The Grip of Time

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Time never gives people the opportunity to live freely. All movements are always restrained. He forced all inhabitants of the earth to submit and obey his will. So that's why I really hate him.

Perhaps the stupidest plan of my life is to kill time. Because I realized that as an ordinary human, it must be difficult to do that. I couldn't touch the long fingers that stretched out to the top of the highest sky. Even though he is very close to me. However, I never found an opening to beat him.

Darkness enveloped the silence of the night. The moon and stars compete to tell me bedtime stories. I lay down on the bed in my narrow room. My eyes are closed, my hands are clasped. I hope that in my short sleep, I can spend time and can control it as I like.

Unfortunately, I lost again. I can't stand his long fingers. In my sleep, I dreamed that I met him in a very hot desert. I'm thirsty for water so that my strength runs out. I tried to chase after it, but its speed exceeded the flash of light. Until finally, I fell back down lamenting my failure in capturing his form which was bigger than Jibril's head.

I woke up from my night sleep. My eyes blinked looking for the focal point. The wind enters the body, offering a gust that can soothe the stifling heat after I was exhausted from chasing it in my dream earlier. I squinted both palms, I rocked it, it's very small. With levels like this, how could I possibly beat him. Just touching it is very difficult. In fact, perhaps those thousands of kilometers of fingers that would later pounce on my body.

The sound of the wall clock floated tense, conjuring the silence of the night. Suddenly my bed was rocking. I don't know what's going on. But I immediately sat down from my bed. Then I took off the blanket and jacket that hid this limp body.

My body movements follow the rhythm of the bed. The shaking got louder and made my head dizzy. It might be wrong if I thought this was an earthquake. If this was an earthquake, oddly enough, only my bed was moving. Meanwhile, the walls and ceiling of the house still stood firm without the slightest movement.

Fear and curiosity rose in my body. My eyes swept around the room. Everything is still neat as usual. Stack of books spread out on the study table. The cupboard containing my underwear and other clothes stood still. Eden Hazard's poster, who is celebrating, is also faithfully displayed on the bedroom wall.

I sighed. Suddenly the wind blew hard. I don't know where the wind came from. Suddenly, an invisible force swirled around the room.

"What are you thinking, O boy?" an unfamiliar voice slipped between my ears.

I looked for the source of the sound. It seemed that the sound came from the wall clock. I watched the clock carefully. Nothing unusual. The needles continued to rotate as usual.

"What are you thinking about, boy?" the voice was heard again. I was stunned, jumped in surprise. And indeed, the sound came from my bedroom wall clock.

"Who are you? Why are you in that wall clock? With a pale face and anxious feelings, my lips trembled saying that.

"Aren't you the one who's always looking for me and ambitious to get rid of me?" I panicked even more after hearing that voice.

"Are you the one who met me through a dream earlier?" I bit my lip, gripped the bed sheets.

"You are right. And now you are lucky to meet me in the real world, "the intonation of his voice rose, making my heart jolt.

My panic intensified. My hands were shaking holding the pillow. My heart was beating loudly, echoing through my body. The night was tense. The wind blows slowly, washing my sweat that is no longer chaotic.

Now I'm face to face with time. One on one. Nothing is bothersome. I was so panicked and scared. But this is the right opportunity to bulldoze and finish all this game. I have to make good use of it.

You see, this time I will definitely beat him. I will stab him, then with joy I can control it at will. With that, I will make the whole world feel free. Then they will all call me a hero. And of course my name will be exalted by all people to be well known to all inhabitants of this earth.

"What are you thinking about, boy?" the question broke my reverie.

I gasped, shaking my head. Now I know what to do. I'm going to break the clock on the wall so his form can come out. When he came out, I would run a sharp knife through his fingers.

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