't know, I found it under the table, then there was the writing to: Vena," she continued. "Ahhh, don't take my bread" Lisa pursed her lips while trying to take back the bread.

Vena's curiosity peaked because after she returned here and there the envelope did not have its owner. Vena-also sat down then slowly began to open it with various kinds of thoughts, the contents were brief, really not what he expected.

I'm waiting for you in the back garden

02.30 hours

"What's in it, Ven?" Lisa's question surprised her.

"Hah .. nothing really, hehe just an ordinary letter," said the original Vena.

There is no kidding, there is only seriousness so that Vena will get the scholarship she wants and make her parents proud.

Time has shown 02.30 o'clock on the watch wrapped around her tiny arm, Vena spurred her steps towards the back garden that she promised. Someone was leaning against an acacia tree. From behind he looks like someone Vena knows, ah but how could it be, Vena heeded his thoughts and started walking towards him.

"Who are you?" she asked doubtfully.

He turned around and shocked her, Vena unwittingly took a step back. Then Robert smiled, a smile that always made Vena messy. To be honest Vena was happy, but her urge to escape was stronger than having to face it this time. Slowly he stepped back then turned around, but Robert held him back, he held her hand.

"Thanks for the bracelet," he said sincerely

" how do you know that bracelet is from me?" asked Vena with slightly choked words.

"This morning there was a marathon champion who was running super fast, to the point that she fell a cute red and orange gift"

He chuckled while Vena smiled sheepishly, then Robert took the box out of his pocket and handed it to her. Vena does not understand why she returned the box to her, even though she received its contents.

"Sorry before, I changed a little bracelet that you gave me"

He showed the bracelet perched on his left hand, Vena noticed that something had changed from the bracelet she made herself. There is no more picture in the middle, between the letters W and F, now it is the letter A.

"It's okay, the bracelet already belongs to you, and you are free to do anything with it" there is a slight tone of disappointment, yes Vena is aware of it and Vena wants to show it.

There was silence, and they were lost in their own daydreams. Vena wanted him to realize that she who liked him first was not Mariam, but that was selfish, Vena did not want to be a selfish person who thought about herself, concerned with winning for herself. She reverie ended when Robert began to make a sound.

"I know that you like me" his statement made his cheeks flushed and Vena's heart pounded fast, Robert turned his gaze to her after he looked at the rows of neatly arranged trees in the garden. Vena dared to meet his gaze.

"But it seems like Mariam is more desperate than you, she expressed her feelings first ..."

"So you don't love him?" she asked interrupting her words.

"love? can't promise anything. Love is for adults who are already thinking about the future of having a family. We are just teenagers, there are also those who learn to be true instead of dating.

"So you're not dating him?

Is it just gossip? And you want to focus on studying first? " Vena repeatedly threw questions until he closed his lips so as not to ask any more.

“Yes, the point is like that, that feeling can be plunging if Vena is expressed at the wrong time. It would be better if they guarded this feeling and when the right time came let it grow and blossom.

Robert opened the box in his hand, it turned out that there was a bracelet made of silver. Engraved with WAF in the middle of the bracelet, Robert then put it on his left arm.

"We are friend" little finger linked to his little finger.

Vena smiled then replied "we are friend" .

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