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The Flower

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3 weeks ago

There is a woman who has a flower seed. The woman is eager to plant the flower in her backyard. Fertilizer and a small shovel have been provided. Hurriedly, she also prepared a small container where the flowers would grow. She chose the best place and placed the container at an angle that received sufficient sunlight. And hope, that these seeds can grow perfectly.

Watered the flower seeds every day. Diligently, she took care of the tree. Do not forget, if there is the grass that disturbs you, immediately clean it to avoid food shortages. In a few moments, the bud flowers are starting. Where the flower petals seem to start to bloom, even though the color doesn't look perfect yet. The woman is also happy, her persistence is starting to bear fruit. She took care of the flower with great care. But something made her confused, why did the small thorns cover the stalks grow too. Why can there be and it is a pity that sharp thorns appear at the same time as the blooming of this beautiful flower. The thorns will disturb the beauty of her flowers.

The woman seemed to be muttering to herself, "Why is it that from such a beautiful flower, grow so many sharp thorns? Of course, this will make it difficult for me to care for her later. Every time she trims her hands, she always cuts her hands. There are parts of her skin that are scratched. this job only makes me sick. I will not let my hands bleed because of these annoying thorns. "

Over time, this woman seemed reluctant to pay attention to her flowers. She started not to care. The flower was never watered again every morning and evening. And let the grass that interferes with the flower's growth. Her petals, which had begun to bloom, now looked wistful. And the leaves that grow on each stalk begin to fall one by one. Finally, before they are fully developed, the flowers dry and wither.


The human soul is just like the previous story. In every soul, there is always a 'flower' planted. God entrusted it to us to look after and care for it. It is God who has placed that glory in every human heart. Like plants that flower, actually within us, there are also flower buds and thorns that will burst.

Unfortunately, many of us only look at and are focused on the growing "thorns". Many of us see only the bad side of us that will grow and become size. Where often deny our own existence. We are always filled with disappointment with ourselves and don't want to accept it. Sometimes it is thought that only hurtful things will grow out of us. We refuse to "fill in" the good things that already exist. And finally, we are disappointed again, so that in the end, we never understand our potential.

Many people don't realize that they actually have beautiful flowers inside of them too. Many people do not pay attention to that flower. Because they are only often preoccupied with the thorns of self-weakness and various kinds of pessimism in this heart. And sometimes someone else will show it.

If we can find the beautiful "flowers" growing in the soul, we will be able to ignore the thorns that appear. We will be motivated to make it break, and keep on expanding until tens of new shoots will appear. On each of those buds, there will be shoots of happiness, tranquility, peace, which will fill every side of the garden that is in our souls. The most beautiful pleasure is when we succeed in showing ourselves about the flowers and ignore the thorns that appear.

Its fragrance will adorn our days. The fragrance is the beauty that it offers, like the calm ripples of a lake that soothes the heart's anxiety. Come, let's find the "flowers" of calm, happiness, peace in our souls. Maybe, yes, maybe, we will also encounter problems and thorns, but let it not discourage us. Maybe, our hands or our skin will be scratched and injured, but don't let it make us grieve.

Let the beautiful flowers bloom in your heart. Let the petals shine forth His glorious light. Let the stalks hold fast to your hopes and dreams. Let the juices they contain become new seeds and seeds of happiness for you. Spread the shoots with everyone we meet, and let them also discover the beauty of other flowers in their souls. Send the greetings, so that we can reap the seeds of the love flower to everyone, and grow them in the gardens of our hearts.

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Written by   314
3 weeks ago
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Well written. We all are so much focused into bad side and thrones that we forget about the beautiful flower inside people. Appretiated😊😊

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3 weeks ago