The lap of time

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I am still the same person as the first time we spoke, still the same in responding to you when wrapped in anger, even though it remains the same when you have left me. Until now, after the days have passed, leaving behind lonely, growing longing to pierce the chest, to awaken memories. I'm still the same person, haven't changed one bit.

"How long?"

I stared at the vast expanse of sea before my eyes, let the wind blow spoiled caress my face.

"Years," he said, sounding painful.

I'm just silent, neutralize the feeling that flooding back.

"We are leaving each other, Kean," the last sentence just escaped, quietly piercing.

"The marriage did not happen, the woman who was arranged with me ran away with her lover. One of my prayers was answered. That night my mother suddenly had a heart attack and left me. I ask to stay with the woman I love. It's you, Dara. But who would have thought that I had to pay for it with my mother's life. And you punished me too, kept me from finding a way so I could chase you back. After that day I looked for you, Vivi said you moved but he didn't know exactly where you went. "

I turned my head to face his face. That distinctive voice, that calm expression that always floated in the mind.

"Then now I'm back to face you, cutting down the wilderness of old wounds. You're right, I saw how great the storyline was between us. Who knows how many thousand days have passed and we are still the same "

I found Kean back in this city, a new city away from the hustle and bustle of the past. I think it's enough we let time change faces. What is clear now is he is beside me, filling the silence as longs bloom. Regarding how we met is certainly not an intentional thing. I trust him as a soul mate.


"Virgin? are you okay? "

"I'm okey" I steeled myself so as not to fall at that moment.

The thick sheet that arrived in my hand managed to turn into a feeling of confusion. Kean and Leah, the name was engraved in golden ink. Like lightning dancing overhead.

Kean, is this for real?

"I know, sometimes not everything can work out, even though we have tried to the end. Everything will be fine, Dara. You'll only be sick for a few days. after that everything gets better soon ”I felt Vivi's hand land on my shoulder which was about to collapse.

Maybe things will get better, maybe.


"Tomorrow" Kean's face was hopeless and flushed.

The atmosphere in the afternoon was tense in the throat, the breeze blew unusually. Waiting for the twilight in the lap of a lonely heart, is not like what has ever been imagined. Every word stuck in the corner of his mind, reluctant to open himself up.

“I just want to be with you, watch the times change. Until only we remain the same, never change "

I looked closely at every line of his face, watched the brief broadcast of togetherness.

"So what? Everything that was planned will not happen. Tomorrow's your wedding, once in a live time. Starting life on a new page, without me ”the last two words shot heavy across my throat.

Nothing is more stabbing than the feeling of having to be forcibly killed so as not to leave only wounds, knowing that he and I can no longer be one like our dreams.

"We're leaving, leaving this city. Delivering our plans "

I gasped, finding his eyes radiating with a thousand convictions. A glimpse that never fades even though thousands of days have passed, leaving behind all the stories. In this case, what is to be with if in fact you have to betray and oppose many people. I sighed, interpreting the wound in the chest.

"We have done various things. But now, let it be like that. We will let each other go. I let you marry him and destiny will show their story. Everything will be fine, right? " As much as possible I let all hope loose.

“If you don't want it now then that's fine. But I am a person who is always waiting to allow me to take you. Even though in the future, even when we are old each other or even when my eyes are unable to catch the knot of your smile, in prayer I will always be with you even though there is not a single spark of hope left "

After this, he stepped behind me, buried the promise and left in a wound.


On the other side of life, a person is fixated on facing a group of guests with anxious faces, waiting for the bride and groom to never come. His manly black suit was like shabby from the feeling that hit that time. how he prayed so that this never happened. Even in dreams, Kean only wants to be with Dara. not Leah or some other woman. But humans are helpless, Kean's mother forces him to marry Leah.

This morning he caught the smiling face of the old woman, sitting not far from him. Kean tried to return a smile that he had to try as hard as he could. In another corner were Leah's parents anxiously waiting for their child. Kean and Lea have been friends since childhood, the only thing that makes them feel awkward from being friends is this matchmaking.

Kean dragged his eyes back, scanning every whispering face. It had been a long time to wait, but Leah didn't come. The thing that relieved Kean, at least he had more time to realize that this was real.

He woke up from his seat as fast as a flash, watching his mother gasping for breath, half asleep. Many people took the woman's body until they entered the ICU and ended up with untold news. Lea, she went on their wedding day with her lover, was the thing that had taken the life of a woman who was now stiff in front of Kean. He stared blankly throughout the motionless body, hoping to exchange this reality for everything he had.


"I don't want to lose again, Dara. it's enough that you just become my world I will not exchange it for anything again "

A bunch of minks accumulates itself on my eyelids. I also don't want to pass the day it seems again. let the past become just keeping using decoration time. then we returned to knitting dreams that used to be abandoned like an empty, empty room.

“Will you want to be my home, Dara? the most comfortable place in my every step of the way. Being lawful for me ... "

No words have been able to escape my mouth all this time, after wiping the tears he knelt between the cold wind and the flapping of the birds that afternoon. I stared fixedly at his eyeballs, the round ones I had always been looking for in sorrow.

"Dara" he said demanding an answer.

"Yes, I'll"

I nodded slowly. A smile rose from the corners of his lips. Kean is my shelter for the next day. Go through the ages as we promised.

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