The boisterous ripples of the streaming world

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The world of streaming is a lively event carried out by various parties. Starting from the individual user or player to the relevant institutions to attract user interest and income which can be said to be fruitful in its presence.

Since the digital world has penetrated widely with increasingly adequate internet speeds, the digital world in the live broadcast era has begun to be used by users who use existing platforms. Each platform offers one income that can be considered quite good for streamers who can be said to be successful.

As an example of large platforms that are busy being used by many people, they are Youtube, Tiktok, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch. Has a different capacity from the point of view of users and connoisseurs of the dishes served.

BitcoincashTV as one of the newly present streamers is starting to explore this world by introducing the existence of the cryptocurrency it carries, namely BitcoinCash as an alternative medium of exchange that can be used in the wider community. Starting with a live broadcast in the form of an online game broadcast played by the pioneer of the BitcoincashTV community via the twitch platform which is inhabited by most of the world's existing gamers.

BitcoincashTV is also slowly starting to expand on other sides such as NFT projects, contests, podcasts, music, and movies with the aim of following the motto used by TV media as the language of coverage trying to broadcast simultaneously broadcasts that can be enjoyed by the community followers and other users who want to enjoy it. in the future.

Currently, BitcoincashTV is still under the auspices of one of the other bitcoincash projects known as the Cashrain project. Where users who follow it can feel the results when they carry out the tasks offered by the existence of an existing community.

With great hopes from the founder of the BitcoincashTV community, the future vision and mission can be realized where it can expand the world community's adoption of the use of the Bitcoincash cryptocurrency and also become one of the largest broadcasting communities of the existence of the bitcoincash community in general.


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