The Death of Ingenuity in Pandora's Box

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There is a myth from Ancient Greece about the first woman and the origin of the destruction of the world. The story is written in a set of poetry Theogony and Works and Daysy by Hesiod in the 8 - 7 century BC.

These poems tell how the gods created and populated nature.

Zeus, the strongest god in Greek belief, was angry with two godbrothers, Prometheus and Epimetheus. Their job is to fill the earth with humans and animals. It is also said that they made humans from clay.

Prometheus was punished by Zeus for teaching male humans how to deceive the gods into giving offerings (burning meat wrapped in fat so that it looked shiny, while high-quality meat was used for humans themselves). Zeus also punished humans by taking fire from the world. When Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and gave it back for human and technological advancement.

Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock and ordered an Eagle to peck at his heart, forever. Not satisfied, Zeus also punished Prometheus's brother, Epimetheus. But not by chaining, but giving the first woman created by Hephaestus, the blacksmith of the gods and sculptor.

The first woman was given the name Pandora, meaning "who gets many gifts". Many gods took part in creating Pandora.

Athena, imparting female skills, Aphrodite clothed, and decorated her body. Hermes ushered him to earth and gave the name "Pandora". At Zeus's orders, Hermes also gave him shame, curiosity, and stubbornness.

Prometheus warned his brother not to accept any gifts from Zeus. Even Epimetheus knew Zeus's bad intentions. But he was so captivated by Pandora's beauty when he was exposed to him.

Epimetheus married Pandora. The first woman was given a box by Zeus which in Greek is called "Pithos". Pandora was curious to open the box, but Zeus forbade and uttered the command to never open pathos, even. Then Zeus gave the key to the box to Epimetheus.

The curiosity imbued with the god within her immediately filled Pandora with the desire to open the box. Of course, Epimetheus refused to open it. Not desperate, Pandora took the keys while her husband was asleep, and opened a box full of gifts.

Instantly, what was in the box burst out. Something that humans never knew before. Sickness, worry, crime, hatred, jealousy, death, and all kinds of bad things.

Pandora was so sorry and immediately closed the box again. Honey, all those bad things have flown all over the place like insects. Only one remains in the box, Hope (hope).

According to Hesiod, Hope did live inside at the will of Zeus. He wants to let people suffer and teaches them not to violate orders. Hope, sent by Zeus to keep humans alive when all bad things get them. A hope that illuminates in the midst of human disaster.

Pandora's Box story reminds the story of the expulsion of the first humans from heaven. But in this sense, Pandora is more of a metaphor than a person. One story to explain an idea. The allegory of beauty brings love and sorrow at the same time.

Pandora's story is like a dice of how the destruction and annihilation of humans take place. Not incarnate woman or complete beauty. But more on the nature and dialectic of civilization takes place.

The world in Pandora's Box

The flames of Prometheus were finally used by mankind. Not only burning but burning almost all parts of the world.

We can see today, there is no place in the world that is free from technology and the advancement of civilization. Efforts to improve life aids are increasingly being intensified. Every day of the week, every hour, every minute, human eyes and hands can never be separated from technology.

Prometheus gave fire to humans to help them survive and develop their potential. And yes, humans today have gone far beyond just grilling catches and forging metal.

Nothing is more powerful than technology and telecommunications. With it, the world becomes giant origami. Folded, the point meets the point, even formed in such a way on the basis of science. Who finds a way, he is in charge.

When the world is shaped to suit human desires or even efforts to raise the Garden of Eden on top of the world, humans will not hesitate to uproot trees and pile up the pressure on the earth's back with buildings reaching the sky. Not infrequently, humans feel it is natural to bury other humans earlier. Humans who feel in control continue to try to allow all kinds of impossibilities. Become the hand of God.

The existence and advancement of technology should be able to unravel or even completely eliminate what is called suffering. Not the other way around. Either way, "progress" always form two sides of a coin. Love on the one hand and suffering on the other.

Civilization is so great that it worships modernity. When a lot of thoughts, science, new machines, new companies are scattered in all directions, people will increasingly convince themselves that being fragrant Eden is inevitable. Or even, without realizing it, Eden's fragrance on top of the world is just an illusion from a never-ending human dream. Then unconsciously, incarnate as the beginning of human destruction takes place.

Efforts to improve the welfare of society have turned into a desert of capitalism that stole the last breath of a traveler. The technology was created to help facilitate the way humans live. But technology was not created to shape altruist humans. If you want to get the same convenience, provide a fair price for it.

The science-production-market-demand-new invention is a vicious circle that urges humans to perpetuate the exploitation of their desire and desire to prosper.

New items are easily created and quickly replaced with newer ones. Consumerism ethics is a norm that is never prohibited. Everyone agrees and carries out their worship. And for anyone who refused, the world would immediately alienate itself.

Life goes from a "way of survival" to a way of maintaining life itself. And not everyone has the same luck. The people in the upper-class system will get stronger in their positions. Meanwhile, the weak slumped further into chaos to live on.

Human Consciousness; The Lost Key of Phitos

The only best gift from a creator is the reason. That too is no longer private property. The main thing about the root of domination is none other than awareness. Decisions and actions move only with awareness. When the mass consciousness of society is formed and controlled by capitalization, there is not a single feature that is owned by each individual.

Human civilization moves towards a one-dimensional life without reason and knowledge of the objectivity of truth. Or even now it has happened. The hegemony of power over knowledge disarms and designs people's reasoning to submit to the lowest layer of systems and structures.

The future offers no news. Await for emptiness. It's like building a civilization on an old city, on ruins. Refinish to be torn down again, and polished again. And so on. The practice of capitalization becomes a real vicious circle.

Intellect has become a tool for domination and suffering. A catastrophe for human destruction. Only the mind of the controlling person is able to move on his own consciousness. A consciousness to take advantage of oneself and enslave others.

According to the Frankfurt school philosopher, Theodor W. Adorno, most of the life of society is led in mass, collective entities, and structures, from school to work and beyond. In this condition, being a true individual is an obvious impossibility. Glitzy technology refracts the awareness of morality in achieving balance and harmony in life.

In the end, science was like Pandora's Photos. Blessings that have become doomsday!

Man is Pandora who holds the key, reason. With its purity, the potential of the reason is able to open the door to knowledge. But with it, the purity of knowledge can be refracted towards the darkest side of life.

Like revenge for the expulsion of their ancestors, mankind tries to set heaven on earth. Creating all kinds of possibilities and impossibilities worthy of the hand of a god. But of course, life is two sides of the coin. When the heavens on earth are magnificently constructed, there is also a hell that grips the lowest layers of the social system. Poverty, hunger, disease, anxiety, and injustice roam, like the contents of Pandora's box.

Tearing down the engine of capitalism may not be realistic, but there are always ways we can mitigate it. Little by little loosening the rigging that subjected us to the "control".

Like Zeus holding Hope in a box, humans have the last inch of life in prison. Within this one inch, though very thin, there is freedom. To be able and always to be a human being who is free to think and to free reason. Read, see, and know that life is not just following, but "being".

The question is, when will the hope be held in Pandora's box? Meanwhile, more and more humans forget about its presence. Even if there are a small number of people who still hope for hope, they are nothing but minorities and have no power. Could it be that the contents of Pandora's Box will be completely empty?

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