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The First Night's Fairy Tale

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1 month ago
Topics: Short Story, Romance

In a class of forty-nine people. A teacher for chemistry is explaining to all the students in the class. While carrying the spheres as a tool to explain how an element and compound is formed from atoms. The spheres are likened to an atom that can be combined with one another with a very small cylindrical object. All the class students listened carefully even though some of them did not understand what the teacher was teaching, but the toys brought by the chemistry teacher were very interesting. In addition to its unique and cute shape, when the dots are combined, they should be used as displays rather than being used as practical objects.

Of the forty-nine students who were in the kealas there was only one child who seemed to underestimate what the chemistry teacher was explaining. Apart from being strange, according to him, he brought practical objects that looked like toys in kindergarten class. One of the students was also disgusted by the behavior of the chemistry teacher, a middle-aged woman with a beautiful, handsome, smart and pretentious style, according to a student who sat at the front table without a friend next to her, aby usually his friends call him.

Without realizing it, being so annoyed and disgusted by her chemistry teacher who is famous for speaking frankly with her students, Aby sometimes wrinkles her mouth and occasionally changes her gaze towards after some time seeing the chemistry teacher. A form of boredom due to annoyance and disgust towards the teacher.

Aby's behavior is recognized by his teacher, maybe because Aby sits in the front seat so that the teacher can easily observe Aby's movements which are increasingly evident by his boredom following chemistry lessons. Then the chemistry teacher suddenly scolds Aby, pointing her hand towards Aby.

"Hey you that" the chemistry teacher scolded

"From earlier I saw your face without expression" said the chemistry teacher

Aby was shocked by the chemistry teacher's reprimand, followed by the roar of laughter from the students who heard the chemistry teacher reprimand Aby with an "expressionless" warning. A very harsh rebuke, of course, if you think about it too. "Expressionless" like idiots with a low IQ.

Receiving the warning, Aby immediately packed his belongings which were scattered on the table in the form of sincere utensils and he put them in his bag. Went out leaving the classroom without a word.

That day Aby went home early to his house which was not too far from his house. The journey from school to his home was only on foot.

As he passed a bus stop Aby saw a girl whom Aby had always been concerned about for a long time. Aby is sympathetic and likes girls from school even though they are of different classes. Initially Aby sympathized with the girl when Aby was in the same class with her in a tutoring. At that time Aby sat behind the girl. At that time, the girl was having a cold so that there was often a sound of the nose that brought air through a strong breath in through the nose, so that the mucus that came out of her nose did not come out and came back in with the breath through the nose.

Aby also experienced things like this girl. Aby also has the flu too. Even though the girl was not aware of the existence of Aby behind her who suffered a similar fate as her, but for Aby it made Aby sympathetic and wanted to get to know the girl better.

For Aby, the sound of breathing in is like an answer between Aby and the girl in front of him. According to Aby, communication has been established through the voice who answered earlier. Although there isn't a word that Aby uttered to attract his attention or at least get acquainted with the girl. Aby is just a shy and clumsy kid around girls of his age let alone talk to them. The intention and courage to get acquainted was only a desire deep in his heart. Aby prefers to enjoy communication through strange noises in the nose.

That's how Aby started to like the girl. His feelings can only be buried in his heart and there is no intention of him to start introducing himself to him. Aby prefers to glance at the girl when passing in front of him a few moments when he exits the door of his classroom when recess reverberates. Or observe the girl while eating in the school canteen from a place that is somewhat closed from the sight of the girl sitting at the cafeteria table. All the glances and glances he observed the girl were carefully recorded in his brain memory. Until tonight Aby will play back the tape when he sits alone on the porch of his house. Plus the decoration of the night sky and the lonely atmosphere enveloping the night which is almost towards the morning. Tens of shooting stars have been seen by Tobby while saying a wish that has been granted so that he can be given the opportunity to get to know the girl further. Through the night winds that blow somewhere, Aby often leaves her longing for the night breeze which might be sent.

Aby really enjoyed that moment when he imagined if only that girl would be here. Hundreds of nights he had passed by always greeting the girl's face through his dark eyes until Khan's imagination revealed the dark color of his closed eyes to become a figure of the girl he liked smiling at him. When sleeping Aby always hopes to be reunited with him through dreams.

