The Incident

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Gone are the stars in the greetings of dawn. Dew seemed to start appearing. The doves one by one began to fly away from their nests, the gust of wind disappeared in a breath that breathed in the fresh aroma.

You can see a group of people starting to install one by one the photo support posts as high as nearly 180 cm then line them up to the side and very neat. just like a merchant who is presenting his merchandise. Some walked to see and approached, observing every detail of the sharpness of the camera from every angle of the photo for a long time and then leaving. There are also those who just walk regardless of what is in front of them. And once again the thing that made me smile this morning was the presence of a couple who were walking out laughing and affectionately as if the world only belonged to the two of them. Without any burden and anxiety between the two. They can be seen approaching the collection of photos, for a long time they rotate to see every photo there is and finally they stop at the same photo, there is one that makes them dumbfounded. You can see that the woman's hand is pointing at a part of the photo, the man then wrinkles his forehead and shrinks his eyes. They can be seen laughing together in one of the photos they saw. The sincerity of the laughter spontaneously escaped their mouths. A committee member also emerged from the stand with a camera. He immediately told the lovers to stand next to the photo they liked and then took the picture.

The thing I feel right now is that I can only sit alone here, right next to the library door on the second floor. I am only free to look at the Photographer students from the peak of my current height. Right, where I stand I am free to enjoy my solitude. I am free to see students walking in and out of the building, I am free to see how palms, coconuts, and cypresses dance beautifully in the wind that blows them, making them twist like a beach girl who is dancing happily, and I am free to feel the drops. rainwater that started to fall from the top of the cloud that accommodated the puddle from the palm of my hand and saw the students running in the rain and looking for a place to take shelter.

"Dhukk .." "awwww" came the voice of a woman screaming from below where I was standing. I immediately ran to where the source of the sound came from. With unsteady steps, I descended the stairs leading to the ground floor. I saw a woman lying beside the sidewalk of the library. I immediately ran towards him, it turned out that the shock of the wind was able to make a coconut fall right on top of this woman's head while she was running looking for a place to take shelter. Me and three other men immediately carried the woman to a long bench near the scene, seen several people also running towards me. I tried to wake the girl by moving her shoulders. It seemed that the woman did not immediately wake up. People also seem confused about how to treat this woman. And some of them are actually laughing at the incident. Seen began to appear a lump just to the left of her forehead. I took the wind medicine that I always carry in my little backpack. I rubbed it around the area of ​​the center of the lump point, then I also rubbed it between the nose. I also massage around the nape of her neck. It wasn't long before she started to slowly open shes eyes. She corrects her glasses and hood and I see how cute this girl is when she tries to break the confusion that is obvious from her expression. She glared at me.

"What are you doing?"

"Sorry I just saw you fell in the middle of the sidewalk, maybe the wind was too strong to make it drop a coconut right above your head when you ran looking for a place to take shelter"

β€œI don't want to know! You have to take me home now .. you have to take responsibility .. "

It turned out that my guess was right that this girl was very cute.

Nearly a week I always remember this incident until once in a while was able to penetrate in my dreams. But the thing that I always remember is that when it rained heavily, she still insisted on telling me to take me home and she cried along the way.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier when a coconut fell on top of me?"

"Yes, how do I know, well I just was on the second floor."

"At least you did not carry me there. That's a public place .. "

"So what about public places? You should be grateful that I helped .. just try and suddenly a car passed by, brummm .. bruakkkk..there must be your corpse now. "

You can see that he is getting louder with his crying. I started to hold back laughing seeing this girl from my rearview mirror. Especially with a lump big over shes head.

Suddenly she grabbed my shoulder hard.

"Stop .. stop .."

"What else?"

"I forgot to bring my wallet .. did you bring money or not?"

"What for?"

"I want to buy roasted corn in the back ..."

"You're just nonsense, let's just go home. See that your clothes are wet like that because of the rain earlier .. "

"But I want it now ... pliss ... later until the boarding house I'll replace the money"

"So we just bought one, huh? This is also an old date, I have no money. "

β€œIs it spicy? Don't forget that later his brother will order him to draw it too. Oh yeah, just give it a little bit of mayonnaise, not a lot. Also, ask for it to be double wrapped too so it's not hot? .. hehe "

I'm getting annoyed with this girl. Who the hell is he telling me like that? Already helped, not even grateful, now he even makes me like his maid. Indeed, women are shameless.

Along the way, she always teased me. maybe he felt that I was annoyed with him. She seemed eager to provoke my emotions. She deliberately shook my bike to the right and left of my bike, tapping the back of my helmet, tickling my body until I was limp holding back laughter because of my amusement.

Finally, we arrived at a house that was large enough, she immediately ran towards the gate of the house and entered it. She didn't give me a word. Whether he will come out or not is my question. Had thought about leaving the place immediately but somehow it seemed as if the heart said to wait for him and hoped he would come out from behind the iron gate. Like something is missing and stuck in my mind. For a moment I started pacing back and forth in front of the fence and it seemed I was right in my guess that he would not come out to see me. I got back on my bike and decided to go home. I had not had time to walk suddenly behind me there was someone who called me and I saw another woman next to him.

"Where are you going, bro? Are you still here? I wish I had gone "

"Hehe yes sis, I was that ..."

"Oh the corn money, huh?"

"Oh no, miss, let me give it up. It's just that I just didn't feel good because you just left without saying anything to me "

"Are you sure it says an old date? Yes, bro, in exchange for corn money and a token of my gratitude for being helped, let me know my cousin. This year she wants to go to college at our place. You majoring in literature, right? Incidentally, yesterday she also received a major in literature "

Not bad this girl, the look in her eyes is really dazzling. She has beautiful dimples when she is smiling and talking. She has a beautiful face that makes the heart be amazed by those who see him. Like a new sunrise emerging from the surface. It brings new warmth and hopes to the beauty of life.

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I don't know if the main character was a boy or a girl? The story was made very well and I found it cute. It has 2nd part right?

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3 years ago

Great one.....go ahead.

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3 years ago