That's Aby every night who always plays with his imagination and fantasies imagining the face of the girl who is increasingly making Aby love him. Although Aby never met the girl or talked to her. Aby's love grows when only the image of the girl is imagined and imagined by Aby every night until hundreds of nights have been spent playing and sharing with his idol girl through his shadow.

"You weirdo," murmured Aby's brain who thought rationally

"I don't need him as a real subject and know me" answered Aby heart

"Means you only think of him as an object" asked the brain aby

"It can be said that, because he is an object that can make me excited

when I entered school, because he is an object that makes me so happy just by looking at him, because he is an object that never disappoints me and always gives me beauty, because he is an object that always accompanies me on beautiful nights and becomes perfect he is the most valuable object in my heart "

“Are you afraid that one day you will be given the opportunity to get acquainted with him or he becomes a real subject or object in your life? "Ask the brain

"Look at my life now, my brain, try to count how many real people in my life give joy and how many subjects give me beauty" answered Aby heart.

"I know that you were born as a quiet person who is also shy and also very few people who can understand you" said Aby's brain.

"Thank you brain for not blaming me because I shouldn't be like this if I were normal and sociable people, I already liked and didn't want to part with my current life, especially when I had found my lover, the girl who accompanied me through. my imagination and my fantasies through the beautiful nights her presence makes my nights perfect "said Aby's heart.

"A lover who will never hurt me, a lover who will never hurt me and a lover who will never break my heart" continued the heart said to the brain.

"Are you not going to be bored with what you are doing this" Asked the brain

"Maybe I'm bored someday but let me enjoy what I have and I can do in finding the beauty and joy of my life" Aby replied.

"Okay then because this is your night just enjoy its beauty and perfection with your imaginary and imaginary lover, I will sleep and tomorrow promise me to be a normal person even though you are quiet and shy, I don't want this body to be considered stupid because of me who can't help. control yourself, still remember what the chemistry teacher said, Face Without Expression, maybe because of your ignorance too indulging your anger because of being annoyed and disgusted by the teacher, but in this world stupid people always blame me, namely the brain for not being smart , genius or brilliant. But this is what you are like when Aby's heart becomes a fool and becomes the subject of fun by friends with an expressionless sneer. Tomorrow promise to obey my words and I will help you to be smart, now I want to rest, don't wake me up until the sun shines ... ok? "Said the brain

"Okay, rest, friends, thank you for the advice," said the heart

Aby still continued to enjoy the beautiful night while closing his eyes, concentrating while his mouth said something softly. A name of a girl named dance who is his lover. Through hundreds of words that mention the name of her lover, Aby tries to dissolve herself by concentrating and closing her eyes like someone who is meditating.

The eyes that were closed at first were dark and gradually became bright and colorful, becoming a picture of a woman who was lying on the bed next to Aby who was sitting cross-legged. Aby was still muttering so that he could enter his imagination and imagination.

"Lala ... Lala ... Lala ... Lala ... Lala ... Lala ... Lala ... ..." Aby muttered

"Huuh ... the story has not yet been told, but since earlier, I have been talking about my name" said the woman lying next to Aby.

Aby, who was still mumbling, did not care what his wife said.

"Hey ... !!! "

A soft slap landed on her husband's cheek, which startled Aby who was muttering.

"Huhuhu ... it hurts," said Aby after he regained consciousness

"Tuuu .. tuuu ... the spoils recurring to" replied his wife

"Well, he said, told me to tell a story about my experience when I made you my lover even though we've never known each other" said Aby.

"You are a weirdo, you are afraid to cook since you muttered while saying my name softly, I'm afraid you are in a trance, lha wong, I was not wondering why I didn't answer," said Aby's wife's dance.

"Huuh suorry ya trance !!?, Yeah now don't kiss you back" said Aby

Aby grabbed his wife's body and tried to kiss her, his wife struggled a little and was a little expensive. It's understood that the two of them were joking in happiness after they had just passed the wedding. Tonight is the first night for both of them as husband and wife.

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Written by   259
1 month ago
Topics: Short Story, Romance
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